The Disney Goodnight Kiss, or How You Say Goodbye to Mickey

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That last moment in a Disney park can be bittersweet. Sometimes it might be a few weeks or a few years until your next visit. How do you say goodbye to Mickey? Every night the Magic Kingdom has a “kiss goodnight” at park close. The Kiss Goodnight is a small presentation that happens after the park is officially closed. Cinderella’s Castle is bathed in different lights, Disney music plays and a small speech is heard. It is a very touching and emotional scene. We asked several of the and MiceChat columnists and travel partners at Fairy Godmother Travelto chime in on their goodnight kiss or how they say goodbye to Mickey.

Walt Disney World:

Laura, Fairy Godmother Agent:

Since most of my family trips to Walt Disney World are now just my husband and I, we like to go out in style by dining at a signature restaurant. On our most recent trip we dined at Jiko and splurged with one of the lovely wines from Africa, exotic appetizers, sustainable fish entrees, and decadent desserts. We lingered over the delectable dishes without the hurried pace of the parks. Since we were staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village, we enjoyed a stroll back to our room amidst the savanna grass and recalled our best moments from the trip.

Teresa, Fairy Godmother Agent:

We always try to end our trips at WDW in the Magic Kingdom. We meet at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and enjoy an ice cream as we watch Cinderella’s castle changing color and the lights twinkling in the trees. While tired people stream out we reflect over our trip (and start planning the next one!) By the time we are finished with our frozen treats the Magic Kingdom is pretty empty and we can imagine it is our own personal park!

Shirley, Fairy Godmother Agent:

At Walt Disney World, my family always ends our last evening with the fireworks at Magic Kingdom or IllumiNations at Epcot. The precision and majesty of the fireworks presentations at Disney Theme Parks is beyond comparison! We know that we are ending our wonderful stay with flair when we carry out this tradition and it puts the perfect “kiss goodnight” on our trip. It also helps us remember what a great experience we have to look forward to on a future return trip to the Magic!

Sam Geneway, Mice Chat Columnist:

My flight back to LA is always early evening. I like to end the trip in the Studios, walking down Hollywood Blvd, turn on to Sunset, then ride Rock n Rollercoaster. Reminds me of the ride from LAX to home through downtown LA.

Jeff, Mice Chat Columnist and Fairy Godmother Agent:

It’s less of a frantic run around to hit all the rides we didn’t get on yet, and more casual. I also spend the last night of any WDW vacation at the Magic Kingdom, until closing time. That way, I get the most amount of time in before I have to head back to Realityland (which is not as much fun as Tomorrowland or Fantasyland). Because I”m a Haunted Mansion nut, the first and last ride of EVERY trip is on there, so that is part of my goodnight kiss. After that, at closing, I like to linger, and take my time walking out of the Park. Being one of the last few people on Main Street to say goodnight to the castle is just a great feeling!

Melissa, Fairy Godmother Agent:

Our family has several Disney World traditions, we have a certain spot at Disney’s Animal Kingdom where we take a picture of the kids each trip, we always get a Dole Whips, I collect the themed year magnets from each trip, and of course, we have our last night traditions too. On our last full day at Walt Disney World, you’re likely to find us at the Magic Kingdom- for me nothing says Disney like the Magic Kingdom. We go from park opening to park close, staying to watch the fireworks and lingering in the park as long as the kids can stay awake and keep happy. I always stop by the Main Street Confectionary on my way out to pick up Mickey shaped Gingerbread men for my ride home treat, the kids pick out their favorite snacks and treats (it’s almost always Mickey shaped pretzels for the big kiddo, and an assortment of Goofy’s Candy for my little one) for the ride home and we head for the busses back to the resort. We save the treats for the drive home (we live about 17 hours away, and usually drive to Walt Disney World) and snack on them on the way home as we talk about our favorite things about the trip. It’s a great time to reflect on the fun we had as a family, while holding on to a little bit of the magic.

George, Mice Chat Columnist:

Usually, I spend the last day at the Magic Kingdom since it is the best park! As I walk out the exit gate, I know the vacation is over. I’ll turn around and say goodbye to the Magic Kingdom, usually with a promise to return on a specific date. Then I head to the monorail, ferry or bus and don’t look back. Of course, there always seems to be something in my eye.

