Knott’s Berry Farm is slowly transforming from Summertime fun to frightful Fall festivities. But this year is extra special.  The Farm’s annual Halloween event, Halloween Haunt, is celebrating its 40th Anniversary.  Our sources tell us that they are really pulling out all the stops this year to scare the pants off of all who dare to visit.  Another annual tradition, the annual MiceChat Halloween Haunt Meet, lands on Saturday, September 22nd this year and tickets have finally gone on sale.  Here’s what’s new at the farm and more about MiceChat’s must-do event of the season.

MiceChat kicks off the Halloween season each year with a major event at Knott’s Scary Farm.  This will be Knott’s 40th year of scares. And that calls for an extra special celebration, MiceChat style.

This year, we are offering:

  • Admission to the 40th Annual Knott’s Scary Farm Haloween Haunt on September 22
  • Behind the scenes tour of one of the new mazes, hosted by one of the maze designers
  • Private all you can eat Boo-ffet Dinner
  • Meet and greet with Haunt makers, Maze Designers, Haunt Legends and more
  • Presentation by Ted Dougherty author of the Knott’s Halloween Haunt Pictorial
  • Commemorative Trick-Or-Treat Bags
  •  VIP Wristbands for Front of the line access to all Knott’s Haunt mazes (Excluding VIP Maze, “Trapped”)
  • More untold surprises
PLUS, this year, we give you the option of adding a reservation to the special new VIP Maze, “TRAPPED,” to the end of your Haunt evening. Trapped is an interactive maze which permits only small groups of people to enter at a time. You must then find a way back out. Just you and your friends, trapped in the dark, with the monsters.  But you’ll need to act fast, as we only have 60 of the special VIP tickets available.
We worked closely with Knott’s Berry Farm to plan a special night for you, filled with chills that you simply can’t get anywhere else. If you have joined us at a previous Haunt event, please share your comments below and let everyone know what they can expect.  If you have not visited Haunt before (or perhaps you’ve always thought you’d be too scared), this is the perfect way to go, surrounded by a group of 300 enthusiastic fans (aka monster bait). It’s pure theatrical, spooky fun.

Truth be told, Knott’s has been preparing for this upcoming Haunt since well before the last haunt ended.  Why?  It is a landmark year for the original Halloween Haunt event.  Most of the finishing touches are already being made to the mazes which are located backstage.  While the more visible mazes inside the park are now being constructed.

General Manager, Raffi Kaprelyan, is very concerned with how the Haunt affects the general guests in the park during the day. He is so concerned with preservation of the Knott’s experience that he has ordered temporary theming built to hide the scarier elements from day visitors.  Thats a big but very welcome change for the family crowd.

In Ghost Town, the old Sticks and Stones location is being converted into a retrospective Haunt museum and ticket center.  It is set to open on August 31st, but the windows are already dressed.

Those insipid clowns are back this year and the maze is now growing behind Xcelerator.


In a surprise announcement, it was revealed that the Timber Mountain Log Ride will take on an EVIL DEAD overlay this year  ( a remake of the classic film is coming next year).

With the new emphasis little impact to the day guest, the walls outside of Virus Z have been themed to Fiesta Village.  The effort is nice.  While the murals are a simple pastiche of flats and scenes, it is commendable to see them putting forth the effort to keep separate day and night show for Haunt.

A more compact version of Slaughterhouse is coming along under the stagecoach route in Camp Snoopy.

Meanwhile, in the Wilderness Dance Hall, the nightmarish retelling of Pinocchio by maze designer Daniel Miller (Delirium, Asylum, Lockdown) is now being installed.

As you can see, they are now setting up the walls. There are very high expectations for this maze already among Haunt fans. We love this creative idea.


Enough of Haunt for the moment. There are some wonderful things happening in Ghost Town that are kinda nice, and one a little scary.

Passerby are casually strolling through Ghost Town, enjoying the atmosphere when suddenly, they hear, “HEY!  Wanna go to Catalina?”.  It was a huge improvement when Knott’s fixed the music in Ghost Town, it would be a wonderful next step if they would remove the obnoxious Catilina Island Getaway booth or at least train them not to approach guests (but rather wait for guests to approach them).

