Disneyland gets ready for Halloween Time as the busy summer season fades away

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Published on August 27, 2012 at 2:02 am with 35 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  • Grinning Ghost

    It’s just TOO EARLY for all this Halloween stuff to be up. At least wait until mid-September to start. And leave the Mansion alone until AFTER Halloween!

  • SpectroMan

    HMH is fun, but yes, as a temporary overlay, it’s getting a little old. I’d much rather see the Mansion plussed for Halloween, telling the story even deeper, and have a new, permanent Nightmare dark ride instead. But where to put it…

  • Spongeocto4

    Thanks for the update!

  • [email protected]

    Great subject. I am on the fence on the overlay. I like it for a short time 1 to 2 months. But 4 plus months is too long. Anything that long has gone well past a temporary overlay. I am proud to anounce that I finally got my Premium AP. It has been a long time coming and I will be putting it to go use. Thanks Andy for all of your hard work and passion for DLR.

  • TrueBlue

    Keep in mind that the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay is quite extensive. Although not as immersive as it’s a small world Christmas, it is still more detailed than that overlay or Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. A Christmastime-only overlay would hardly warrant three weeks of down time for the installation and a couple more in January for the removal. As a local who visits regularly, I really enjoy the change each September, especially after more than forty years of essentially the same (although still terrific) Haunted Mansion. Also, given the amount of Nightmare merchandise available year-round in New Orleans Square (and, sadly, everywhere else), there is no way the overlay will be shortened.
    That said, i would love to see multiple and more pronounced changes from year to year, besides the gingerbread house. Wouldn’t it be great if the HMH overlay periodically featured a Hat Box Ghost placement? Bet that would change the tune of those who want a shorter overlay.
    And for those that have not seen Nightmare, you do not need to see the movie to enjoy HMH, although it certainly helps in appreciating characters other than Jack.

  • Sleepy505

    Haunted Mansion Holiday is what my family and I look forward on seeing if we can make it that time of the year, My family and I live out of state and we have been to the Disneyland Resort in Spring, Summer and Winter but we have always found our favorite time is in the Fall, the park is less packed the heat is gone and the weather is great. We will be traveling in October and we can’t see any other better time than going that time of the year, Nightmare Before Christmas overlay is special time and I don’t see anything wrong with it, I feel that is what makes the resort special that they can cater to the holiday seasons. AP holders may disagree because they are mainly Southern California residents and can be at the park all year round but us out of state people love the holiday change.

  • martinjbell1986

    Me and my wife, and a few friends just went for 3 days this last week. All I can say about the new Buena Vista Street and Cars Land is “WOW”. They really put in the extra effort with these additions. We fell in love with what I consider a new park now. All of us spent the majority of the time in California Adventure, vs before Disneyland was always the park that you line up for and enter first in the mornings. All of us ended up buying C.A. themed merchandise. They still have some more work to do, but overall it is a completely different park now than it was a year ago.
    Favorite new thing: Radiator Springs Racers at Night w/ the fireworks in Disneyland going on at the same time. (The timing in order to do this has to be spot on) All you photographers out there better start getting some of these shots because they make for great pictures.

  • smarie82181

    My family loves HMH!!! (But then again that is one of our favorite movies and we collect all the Nightmare mechandise and have it displayed in our home and my man has a half sleeve tattooed on his arm with all the characters….so safe to say we may be partial:) ) It is one of our favorite parts of Disneyland when it comes to the fall/winter. We almost feel like after going on it after the Nightmare overlay is down that it is almost kind of boring. I mean, yes it is a classic Disney ride and we still go on it every time in the other parts of the year, but the Nightmare overlay is so detailed and adds so much to it. Not to mention that since it is so detailed and they spend so much time on it, it would almost be a waste to just have it up for a short amount of time.

  • FredSimmons


    They need to fix the chip on the nose of the ship’s figurehead. (Not to mention abrasions on her breasts.)

  • ralzap

    Thanks for the update. : )

  • RLM922

    I look forward to the carved pumpkins every year! I like to see them after dusk when they are lit up — amazing! And, thanks to those with the skilled hands to do such great work.