After much delay, we are bringing you the third and final installment of Teresa Cory’s Adventures By Disney Safari to South Africa. She was excited to experience this tour so she could get a firsthand look at how amazing an Adventures By Disney vacation actually is! In case you didn’t know, Adventures By Disney are specially guided tours that allow you to travel all over the world in Disney style.

Day 7—George-Joberg-Hoedspruit

Word of the day: Safari –means journey in Swahili. (We had a special word each day of our trip.)

Early start-Kynsna to George airport to Joberg to Hoedspruit Airport. We were told it was a REALLY long runway, which I figured out why—it was built to be an emergency space shuttle landing site!

Across the street is the entrance to Kapama

We boarded our open air jeep and crossed the street to Kapama. We learned dos and don’ts on the trip (Don’t stand up, Don’t touch the big thorns, lean over or duck when your guide says to, and be quiet when he says to!). The temperatures were warm in the afternoon but coolish in the morning and evening.

Look, but don't touch!


We were greeted with cool towels and checked into our hotel room.

Cool towels for everyone!

Very comfortable accommodations.

The amenities were modern.

Game reserve orientation and lunch.
Afternoon bush drive—we got a flat twice –on the afternoon drive and back from the dinner.
Boma dinner lit by lanterns.

Day 8- 9 Kapama

The Day 8 word of the day: Boma –boma is Swahili for an enclosure used for livestock.

We had morning snacks each day before heading out for our morning game drive. After viewing the animals (and getting very close), we headed back for breakfast. On Day 8 we had a bread workshop and learned about different forms of archery.

Bead workshop and archery

We had lunch and afternoon tea each day followed by an afternoon game drive and dinner. On day 9 we had a snake and insect program. Instead of an after breakfast drive, we had a spa visit! After lunch we had tea and a bush survival course.

A Dung Beetle!

Word of the day for day 9: Braai—Afrikaan for Barbacue or roast

We ended the day with an evening game drive and a Farewell Braai.

Game Drive Photos

The game drives were so amazing. Here are a few of the fantastic animals that we saw during our different trips.



Can you see the cheetahs?





The South Africa Adventures By Dsiney is just wonderful. The service is impeccable and the people are truly glad you are there. I never felt unsafe either. Everyone speaks English, so there is never a language barrier. The exchange rate is really good (roughly 1USD=7Rand). The most confusing thing on the whole trip was the conversion while shopping. (289 Rand is how many dollars?)

I was simply in awe of the animals on the Safari. Seeing the animals in their natural habitats makes you see the world with different eyes.

Have you ever taken or wanted to go on safari?

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