Down at the old Barber Shop on Main Street USA

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Everyone needs a haircut. I go about every month to keep my hair super short. Most people get theirs cut right before a vacation, just to have one less thing to worry about. However, if that vacation is to Walt Disney World, and you happen to be in need of a trim, have no fear! You can get one right on Main Street, U.S.A!

The Harmony Barber Shop is tucked away near the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, past City Hall and before the Emporium. After all, what is a Main Street without a barber shop, especially one that looks as if Norman Rockwell is a repeat customer. Outside, there’s an old-fashioned barber’s pole, and inside, the potbelly stove and carved wood furnishings will evoke bygone days.

Today we talk to Jane, one of the skilled barbers at The Harmony Barber Shop!


JEFF: How did you start off at Harmony? Did you work elsewhere first?

JANE: I worked in a beauty salon for about 30 years. While enjoyable, I just couldn’t handle some of the stress anymore, so I ‘retired’ – in quotes, because who ever really retires? My ‘retirement’ was moving to Florida with my husband. I became restless sitting at home all day, so I applied at Disney for a part-time job. After a year or so, I heard they were looking for some experienced barbers at Harmony. I told them I was interested, and I’ve been here for the last three years!

JEFF: What makes Harmony Barber Shop so different ‘regular’ barber shops?

JANE: Well, it’s in Disney, for one! But aside from that, everything! It’s a look back into the golden days of the corner barber, with the old men coming in just to sit and chat while getting their hair cut. It really does look like you’re stepping back in time when you walk in here. Everything is as authentic as possible.

On top of that, we try to make it more magical, too. We don’t just look friendly when you walk in… we ARE friendly. We try to engage each and every guest when they walk in the door, and stay engaged until the moment they leave. Sometimes, we’re the first thing they see that day, so we try to make every visit extra special.

JEFF: Even by Disney standards, you do seem friendly.

JANE: We try to get people involved while they are here with us, especially the kids. It’s almost like a show from start to finish. We give them a big welcome when they come in, even if we’re busy. Then, when they are sitting in our chair, we actually take the time to get to know them – not just about their vacation but about their life, and everything. We really do try to provide a home town feel to the whole thing, and make it even more special.

JEFF: I think most people would be surprised to find out how affordable the haircuts actually are!

JANE: They really are! They’re not that much more expensive than at most other places, and in some cases, even cheaper. We don’t go all out like a real salon or anything, but $10-$20, depending on what you need done, really isn’t a bad deal!

JEFF: Do you guys do anything special during the haircuts?

JANE: Absolutely! One of our most popular things is the Baby’s First Haircut package – when a family brings their child in for their very first haircut. We make a big deal out of that, obviously. They even get a certificate and a special Mickey Ear hat to commemmorate the occasion. It’s really a special moment for some parents, and for us, because it’s a great memory for everyone.

For kids, we usually like to spread a little ‘pixie dust’ when the hair cut is over – just some confetti all over their hair to make it more magical. We even get some adults asking for it!

JEFF: Do you have a special memory of the Shop you’d like to share?

JANE: I do remember one family who brought their little girl in once. Unfortunately, she had leukemia. She didn’t have much hair, but she was insistent on coming in to get her hair cut. She was the cutest little thing! She was probably 8 or 9, if I remember correctly.

So, all of us in the shop made a big deal out of it, and made her feel like a princess. We did a little trim, spread some pixie dust, and she thought that was all. But then one of the other Cast Members came in and surprised her with a princess costume, too! We got her all dressed up, and ready to have a magical day. It was truly wonderful, and it brought a tear to all of our eyes, including the family. Later that day, the father came back into the shop to personally thank us all, and let us know how much it meant to them how well we treated her.

I will never forget that memory. It’s one I will cherish forever.

Thank you, Jane, for sharing!

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  1. That was so sweet! I had no idea they had their own salon inside WDW… maybe when I “retire” from the salon biz I’ll go work there too! thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m still crying over the Princess hair cut..

  3. Gee, I wonder if they can find a little space at Disneyland for… Silly thought, they always can – but *will* they?

  4. That is INCREDIBLY sweet! Exactly why I want a part-time job there someday until I have real career in place.