Fantasmic! glows with the show as construction continues at Disneyland

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Published on September 03, 2012 at 4:07 am with 31 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  • eicarr

    Cool update! The amazing Mark Twain Fantasmic photo looks like concept artwork. I’ve felt a little too dorky in Mouse Ears though since I was 6, so they could get Glow with the show participation from me if I could get a baseball cap or a thick Lei like necklace. I think toys like swords would sell more(since owners could enjoy the glowing with the show themselves).

    The Ariel seaweed might temporary while they adjust blocking. The realistic seaweed dosen’t seem to jive well with the neighboring 2D cut-out plants and cement coral.

    I’ve always loved the village haus and the weird stuff they always offer( I remember the raisins with burgers years ago). However, I fear the onset of anxiety while squinting while rushing to read that digital board and pick between unique items like the pastrami burger and chicken sausage. But maybe the board is big enough and placed in an area I can read it far back in line.

  • mratigan

    I think Fantasmic looks better than world of color

  • Badger

    Dateline Disneyland is always a welcome start to the week that helps to mitigate the Monday morning blahs. As usual this was a nice update with lots of cool photos and updates from around the park.

    I too find it sad that the Eisner philosophy of “every square inch of the park must show a profit” is still so prevalent at Disneyland, as shown by the constant pimping out of the quiet little corners of New Orleans Square. My recommendation is to avoid these retail locations like the plague so we don’t reward this undesirable behavior.

  • jcruise86

    Outstanding update, Andy! THANK YOU!
    My favorite sentences: “Still, it would be nice if Disney stopped converting the quiet corners of New Orleans Square into retail space. We already lost the Royal Courtyard between the Port Royal and Pieces of Eight gift shops a few years ago to overflow Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise displays.”

    Despite the above Pressler, I love how Disneyland is mostly improving!

    I don’t like OSHA: Ordering Superfluous Handrails, Arrrrrrrg!
    The have the opportunity to destroy some of the original charm of the Storybook/Casey, Jr. area with unnecessary rails. It would be cool and worthwhile if Disney fought this one.

    • big nick

      i dont know why but it seems that osha has a beef with disneyland and its staff. i dont know if it is the union for the staff or osha but it need to stop. all the little things that make the park seems to be going away. i dont know who to talk to but lets hope disney puts a stop to it!!!!!! thank god my son who is 9 has seen all the old stuff with out the “safey guide lines” crap but with a new granddaughter she will never get to see what i fell in love with 35 years ago.

  • AzGizmo

    Thanks for the videos. It’s always great to take a look at those when one is going through serious Disney withdrawals..

    I was initially skeptical about the Glow ears with Fantasmic, but after having watched the video I must concur with others here that the ears work better with Fantasmic than with World Of Color! I don’t know if I’m willing to spend that kind of money to get a pair of ears, but it is enjoyable to see how they interact with the overall show.

    I must agree with the disappointment regarding the late opening of the Disney Gallery. It’s always one of the first shops I go into (usually after riding the train once around the park right after entering) and I just fail to see the real reason for the daily delay in opening it. The story is that it cuts costs, but when you look at the overall operational cost of the park, keeping the Disney Gallery closed until 11:00 AM really doesn’t save the company any substantial amount of money.

    Thanks again for the great offering. I miss being at the park, but this helps to bring the park to my home here in Phoenix!

  • David Mercury

    What, no additional rails going up in the Disney Gallery?

    • Marko50

      Great. Give them ideas.

  • AliKzam

    Wouldn’t those ears be great with the MSEP if it came back to DL? I’d buy them then.

  • Chernabog

    They need more seaweed everywhere in Little Mermaid – along with fixing those last two scenes – so that it looks more like a real space rather than moving through a sterile disney store display.

  • rwsmith

    The crowds were large, but lines flowed well yesterday. The only downer was Autopia. The cars run worse every time we go there. We had a 7 car back up and half the cars won’t idle.

    • Nivens McTwisp

      Yeah, the last time I tried Autopia they actually shut it down and kicked us out of line after waiting 40 minutes. We need a MiceAge investigation!

      Great update Andy!

  • Nerd4Disneyland

    Thanks for the Update!! Radiator Springs Racers will be packed for awhile!!
    Any news for the Big Thunder Mountain major rehab?!?

  • Algernon

    So now they’re going to ruin Casey Jones with safety railings. The tide of destruction continues…

  • WesternMouse

    The new ears look cool, but $25? Whose eyeballs get any value out of those glowing ears? Certainly not mine if I buy a pair. As another poster put it, this only works if many people buy them. They should consider retooling this so that they can be handed out and collected like 3D glasses. This way, the new effect enhances each guest’s experience at no additional cost. Like 3D glasses, the glowing ears have no effect or value beyond the show.

    • jcruise86

      Maybe they could give them out free to guests at city hall if photo ID proved that it was their birthday, or better yet, if it was within one week of their birthday.

      The year when Disney let people in for free on their birthdays was a brilliant way of getting guests to associate Disneyland with honor birthdays. Some probably see it as a right! Ka-ching!

    • Marko50

      I think there would be issues with this. Worse than the 3D glasses issues they’ve had. I sure wouldn’t want to get head lice this way. Well, any way. But this would be a “good” way to get them.

  • [email protected]

    Thank you Andy. I concur on the retail invading quiet spaces. Let some of the quiet, out of the way places remain.

    • jcruise86

      I hope they don’t get any clever ideas for the remote area under the Hungry Bear!
      Give peace (& quiet) a chance.

  • QPerth

    Andy, Thanks so much for all the hard work that goes into DLDL. It is a highlight of my reading every week, and I eagerly look forward to the next installment, same with DLWDW. As someone who lives so far away from Disneyland (well ALL Parks really, even HKDL is a 7+hr flight), these awesome posts are a terrific way of seeing the current state of the Parks. One small request though – as not all readers are as involved with the Parks, can you sometimes please post Comparrison Photos. I have no clue what the Coke archway looked like. Or compare the recent additions in the Little Mermaid attraction to what it looked like before. That’s all. I love these posts, thankyou! -Q.

  • Susan Hughes

    I think “Glow with The Show” would work really well with “Remember, Dreams Come True”. And there’s a very strong rumor that The Main Street Electrical Parade will return to…Main Street USA at Disneyland. If that is actually true, I can’t think of any better show to “Glow with The Show”.