Amy has updated her Haunt Tips for the 2016 season. Please be sure to share your tips for helping those who are afraid to enjoy their local haunt.

I’m really an odd duck. I love Halloween. I love a good jump scare. I love horror novels. I love haunt events. But…. I hate horror movies and I don’t handle seeing blood and gore very well. I know I’m not the only one out there who’s like this.

Do you want to go to a haunt event like Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm, Queen Mary Dark Harbor, Fright Fest at Magic Mountain or Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens but are a chicken or have friends who are chickens? Well, there are ways you can experience a haunt and have fun without also losing your lunch (or dinner).


Here are my tips on how to not only survive a theme park haunt but have a good time in the process. (Note: In Orlando, they call the Haunted Houses “Houses.” In California, they call them “Mazes.” Don’t let the language in this article throw you. We’re talking about the same thing.)

#1 – Wear dark clothing

If you wear dark clothes, it’s harder for the scare actors to see you, allowing you to slip by easier, especially in the scare zones. I’m kidding here. But the less you stick out, the fewer scares will jump your way.

#2 – Sit One Out

If you don’t want to do any of the haunted houses, that’s perfectly OK, even if you’re with friends who do. Just tell them you’ll wait for them by the exit of the house. If they’re really your friends, they won’t force you to do any houses and will agree to meet you at the exit. Find a bench, have a snack and people watch. It’s pretty amusing to watch the scare actors go after passers-by.


Or, if you want to do one of the houses/mazes even though you can’t deal with a lot of gore, opt for the more “tame” houses, like Zombie Containment Unit at Howl-O-Scream, Krampus at Halloween Horror Nights… you get the idea. You’ll still get some scares but these houses are lower on the gore factor.


# 3 – Monsters Smell Fear – Act Normal

Try not to act overly afraid when going through scare zones or houses. The scare actors feed on fear and are more apt to go after the ones who show they’re scared. But this doesn’t always work. I know from experience. When I’m particularly nervous I’ll look a scare actor in the eye and smile or offer some quasi-witty banter. They’ll just growl and walk away at first, but as soon as your back is turned… that’s when they’ll get you! I’ve seen them coming at me from behind out the corner of my eye and I’ll still jump 10 feet. But I just laugh it off. And that’s the key. Let the giggles and fun keep you moving forward.


#4 – Get Your Ride On

Since most people will be in line for the haunted houses, lines for the rides will have minimal waits, so take full advantage! If you’re a roller coaster fan, nothing beats riding some of your favorite coasters in the dark.


# 5 – See the Shows

Elvira-MiceChatTake advantage of the special shows! If you’re at Knott’s, see The Hanging or Elvira. At Universal Orlando, don’t miss Bill & Ted and at Universal Hollywood, check out the Jabbawokeez dance troupe. At Busch Gardens be sure to see Fiends. These shows are usually very funny, entertaining and not scary at all.


HHN_JWK_01And that’s how I do it folks. I’m one of the biggest chickens around, but I still love the haunts. Get out of your comfort zone and HAVE FUN IN THE FOG!!!

What are your tips for surviving a theme park haunt?



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