SummerinFLA, Mice Chat Columnist:

On our way out we typically stop by Casey’s Corner and pick up some corn dog nuggets and ice water. It’s our way of taking a little Disney magic home with us and it helps quench our thirst after a long day in the parks and really, who doesn’t love the corn dog nuggets?!


Shirley, Fairy Godmother Agent:

At Disneyland, we give “kiss goodnight” to Mickey at the end of our trip by riding a few of our favorite rides after many other people have left the parks. In Disney’s California Adventure, we love to do one last ride on the Grizzly River Run. Not only do we have a super exciting end to our Disneyland visit, but we also don’t have to linger in our very damp clothes!

DustySage MiceChat Administrator:

When I wrap up my Disney vacation, I like to end the final evening with the grand circle tour of the Magic Kingdom or Disneyland. There’s no better way to say goodnight to Walt, Mickey and all your Disney pals. The train is always special, but there’s an extra sprinkle of pixie dust in the evening. The cool air, fog on the Rivers of America, chirping crickets, flickering lights and dull hum of the wheels sets the stage for your departure. And that final ‘chug, chug, chug, woosh’ of the train as is rolls to a stop at Main Street Station is the ultimate kiss farewell.

Amy, Fairy Godmother Agent:

When my family visits Disneyland we usually stay at least three days so we tend save the best for last!

On our last night at Disneyland we spend it watching the fireworks over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. We save that special moment of “awe” for the last night of our stay. Partially because it’s a great monumental moment to top off our fun filled Disney vacation and also because on the other nights we’ve “skipped” the fireworks to enjoy shorter lines on some of our favorite rides.( Afterall, everyone else is busy watching the fantastic spectacle in the skies over the castle.) For me personally, I try to always visit the hub and say a quiet “Thank You” to Walt and Mickey for creating such a wonderful place that has created so many magical memories for my family and so many others as well. As I exit the park, I take in one last time the wonderful sites, sounds and scents of Main Street, usually stopping inside Candy Palace to grab some sweet treats to take home with us. (This might be my children’s favorite part..What can I say, all of us in the Pitard family have an ginormous sweet tooth!) I hope your future Disney Vacations our as “sweet” as ours!

Disney Cruise Line

Teresa, Fairy Godmother Agent:

On our Disney cruises we usually end up in a common area (usually the lobby on comfy couches) chatting with the new friends we have met. . . until late at night. 2 or 3am is the norm for us, we just don’t want our cruise to end!

So, how do you say goodbye to Mickey?

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  1. As a former cast member, I turn and take a final bow before leaving the stage for the last time.

  2. My Disney Goodnight Kiss would come from Abraham Lincoln. After a long day of checking off the E-ticket rides (and the Ds, and the Cs, and the Bs….well, you get the idea), I would always end my Disneyland visit by having a few Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln. Strangely, watching a talking simulacrum of a long-dead President, and hearing his great words yet again, always filled me with pride and sent me home (via the Candy Palace) contented.

  3. Disney Cruise Line: After breakfast, you need to wait until your baggage group is called to disembark. I’m always amazed how eager folks are to get off the ship. Not wanting to go back to reality, we eat breakfast and then go find a deserted lounge or secluded corner to hide in as long as possible. Our last cruise, we napped in the Cadillac Lounge. We weren’t off the ship until well after 10:00 AM.

  4. Park-wise, Fantasmic’s my preferred way to end a week at Disney, having done so for trips in 2006 and 2012. Going into a Disney trip with an ADVENTURE! mindset, it provides the closest thing to an climax/ending. You’ve probably seen Mickey around all the other days, as well as encountered various villains and now you got the endgame. Of course, I’ve only been able to experience World’s Fantasmic as the timing on my Disneyland trips end up being out of range, but the idea would be the same.

  5. I have a simple good bye. I look up at the light in the window of Walt’s apartment above the firehouse and to myself I say a quiet “Thank You, Walt.”

    Now that Lincoln is back, I’ll have to incorporate that into my next good bye.