In my previous articles about Disneyland Paris, I’ve shown you the great renderings of the DLP that never was which are included in my book, Disneyland Paris From Sketch To Reality. Today, I’ll share with you some stunning pictures of Disneyland Paris as seen from above. All of these pictures were shot by aerial photography master Yann Arthus Bertrand, who did a lot of famous books including the acclaimed “Earth from Above”. No one is better than Arthus Bertrand for aerial pictures and we were extremely lucky to have pictures from him in the book!

Above, a fantastic view showing Big Thunder at sunset and a part of DLP Frontierland.

And below, another aerial shot of DLP Big Thunder. A great one as it shows almost all of the Big Thunder Mountain track!

For those who haven't been to Disneyland Paris, Big Thunder is located on the island you'd expect to find Tom Sawyer (or Tarzan) in other Disneyland style parks


One of the most gorgeous aerial shots of DLP ever taken, showing the whole of Frontierland!

On this next shot, the Disneyland Paris railroad is entering Adventureland and passes in front of Indiana Jones Temple du Péril.

Speaking of Indiana Jones Temple du Péril, here is another picture showing the temple, from above of course.

Let’s stay in Adventureland with this great aerial picture of Captain Hook’s pirate ship and Adventure Isle.

Let’s move now to Fantasyland with this beautiful sunrise shot showing the back of Sleeping Beauty castle.

Another fantastic picture showing a big part of Fantasyland with also the Disneyland Paris railroad passing by.

Now, you need to know that all these great aerial pictures that you will find in the book are reproduced on full double pages (or full page for the vertical shots ) which makes them even more spectacular when you’re reading the book, as each double page is 31 X 46 cm!

And where we didn’t have pictures of Yann Arthus Bertrand, like for instance for Discoveryland, you’ll find spectacular pictures such as this one, showing the Nautilus and Space Mountain.

However, Yann Arthus Bertrand also did aerial shots above the Disneyland Paris hotels and came back with some great ones, like the one below showing the Newport Bay hotel, which is reproduced on a double page in the chapter about DLP Hotels and Disney Village.

Whether it is an aerial shot or not, each time a picture deserved to be on a double page you’ll find it in the book. A good example is this next one, a stunning night shot showing the Main Street Electrical Parade in front of Sleeping Beauty castle.

So, you see, in addition to the 250 WDI renderings and the hundreds of other great pictures of the park, as well as the story of the making of the park, the Disneyland Paris book has even more to offer than you might have thought. If you don’t own the book yet, you probably wish you did.

And, good news, MiceChat’s Dusty Sage has placed Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality on sale for a very limited time (You’ll save $40 per book if you act now). Below, you can see a video showing the whole book, and to know more about the book and how to order please visit the MiceChat Store: Order Disneyland Paris From Sketch To Reality

As you’ve seen in the pictures above, Disneyland Paris is gorgeous from the air. But I assure you that it is even more beautiful up close and in person.

Have you visited Disneyland Paris? Or better yet, have you seen it from above?

  • mratigan

    My favorite Disney book
    Even better when its signed by Tony Baxter

  • zippythesquirrel

    For those who have never been to DLP……how do you get to Big Thunder?

    • LoveStallion

      The loading platform is on the “mainland.” The tunnels under the river that connect the station to the bulk of the ride are the best part of the whole thing, particularly that last tunnel. After ascending the final lift (the same falling rock, inside-mine scene from others, rather than swing to the left and eventually find some dinosaur bones, instead, the ride does a leftward helix and then hurls inside the mountain, down a very long tunnel before blasting out into the station area. It’s awesome.

      • zippythesquirrel


      • TheThreeImagineers

        Lol, I wondered that too. Thanks for the explanation!

  • FerretAfros

    The entrance to BTMRR is on the mainland, and the ride starts and ends with a tunnel under the river

    When were these pictures taken? It looks like there are several items that have changed in the last 5-10 years that are shown differently in the photos. It looks like the gyesers by Phantom Manor were working and the Old Mill ferris wheel was operating, which dates the picutres. Also, the Chaparall Theater doesn’t have a roof yet, and there appears to be a large crane by Space Mountain in the aerial photo, and Space isn’t Mission 2 in the close-up

  • WesternMouse

    Thunder Mountain is incredible at DLP. I’ve never seen such a cross section of guests, young and older (really, I mean people in the late 60s+) come off of any ride with such big smiles and a look of total joy and satisfaction. That last tunnel is the best. Just as you think the ride is winding down, as it does anywhere else, you go down into a dark, unlit tunnel and you speed up! It’s like a ride within a ride. The disappointment of a ride’s end is completely gone from this ride. It’s the only one like it I know of.

  • Lost Boy

    Alan I don’t know if you remember me but when you came out here several years ago I sat with you you and several other people at the Mice Chat noon meet lunch. I am wondering if you can help me with a question about Main Street USA at DLP. I am building a replica of the Park using Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. A french RCT3 fan is providing the parts of the Park he has done so far. The problem is I think these are old first year buildings as there are buildings I know aren’t there anymore, but enough to make a good looking Main Street. What the problem is for me, having never been there I don’t know what buildings go where. I do know the front part on the left side (looking down toward the Castle) are the Arboritum, City Hall and Wonderland Book Store. On the other side of the Town Square is Stroller Rental, and the Main Street Vehicle Garage, but what goes between them and after the Garage are not known to me. Then I know where the Rooms For Rent goes and the Arcade entrance but not what goes between that and the beginning of the corner building for the Emporium. I basically need a list of where every store that goes down Main Street on the Right Side and then on the Left side. All I need are the names as each building is named in the game. I know this is big favor to ask, but I want this to look as authentic as I can. You can email me at [email protected] rather than take up space here. Thanks for any information you can. I have the entire hotel, Main Street Station and the center of the Plaza stuff completed. But the actual street is giving me a big headache.

  • TheThreeImagineers

    I’d really love to make it to this park someday! Paris, Disney, who can complain? 😉 Plus their Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain versions look amazing. Like Anaheim’s Disneyland, is Space Mountain fitted to music? That’s one of my favorite parts about Space Mountain, and the only thing that disappoints me about the Space Mountain at WDW. (They don’t have the music, since it’s a bobsled-style car.)