Friday, as the amber tones of twilight cast a warm glow on the Farm, Knott’s unveiled an homage to the history of its 40 year old Halloween Haunt. The Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt was the first in-park Halloween celebration, incorporating haunted houses, actors, and re-themed attractions to create a totally new experience for evening guests. It is only fitting that the history of America’s leading Haunt is being celebrated with museum in Ghost Town.

During a special “Chain” cutting ceremony, Jeff Tucker (Writer/director of this years Unearthed), flanked by the Entertainment staff, addressed the crowd of VIPs and fans.

 From left to right, Daniel Miller, Brooke Walters, Jeff Tucker, Jeff Shaddic(behind the cobweb) Todd Faux and Lara Hanneman – The Haunt and Entertainment big wigs.

Gary Salisbury, Jim Mayfield and John Waite, the original Haunt crew, pose for photos.

The awning of the museum is decorated with flickering pumpkins and black ravens.

Let’s go inside. Entering the museum, you’ll find three full-size costumes from mazes and scare zones from years past.  In the far corner sits the actual couch used by Elvira Mistress of the Dark. A mannequin displays Elvira’s trademark sultry, black dress.

Above, on the far wall, a hi-def screen plays a video featuring notable designers who have worked tirelessly on the event throughout its four decade run.

Along the wall on the right are display cases featuring sculptures and props from previous mazes and scare zones.

Stupid Clowns

Remember the Overlord?  Good Times.

Collection of early tickets

This figure terrorized riders in the Calico Mine Train in the early 80’s. This prop was found stored away deep in the Log Ride.

John Waite is reunited with a creation of his from the Mine Train from the early 80’s.

Crypt Keeper was actually the MC for a few years.

Wolfman Jack hosted the event in the early years.

So funny what passed for scary in the 70’s.

A new piece from this year’s “Pinocchio Unstrung”

Spot Jeff Tucker in this framed picture and you get a prize (Actual prize not included)

Concept art from the famous Blood Bayou maze.

Guests can also purchase their Haunt tickets here as well as reservations for “Trapped”, the new VIP maze experience.

They even plan to begin selling upscale collectables, like this framed set of Haunt tickets.

 Overall, the new in-park Haunt Museum is a wonderfully dark corner of spooky fun.  We have to admit that we were surprised at the substantial work that was done to renovate the interior of the old structure.  Black drapes hang mournfully from each window, the walls are freshly papered with stark wall paper, and the paint is fresh and new.  What they have on display here is a nice summation of years past.
 Our only complaint is the small size of the building.  Originally slated for the Toy Barn, the museum was ultimately built in this smaller space at the last minute because there wouldn’t have been time to convert the Barn for Christmas and Santa.  While the execution here is quite beautiful, we would love to see it move to a larger space in years to come.

It is a night of scary fun for one great price.
The evening will include:
  • Backstage tours
  • Lights on maze tour
  • All you can eat Buffet
  • Souvenir Knott’s Scary Farm mug
  • Meet and Greet with Haunt Designers
  • Drawing to be a Monster in a maze
  • Some special 40th anniversary surprises
  • VIP front of line access to the mazes
All for $92.99 per person