Major Walt Disney World rumors and Magic Kingdom News

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Published on August 31, 2012 at 12:26 am with 12 Comments

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Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • WDW1971

    Thanks so much for the update! I really enjoy looking through all of your beautiful pictures.

    I am really hoping that once construction is finished that the old Fantasyland will receive much more landscaping. It looks way to bear right now but hopefully they are just waiting until the new area is open to start construction.

    As for the yellow tent, they better be planting large, full trees to cover up that go-away-green. Is it visible from the train?

    Overall though new Fantasyland looks very beautiful and could easily belong in Tokyo DisneySea.

    Over at DHS I really hope that Cars Land is not coming to WDW. It really does not fit in with the theme of the park. Just because the same person that worked on Cars Land was relocated to WDW does not mean that she is only the Cars Land lady. She has skills that can work on other projects.

    Also, POTC painted blue? Does it really stand out with the other peach soundstages?

  • DisneylandMaster

    ^I agree. Cars Land feels like a unique part of Disneyland/DCA that shouldn’t be replicated. Maybe a Marvel-themed attraction instead? While it seems to be a clever idea to see Cars replace cars, it doesn’t seem logical because of the fact that they would have two of the same ride. In a similar situation, I can’t believe how upset I was when Transformers was going to Universal Orlando. I felt that it was our chance to have our “Spiderman” ride, but now they have two. But it will be interesting to see how it will turn out.

  • MJM

    Thanks, Cory, wonderful update and interesting news.

    I like the idea of RSR coming to DHS, but I would prefer that the space and $$ allocated for this project be used for the RSR plus the rumored Monster’s Inc Coaster instead of the full-blown Carsland with it’s two other existing attractions. It would be more or less just an expansion of Pixar Place. This is just my preference. Others may prefer the full Carsland.

  • lnsemsf

    A few points… First it would be more accurate to say “next to the former Sounds Dangerous” as it’s been removed from park maps and the official website, It’s now an extinct attraction.. Also in response to an above comment, Marvel can’t come to Florida because of Universal and their perpetual exclusivity contract. As for Carsland coming to Florida, It wouldnt really bother me, though I’d prefer they do something different and put in new and unique rides, I’m in the minority of people who go to both coasts to experience their attractions. Most people just go to 1 or the other and for them having the Carsland attractions here in Florida would be a huge plus and a new must see attraction in a park that desperately needs one(or three.)

  • mtpelepele

    I keep hearing that Carsland “doesn’t fit the theme” of Hollywood Studios.. First, it doesn’t fit the theme of California Adventure all that well either. So, whatever. Second, why not? Simply theme a section of Hollywood Studios to Pixar movies. TSM, RSR, throw in a Monsters coaster and a Ratatouille dark ride, heck, use it as a good excuse to get Monsters and Buz Lightyear out of Tomorrowland, where they REALLY don’t belong. Is it such a stretch? You already basically have a Lucasland going on at the other side of the park. Hollywood Studios, featuring sections themed to…Hollywood studios? I like it.
    And on the exclusivity note, VERY few people will ever visit both California Adventure and Hollywood Studios. There’s not a wide enough shared customer base to justify having it at one and not the other.

    • Malificent2000

      If Im not mistaken, Cars is based off of route 66 and that road goes right through California, so it does fit in with the theme of CALIFORNIA Adventure.

  • Bronco21

    “Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a huge mess of random themes, outdated shows, and has a horrible layout, how should we fix it?” “I know we could do exactly what we have done here at Team Disney Orlando for the last 5-7 years and wait until Team Disney Anaheim pays to develop something amazing and then we just photocopy their plans and build it here!” “But how does that fix the problems with the park?” ” Who cares! They are tourists what do they know.” – Team Disney Orlando Planning Meeting 2008

    Disney Hollywood Studios has more problems than just needing one new E-ticket and some more shops/ restaurants to fix it. Sounds Dangerous is an empty building, most of the shows are outdated, it has the worst layout of any Disney park I’ve been to, the lack of vision in almost every addition to the park since the mid 90’s has been nonexistent, the random mix of themes is unforgivably bad, the lack of family attractions causes the few attractions family attractions (TSM in particular) to have ridiculous waits, and even the Great Movie Ride seems lackluster these days.

    RSR is a very good ride and Cars Land is very detailed and a wonder of modern day imagineering, but it is not the park saving mega land that many make it out to be. Actually what saved DCA IMO is 1st BVS, 2nd WoC, and 3rd Cars Land. Sure Cars Land is the major draw that everyone talks about, sure Cars Lans has the major new E-ticket, sure it’s very detailed and immersive, but the entrance to DCA sets the mood for new DCA. WoC keeps people in the park at night. BVS set up the immersive theming of Cars Land.

    Why can’t TDO just listen to their customers and fix the problems with DHS and not try another knee jerk e-ticket addition like they have done for the last decade?

    Thanks for the Update Cory.

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  • Susan Hughes

    WDW has already sunk a ton of money into the Fantasyland expansion. And even more money into the “confirmed” Avatarland at Animal Kingdom. Based on the spending habits of WDW, I just can’t see them spending any more money into a clone of Cars Land. Hell, I can’t believe the projects they’ve already OK’d. They’re just too cheap.
    And Kathy Magnum may have been in charge of the Cars Land project, but that doesn’t mean she was sent to Florida to clone California Adventure’s big smash hit. Kathy may have been in charge, but let’s face facts, Cars Land is 100% John Lassiter’s baby. So unless the rumors flying around start to drop his name, I don’t see it happening.
    And are the Orlando Imagineers really that incapable of coming up with something on their own? There are so many other Disney themes out there, are they just going to throw in the towel and say, “We suck! We can’t come up with anything clever so we’ll rip off Anaheim”.

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  • ddavis16

    I really think that disney should expand Hollywood Studios because it’s one the smaller parks and could be done in a day. Even though it’s my favorite park because of Tower of Terror and Rock in Roller Coaster, they need more rides and it would be hard to have marvel because I heard that Universal still has the park rights still I don’t know if that’s true or not. I don’t think think they should have Cars Land there because the E-ticket ride for it is like Test Track (saw a video on youtube) besides at the end you’re racing another vehicle. I would really like to see them start Beastly Kingdom at the Animal Kingdom which was suppose to be part of the park when it was supposed to open.