Did you know that Candlelight will be extended a full twenty nights at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim?  It’s true.  How will this be pulled off without creating a logistical nightmare?  The MiceChatters are discussing. You’ll also find some brilliant photography and discussions for this weeks collection of Disney News and theme park discussions.  Have you ever been to Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland or the Studios park in Paris? We take you there.  And don’t forget the latest Communicore weekly, the MiceChat, End-of-Summer Book Sale and your last chances to meet up with us at the Walt Disney Family Museum in September.

Candlelight Processional showing on 20 nights this Holiday Season during December
The traditional and wonderful one weekend Candlelight Ceremony will return this coming Christmas season, but this year it will stretch nearly THREE WEEKS. With increasing the number of days of this ceremony, will this help create less congestion during the 1st weekend of December, or will it help spread out the crowd over the several days? And what will become of the Main Street Train Station and the Christmas Parade over these 20 days?

It’s the MiceChat, End of Summer Book Sale!
We have just a few copies left of your favorite releases from this year, at some great prices.  If you haven’t picked up your Disneyland Paris: From Sketch to Reality book, now is the time!  Take a magic journey with the new game book from Hidden Mickey Adventures!  See how Bob Gurr designed “Just for Fun!”  Supplies are limited and this sale will will only last until the end of the season (or until the books sell out).

Walt Disney Family Museum MiceChat Event September 14th
Join the MiceChatters at the Walt Disney Family Museum on the morning of September 14th for just $14.99 per person. We’ll tour the museum, pay tribute the the great Walt Disney, and then adjourn for lunch with a view at a restaurant on the beautiful Presidio. Don’t miss out. We don’t make it to the Bay Area very often, but when we do, we make it special

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This week we look at the best restaurants at the Disneyland Resort, We also get some news of the Candlelight Ceremony being expanded this year, and Fantasmic will be following something that World of Color recently added! ~Aladdin

Food Report: Napa Rose Chef’s Counter, Carthay Circle, & Club 33
 takes us on a tour of the more upscale restaurants at the Disneyland Resort!

Fantasmic Glowing With the Show starting August 31st
First it was World of Color and Mad T Party in DCA. Now it’s time for the Glow with the Show Ears to invade Fantasmic! The details are here.

New Marina Tower Early 70’s
Oldhotelguy has some unique information about the Disneyland Hotel when it opened it’s third tower building…..yes that’s right, third tower.

POTC hat guy is back & so are the low crowds!
PirateLover has a trip report of the Pirate kind, you can his wonderful pictures here as well as information on the return of the balancing hat man in POTC!

Disneyland and California Adventure: August 2012
brings us another series of wonderful pictures from Disneyland and California Adventure Park!

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MiceChat Fall Cruise
September 10th through 16th (Vancouver to Los Angeles aboard the Disney Magic) including an epic event at the Walt Disney Family Museum AND a Napa and Sonoma winery tour (with a Disney twist of course). We are nearly sold out and have just 6 discounted cabins still available. Contact us today!

The Wine Country Disney Tour – NOW SOLD OUT
Our Napa and Sonoma tour of Disney and related sites has just sold out. Thank you to everyone for your interest. If you’d like to add your name to the waiting list for this event, please contact [email protected] The event is a leisurely all day tour through Wine Country with stops along the way that include the Pollyanna House, the Lasetter Family Winery, and DIane Disney Miller’s Silverado Winery.


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Walt Disney World

lost world showcase country locations
When Walt Disney Imagineering was developing EPCOT, the considered many different countries for the World Showcase.  What were they?  After reading a Yesterland article by Werner Weiss, rebbium wants to know where the proposed countries might have appeared.

Dave Avanzino Shadowbox Events – August 31st through September 2nd at WDW

If you are a fan of Dave Avanzino’s fabulous shadow boxes, you won’t want to miss your chance for him to create a special customized version of YOUR NAME! He’ll be at Walt Disney World August 31 through Sept 2. Be sure to let him know that MiceChat sent you. And we’d love to see what your personal shadow box looks like, so please be sure to share.

IT’S TIME FOR DISNEY HISTORY! – Join Jeff and George as they travel merrily merrily merrily on their way to Nowhere in Particular while discussing Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! GEORGE’S BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George’s Book of the Week looks at the Story behind the Toys! 60 SECOND REVIEW! – George and Jeff review the new Blu-Rays of The Rescuers & Pocahontas combo packs! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! – And finally, see if you can see Sherlock in the Five Legged Goat!

Join us for lots of Disney magic on: magic247live.com!

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Les Villages Nature
Do you think Les Villages Nature will be a waste of time or a great investment? This thread has become quite interesting with the amount of diverse opinions being shared. So come join in on this lively conversation! 🙂

Walt Disney Studios Park–A Review
provides an interesting insight to the Walt Disney Studios park in Paris via a picture filled trip report! Do you agree with their assessments of the park? Is it one of Disney’s worst theme parks? You be the judge.

What’s With The Hotels???
asks, ‘What’s With The Hotels???’ via means of picture comparisons between DLRP hotels and the hotels on other Disney properties, do you believe WDW1971’s assessments of the Disneyland Paris hotels are rather lackluster compared all other Disney hotels?

Christmas at Tokyo Disney Resort 2012
For those who are planning a trip to Tokyo Disneyland during the Christmas season, TravisMT81 has the inside scoop as to what special festivities will be occurring! It looks like a lot of exciting events are in store for the park visitors! Come check out 

It’s all about D23 this week, and whether membership is worth the price. ~ Trekkie Dad

Attention Disney Fans …
doesn’t understand how one can spend hundreds of dollars on a Disney annual pass but choose not to join the official fan club and reap its benefits. See what others have to say in response.

