Things are getting scary at Universal Studios Hollywood as the park ramps up for their annual Halloween Horror Nights events.  We have new concept art to share with you from the upcoming maze, Alice Cooper Goes to Hell. We also detail what you can expect to see at the frightful festivities and share some pretty gruesome concept art. Plus, we have a brief update for you.  Are you all set?

The official commercial has been released with the new tagline “Once your inside…there’s no way out”

Aside from the mazes, the park also offers areas throughout the park called “Scare Zones” that have a particular theme but are not confined to the walls of a maze. Here are four of the Scare Zones we can expect to find this Halloween.

New York Street: Klownz
Murder and mayhem reign as an ultra-violent gang of killer Klownz take over “The Big Apple.” Watch as blood spills throughout the city streets while this psychotic freakshow butchers everyone in their path! These circus rejects are armed to the teeth and hell bent on destruction…yours!

Baker Street: Toyz
Hidden away on the foggy streets of London is a quaint little toy shop. The place looks innocent enough from the outside but don’t be fooled, unspeakable horrors are taking place inside the Toy Maker’s workshop! For decades, The Toy Maker delighted the children of London with his handmade teddy bears and dolls but times change and toys go out of fashion. Faced with ruin, The Toy Maker snapped and decided to take revenge on the people who turned their backs on him by using his skills to serve a darker calling. Now, anyone who ventures too close to the Toy Shop at night is in danger of being abducted by the Evil Toy Maker and turned into one of his monstrous new creations…human toys!

Parisian Street: Witches:
Enter a European fishing village that is haunted by an ancient evil, a coven of blood-thirsty witches hell-bent on revenge! For centuries, this sleepy seaport was home to a coven of witches who practiced their black art under the cover of darkness. One terrible night, the villagers hunted down the witches and burned them at the stake to cleanse the town once and for all of their pagan influence. It is said that some of the condemned swore revenge on the town, right before the flames consumed their flesh. Now, on autumn nights when the fog rolls in, the coven of witches reassembles on the streets of the village to burn the living! Be warned, for if you look into their charred faces, it’s already too late!

Lower Lot: Silent Hill
Before you enter the world of Silent Hill, come face to face with the town’s most feared residents. Cower in fear as The Bogeyman towers over you, preparing to smash you to pieces. Feel every cut sink deep beneath your skin as hideously disfigured Nurses scar you for life. Pray for mercy as you confront Pyramid Head, the merciless executioner of The Otherworld, and hope that his great knife doesn’t find its mark! Remember, in Silent Hill, nothing is as it seems!

The maze based on the classic horror film, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is being constructed in the overflow queue for Jurassic Park.

Behind the Mummy show building, the Silent Hill maze is under construction.

A Maze based on the hit series, The Walking Dead, is pretty far along now in the center of the upper lot area.

Concept art and a sneak peak (courtesy of HHN creative director John Murdy) of the facade of the much anticipated Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D was released. The facade and the rest of the maze will receive the same 3D treatment the House of 1000 Corpses received.

Below are a few pieces of concept art that were released by Universal this past week.  Warning, some of it is pretty graphic.

The weekdays are now the perfect time to visit USH now that the summer crowds have gone back to school and work. Even Transformers, which held a 90+ minute wait all Summer, has been reduced to a mere 15 minute queue and virtual walk-on for single riders.

Doc Brown was out and about near his namesake fried chicken restaurant

A new backdrop was added behind the double decker bus parked on Baker Street

A new digital wait times board was added between Universal Animal Actors and The Special Effects Stage

At the entrance to the attraction, planters were added to break up the concrete.

Wait times are minimal

Progress on the refurbishment of the haunted Phantom of the Opera stage (Soundstage 28)

Some of the sound stages used by the Desperate Housewives are now home to NBCs new show “Guys with Kids”

The NBC show “Go On” was filming in the Metropolitan sets

Falls Lake is being prepped for some unknown production. The machinery appears to be able to release large quantities of water at once.

And there you have it.  Horror nights is moving in, and the crowds, during the week, are moving out.  It would be a great idea to hit the park mid week if you are interested in going or are planning a visit. Until next time, we’ll see you in the movies.