We have a delightful little update from Knott’s Berry Farm for you today.  Summer is rolling along and the visitors are flocking to the new Voyage to the Iron Reef attraction.  In the meantime, Ghost Town continues to entertain guests with the citizens of Ghost Town.  Their interactive shenanigans keep things hoping in that part of the park.  We also look at the Boardwalk in particular as water returns to the lagoon there. Riptide is down, again, for another refurbishment.  Finally, we take in some of the charm on the farm, think about ways to improve the overall experience, and share general pics from the berry patch.  We start off with some fun news regarding the Special Olympics Torch and its visit to the farm.

Special Olympics

As a part of the Special Olympics torch tour, Knott’s Berry Farm was honored to host the Special Olympics Athletes for a group photo with the Peanuts gang. After the photo op, the group will proudly take the torch up Beach Boulevard to the Buena Park Police Station where Snoopy will greet them. This year, the Special Olympics are being held in Los Angeles July 25 – August 2.


A group of 150 Special Olympics Athletes, families and police from around the world have been traveling across the country with the Special Olympics torch.







After the photo ops, the athletes and police officers continued on their way, running the torch on its route past Knott’s Berry Farm.



It was really cool to see Knott’s host this pic along with the athletes and police from around the globe. The pride on everyone’s faces was infectious and this is certainly going to be the best Special Olympics yet.

Ghost Town

Over in Ghost Town the citizens are out, roaming around, causing trouble, and getting into other hi-jinks and shenanigans.  It’s very encouraging to see the park continue to invest in this type of one-on-one interactive entertainment.



Skunk? No. That’s a squirrel.
He’s young and impressionable. We’ve been telling him he’s a squirrel so he don’t never think to be a skunk.


Haunt’s a comin’!





Boardwalk is doing well with its new addition and a brand new show.  The place is kinetic and lively with guests on multiple levels and excitement everywhere.  We also have the annual Snoopy ice show playing in the Charles Schultz Theatre.



Voyage to the Iron Reef

Voyage to the Iron Reef is churning through guests and turning out happy faces.  We finally have a ride up there that people are wanting to ride again and again.





Strangely we see that Riptide is down again.  This ride appears to be problematic, as it seems to be down more than it is up.  What gives?  Is it time to rip this tide out?




Boardwalk Lagoon

The water has been restored to the refurbished Boardwalk Lagoon.  It looks great.






Halloween Haunt

There have been no official announcements from Knott’s regarding the yearly Knott’s Scary Farm event.  There is some minor visible progress from the park, however.  To see this coverage stop by HorrorBuzz.com and read this article HERE.


Knott’s is looking good. It’s looking better than it has in years.  As with anything else, there is always room for improvement.  We have seen tremendous strides in the overall look of the park, along with the maintaining and upgrading of two crown jewel attractions; The Timber Mountain Log Ride and Calico Mine Ride.

IMG_1607 IMG_1609




But there are still a few things that need some work.  To begin with, the cheesy cash-grab games parked at some of the more popular attractions are a little too “carnival” looking.  The concept is already a little pretentious so it doesn’t help that these wheels practically scream carny game.  If these MUST exist, why not theme them to the particular land they will be in, much less the ride.


Another part of the park that could really use some help is Fiesta Village.  This area used to be a lush, vibrant area to have some fun in.  While it’s not the worst offender in the park, it has a ways to go.


Lastly, this needs to go. Pull this monstrosity out of Ghost Town and send it to one of the other Cedar Fair parks. That would open up space for a permanent walk-through haunted experience with a matching Ghost Town look. It would also help hide the ugly Pony Express tracks in the distance.


And there you have it from Knott’s Berry Farm.  Check back next week as we bring you more news from Disneyland where Halloween Time and Mickey’s Halloween Party are in the works.