Universal’s Islands of Adventure opened May 28, 1999. Werner Weiss took his first visit in early 2000. He snapped some photos with a disposable camera. Eleven years later, he took new photos of the same subjects. In this photo comparison, you’ll see how little has changed at the park’s Marvel Super Hero Island. Of course, between these two visits, the spectacular Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened in 2010. But you won’t see much of that here.


  • Gregg Condon

    The language in that Marvel Agreement is great!! I love stuff like that.

    While Marvel is something that Universal has said it would keep going in the foreseeable future one has to wonder if some other major franchise came along if a re-theme would be done. In reality there are only 3 major attractions in that area, 2 which could be easily re-themed.

    I have often wondered if Disney got the rights for Avatar as some kind of bargaining tool to get Marvel back and use them in WDW.