Six Flags Magic Mountain is knee deep in pistachios, new advertisers, mystery parts and delayed openings.  That’s right, you could win some pretty interesting prizes in the “Get Countin’ and Win” contest they are holding at the park until August 28th.  We have also spotted some pretty interesting ride parts collecting over near the former location of Deja Vu.  What could they be?  Could they be for whatever is supposed to go into the old Log Jammer spot?

Wonderful Pistachios has teamed with Six Flags Magic Mountain for the Get Countin and Win Contest. Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles starting August 17th to 28th. To win, you must guess how many pistachios are in the pistachio jar located inside of Pistachio Park and text your answer to the code provided on site. The grand prize winner must guess closest to the actual number of pistachios without going over. For more details see official rules.

When: Until August 28th. Also note the park hours for August.

  • 1 Grand Prize Winner: $1,000, (6) Single Park Season Passes to Six Flags valid for 2013, 1 Year Supply of Wonderful Pistachios
  • 6 Daily Prizes: (2) Snack Vouchers valid for use at Six Flags Magic Mountain, (2) Free Wonderful Pistachios Winners – 2 bags each, (2) Single Use Exit Passes for participating rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

*Daily prizes must be redeemed inside Six Flags Magic Mountain.

In The Parks went up to the park this past weekend to get a first hand look at the contest and place our entry. Pistachio Park is a nice area in the park to enjoy a much needed break, a snack or your lunch in the shade.  However, things have gotten, well, nutty.

 Signs outside the park announce the contest. There are also audio announcements as you walk through the area.

Let’s take a look at Pistachio Park

 The Tables and Benches are situated nicely under the trees.

The contest is rather easy, guess how many Pistachios are in the box and text to win.

There is one Grand Prize and many Daily Prizes.

Head on up to the park before August 28th for your chance to win. The park is open daily at 10:30, we think.  More on that later.

Since Lex Luthor opened, there have been some mysterious pieces arriving backstage at the park. The first thought was that the new up charge, slingshot ride would go into the Thrill Shots former location, but as seen from the Sky Tower, it appears they are doing some work in the former location of Deja Vu. Hopefully this is just a temporary installation until the park decides what to do with this area.

You can see the proximity of the ride pieces to the former Deja Vu location here.

The first rumors were of a Sky Screamer, but upon further inspection it turns out it is a Sling Shot similar to this one.

On the ground you can see not much has changed since Deja Vu closed.

The area vacated by Log Jammer which is the rumored location for the new coaster has layer dormant.  No official announcements have been made and nature seems to be attempting to take the space back.

 The Log Jammer ride sign is still up in the station. Wonder who we need to speak with to get this!?!?!

An overview of the area seen from the Sky Tower

There was some other ground clearing going on backstage behind Apocalypse.

The Six Flags Corporation will be announcing all of their new attractions for 2013 on August 30th. We will of course have all of the news for you that day.

The park does have some new advertising in the park for the upcoming movie Hotel Transylvania. This could be a nice tie-in with Fright Fest.

Visit Santa Clarita is also a rather new advertiser.

It’s nice to see them promoting the local area a bit more

Sadly, not all of the news from the park is positive. We are seeing a disturbing trend with the openings of some rides and especially food locations, even in the middle of a hot summer weekend day.

As we walked through the park, we did not see any open food locations or ODV beverage carts, even though the temperature hovered around 90 degrees at 11am.

While opening certain locations late is nothing new for most parks, having no locations open is not only bad business practice but is something that could be a major health issue in the middle of Summer.

The parks sole air conditioned dining location didn’t even have an opening time. We have to wonder if this was going to open at all.

One of the food locations in the front of the park was directing guests to a closed food location in the back of the park.

In addition to the food locations, all 3 water rides at the park also opened late.

There are some nutty goings on at Magic Mountain right now.  Hopefully, they will work out the kinks in the operating schedule and find a way to make it all work.  Until then, we will keep our eyes and ears peeled for any news until the big announcements on August 30th for you. And don’t miss out on the pistachio prize everyone!