Despite that, the new Ghost Town citizens continue to charm and entertain the guests in the park.



This one’s a real charmer!

Another thing to keep in mind is the delightful the new menu at Ghost Town Grill. Definitely worth a try.

More set dressing has appeared on the store fronts.  In particular, this set of rocking chairs in front of the sheriff’s office is a nice touch and makes the area feel lived in.

We have also notice some lighting appearing on the roof tops throughout the area.  Most likely for Haunt.

Author, and c-writer of the annual Hanging at Halloween Haunt, Jeff Tucker was in Virgina’s Gift Shop over the weekend signing copies of his new book. Folks got there early and hundreds of adoring fans lined up to meet the man behind the book.

Go get your last rites, er, rides in on Perilous Plunge.  This killer attraction will close on Sept 3rd. Our thoughts?  Good riddance. A big space has just opened upafor Knott’s future enhancement.

Over in Camp Snoopy, the Bounce House finally has a canopy, but it doesn’t look like Snoopy is returning. Time for this attraction to be replaced as well?

And that about rounds things up from Knott’s Berry Farm this week.  If you haven’t gotten them yet we do suggest buying your Haunt meet tickets right away.  We sell out every year, and this year is drawing extra attention due to the 40th anniversary and new VIP maze. It’s a blast, at an excellent price with lots of special perks and some pretty unbelievable surprises. We hope you’ll join us.

See you at Knott’s!

  • Monorail Man

    The haunt meet is what got me into these type of events. Before I was a huge chicken, but these events are fun when you’re with a group of people. You just laugh your way though the mazes, and note the detail and efforts that’s put into the sets and show. The Hanging is also great as a group too, because there’s always some inevitable jab at Disney, pop culture shenanigans, and other funny things. I love the Haunt meet, and it’s a great dinner and night with friends both new and old. Seriously, if you haven’t done Haunt with MiceChat – you should. It’s a great event, and a great night. 🙂

  • Gregg Condon

    Best event of the year. Can’t wait.

    So excited for all the Haunt’y goodness and my son’s first visit to Haunt. Couldn’t think of another group to give him his first experience with.

    Totally excited for the new mazes and the return of the midnight hanging!!

  • Demigod

    I have said it before, and I’ll keep on saying it: If you like the Haunt, you’ll LOVE going with MiceChat to the Haunt. We walk on all the mazes, see behind-the-scenes to one, and get to have a buffet dinner and talk to the developers/designers? It’s a treat (pun is definitely intended!) to get all of this in one evening, and a heck of a lot of fun as well! This will be my third year in a row and it just keeps getting better and better. Come with us!

  • Chernabog

    Yay!!! I love going to these. I also love seeing Ricky go BAAAAAAAAAH at all the monsters 🙂

  • unclemike

    The farm keeps looking better and better, and I cannot wait until Haunt!! Be sure to stop by Necropolis and say hi.

  • Heads up everyone, we are now half sold out on the Haunt with VIP TRAPPED maze option. If you are looking forward to this event, please purchase your tickets today:

    Can’t wait to see you all again. This is such a fun event!

  • AvidTurtleTalker

    I’m SO glad that they are blocking the scarier elements to day guests, specifically children. I once went to Knott’s for the day with my family during the Haunt season, but all the decorations were exposed and I was a TERRIFIED 7 year old. I didn’t want to get on any rides due to me thinking it would be scary like the decorations. Knott’s keeps impressing me with the slightest things. Keep it up!

  • tigga please

    YES! Last year was such a blast doing the Haunt with everyone from MiceChat. This is an early birthday trip I dont mind repeating! I’ll be buying my tickets this Friday!

  • ralzap

    I wish I could join, but I’m 999 happy haunted miles away. Enjoy everyone.

  • scarymouse

    We can’t wait for this years meet. I went ahead and got Trapped tickets thru knott’s since the micechat’s tickets for it are sold out…. I really got a reservation when they first went on sale.Very excited for all the fun. See you in the fog as they say……

    • Shipperson

      you don’t need 2 more do you?

  • Shipperson

    Anyone going Friday night, the 21st and want to get in on the “trapped” maze fun! I only have 2 in the group and looking for 4 more? Also, going the 22nd and looking for anyone that may want get a group of 6 going or need 2 more people??