Universal Studios Orlando is a resort that continually surprises us with the increased amount of effort they are putting towards guest experience.  Not one’s to sit on their laurels, they are continually adding to the park.  Recently, they added some large props to the area known as Battery Park.  These props are not from the latest Michael Bay blockbuster.  Rather, they are from an older film trilogy.  While making these little improvements they have also been hard at work on bigger improvements and some massive new attractions as well.  Here’s the latest from the Universal Studios Orlando Resort this week.

The small project in the tranquil setting of Battery Park went mostly unnoticed by the average guest.  Large cement foundations were constructed to showcase a few relics from the Back to the Future film trilogy from the 80’s.  What with all of the other things happening at the park, why did they bother?  Simply to enhance the overall guest experience. Even though there are two major construction projects happening in the park, a brand new parade and night time spectacular, and Halloween Horror Nights just around the corner, they still found time to improve a small corner of the park.

The time travel train from Back to the future 3 now sits on display

In addition, they are showcasing a Delorean.

The Back To The Future ride is long gone (replaced by those crazy Simpson’s), but its nice to see it represented in the park again.

Transformers: The Ride 3D attraction is in the middle of having its foundation constructed.

It is a HUGE construction site.

Note the construction worker in the orange vest to get a good idea of scale.

An even larger project is the Harry Potter expansion being built in Universal Studios Orlando as a companion piece to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in the adjacent, Islands of Adventure.

The waterfront retaining wall is nearly complete. They will soon be able to let the water return to the banks.

Meanwhile, Universal has closed Fear Factor Live.  This is to make way for the Bill and Ted show, which will run nightly during Halloween Horror Nights.

Finally, the Midway Games have seen minor progress in front of The Simpson’s The Ride.


Lastly, over in Islands of Adventure, work continues on the shops in The Lost Continent.  Nothing major, just upkeep.

Universal is obviously aware of the importance of guest experience and are doing what they can to improve the overall condition of the parks while the major projects are under construction.  Let’s hope this doesn’t end anytime soon as there are many long months of construction ahead.