Duffy Halloween 2012 Merchandise!
Halloween is just around the corner so obviously we have merchandise coming out in droves at all parks. This does not exclude Duffy, you can see here what is in store for the Disney Bear!

Huis Ten Bosch: Dutch theme park in Japan
Trekkie Dad brings us a trip report from Nagasaki Prefecture, a theme park recognizing the trading partnership between the Netherlands and Japan that dates back to the early 17th century. Most of the buildings you will see in these pictures are replicas of Dutch buildings.

A truly Grand Canyon! Our week on the Colorado River in words and photos.
Ralfrick had a dream that came true to raft the Grand Canyon, you can see his entire experience in a wonderful trip report!

Whats the oldest email in your folders?
JustJohn asks a great question that should get some entertaining answers! What is the oldest email you have and why do you still have it? The oldest email I have is from my MiceChat friend LostBoy and it’s from 2009. I was just letting him know I changed my email address lol. Come join in on the fun!

Phoenix Area MiceChatters?
has the question, does anyone in our MiceChat collective live in the grand strate of Arizona?

40 years ago, a seed was planted in a boysenberry patch in Buena Park. This seed became a monstrous beast that people flock to see every Halloween. In 2012, Knott’s will be celebrating 40 years of frightful fun! In honor of this milestone, MiceChat will be holding a spooktacular Halloween Haunt Meet on Saturday, September 22nd 2012. Special tickets purchased exclusively through MiceChat will be required for this event.

Skip the commercials, we cancel shows…
Do you still watch commercials? Jayce has brought up a unique question, is this business model outdated and TV needs to adapt ?

Knott’s Berry Farm is closing PERILOUS PLUNGE for good, Sept 3rd
If you are a huge fan of the Perilous Plunge water ride at Knott’s Berry Farm, you’d better head over there. Knott’s will be closing the attraction on September 3rd to make way for a brand new attraction that will be announced shortly.

Daredevil could leave Fox for Disney’s Marvel
reporting that Daredevil could be on its way back to Marvel Studios after many years at 20th Century Fox.

Disney halts Henry Selick’s new Stop Motion film
The announcement of Director Henry Selick’s return to Disney in April of 2010 was met with excitement by fans of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ and his Oscar-nominated hit, ‘Coraline’. But plans seem to have changed suddenly this week.


Roar or Bore? Kevin Yee on Disney World’s Lion King hotel

The fantastic Art of Animation resort, the first truly new hotel at Walt Disney World in a number of years, has been opening in stages.

Al Lutz – A Tale of Two Parks, Disneyland Update.

Disneyland Resort heads into the Dog Days of summer working under a radically changed set of operating philosophies, with the success of Cars Land and the re-launched DCA turning on its head a decade worth of assumptions how visitors to the resort will use the property. In this update we’ll fill you in on exactly what is going on with overall resort.

Dateline Walt Disney World
Hello, and welcome to This week, we have continued coverage of along with news from both the and Lots to talk about, so let’s get started! Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!! Here are the wait…

Dateline Disneyland
Just two months after opening, Disney is hoping to fix the problematic Luigi’s Flying Tires attraction in Disney California Adventure‘s new Cars Land area. The attraction has suffered in guest satisfaction surveys and wait times…

From the Mouth of the Mouse
Today, we talk to Jared, who really has done it all! He first began working at Walt Disney World for the College Program, and from there, had a litany of jobs ranging from security to…

Lake Buena Vista is more than just the host community for Walt Disney World, it was also going to be central to the ultimate vision that Walt Disney had for the planned community of EPCOT.…

In the Parks
The August heat has caught up with SeaWorld San Diego. But we’ve found a few ways to beat the heat. And while we’re at it, we’ll show you a few little bits of news from…

Orlando Parkhopper

A spectacular visit to Universal Orlando reveals details that surprise.

You’ve got your packing list and you’ve read all the books, but what do you really need for your Walt Disney World trip? Well, good shoes, of course. And all the basics—you don’t want to…

The Disneyland tenth anniversary, what the Park called the “Tencennial,” was a high watermark. Walt Disney was certainly proud of his Park and he was filled with confidence after the success of the World’s Fair…

Sue Kruse – Destination D at the Disneyland Hotel Packs plenty Into a Weekend of Fun.
This past Monday, Dateline Disneyland brought you a glimpse of last weekend’s DestinationD and I’d like to touch on that subject again today with a little closer look at the event. I was there as…

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Opens – Photos and Video
Our long time contributor, Denise Preskitt, just got backing from staying a night in the newly opened Lion King Wing at Disney World’s Art of Animation resort. She shares her photos and video with us,…

A Grand Circle Tour of SeaWorld San Antonio
CaptPhoebus has been having a great theme park summer. During his trip to Texas, he filed a Weekend Update report from Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Today he has a photographic “grand circle tour” of SeaWorld…

Yesterland – The S.S. tRustworthy
Let’s hope this boat isn’t needed to douse a fire on the amusement pier. The boat is a wreck.

The 626
Horizons was a much beloved attraction at EPCOT during the 1980s and 90s. Though it opened a year after the Park did, it was hailed as the pinnacle of EPCOT attractions, showcasing just the right…

This Animatronic Life
This time around, we have a celebration of legendary Imagineer, Bob Gurr, and his association with Garner Holt Productions. It’s a story so good, you’ll want to read it twice.

Top Ten Ways To Enjoy An Evening In Disneyland
Disneyland is better at night. This isn’t my opinion–it’s an unassailable truth. (Okay, it is my opinion…but it should be a fact!) I am a firm believer that a big part of the appeal of…

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