Aladdin is about to celebrate its 10,000th performance this weekend at the Disneyland Resort, while Fantasmic glows with the show.  Disney Theme Park news and discussion is what the MiceChat round up has in store for you today with even more coming from Walt Disney World too!  Marvel at the new Enchanted Tales with Belle meet and greet. Enjoy a brilliant new Communicore Weekly video and a whole new MiceChatter with Sarah. Then settle in for the tale of a guy taking a swim in the harbor at Tokyo Disney Seas.  That’s not to mention the announcements made by Six Flags parks and Halloween news from all over.  It’s time to round up the Disney News!

Trip Report: The Day Walt Dined at Club 33, new LED Twinkle Lights, Oswald Ears
chesirecat takes us on a short tour of their Club 33 visit!

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We have a couple of special Disneyland Trip reports this week, Aladdin ~ a Musical Spectacular, will be celebrating its 10,000 performance this coming Saturday,  and we want to know how many photos you take on your Disneyland excursions! ~ Aladdin

My First Birthday Spent at Disneyland Resort
Bongo celebrates his birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth, and has this report coving all the events during his special trip!

How many pictures do you take each visit?
Sorcerors Apprentice is curious about the number of photos you take on your Disneyland visits. Also do you take any video? Tell us how many digital memories you capture!

Fantasmic! Glow with the Show Premiere HD 8/28/2012
SoCalbma brings us video of the premiere Glow With the Show version of Fantasmic! Take a look at these videos and tell us what you think about Glow with the show!

Rank Fantasyland Dark Rides From Favorite to Least
jasmineray is asking for your ranking of Fantasyland’s 5 oldest darkrides! Tell us your favorite!

‘Aladdin, A Musical Spectacular’ to hit 10,000 shows!
The Aladdin show in the Hyperion Theater is one of the longest running shows at the Disneyland Resort, and this coming Saturday afternoon, it will have its 10,000 show! Congratulations to the cast and crews over the years for this milestone! And thanks to the Genies who continually keep it fresh with a new jokes!


Hey there, campers! It’s September and that means it is almost the start of the Halloween season. MiceChat’s annual Halloween Haunt trip is coming up in a few weeks. Have you grabbed your ticket yet? I hope to see you scare, er, there! Post your ideas, rumors and thoughts and remember…you just might make it to the weekly Round-Up!  -Demigod-

Random Bugs Land idea
MiceChat member Bronco21 posts some thoughts on changing around Bugs Land.

Tom Saywer Island – Time for a Change
DoctorQ9 feels that Tom Sawyer Island should at least do the same thing TSI in WDW does – be something nice to look at and also be a great ride or attraction to enjoy. What do you think?

Disney After Dark – A Halloween Time Nightmare
MiceChatter MANEATINGWREATH offers up some thoughts on a Disneyland Halloween Haunt-style Makeover.

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Epcot 30th Anniversary FREE MiceQuest – Sept 29, 2012
Join MiceChat’s Kevin Yee and the Communicore Weekly crew for a FREE fun-filled scavenger hunt game celebrating Epcot’s 30th Anniversary.  The Quest, designed by Kevin Yee, is fun for the whole family and will take place on the Mexico side of World Showcase from 3:30pm until 6:30pm on September 29th, 2012.  Create a team of 1-4 people, and compete for the title of biggest Epcot geek. Fun prizes will be awarded to the winning teams.

Sip and Nibble at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival – Sept 30, 2012
Enjoy a leisurely stroll around World Showcase with your favorite MiceChatters, sampling the food and wine offerings of Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival along the way. You will be given a lanyard with a marker attached so that you can record your progress as you tour the world of food and drink! Guests who desire to partake of the adult beverages will also be given a small glass to conveniently share “sips” during our journey.  Come spend some quality time with other foodies and the best online Disney community on Earth! To reserve your place at this year’s Sip & Nibble event purchase your ticket today for just $3.99. Please click through for full event details.

40 years ago, a seed was planted in a boysenberry patch in Buena Park. This seed became a monstrous beast that people flock to see every Halloween. In 2012, Knott’s will be celebrating 40 years of frightful fun! In honor of this milestone, MiceChat will be holding a spooktacular Halloween Haunt Meet on Saturday, September 22nd 2012. Guests will enjoy VIP access to Halloween Haunt, a delicious all you can eat dinner, a behind the scenes look at one of the mazes, Haunt history presentation, and meet and greet with the monsters and designers who create the Halloween magic.  Special tickets purchased exclusively through MiceChat will be required for this event.

LAST CHANCE: Walt Disney Family Museum MiceChat Event September 14th
Join the MiceChatters at the Walt Disney Family Museum on the morning of September 14th for just $14.99 per person. We’ll tour the museum, pay tribute the the great Walt Disney, and then adjourn for lunch with a view at a restaurant on the beautiful Presidio. Don’t miss out. We don’t make it to the Bay Area very often, but when we do, we make it special

If you have a question about any of these events, please email [email protected]

Walt Disney World

We’ve got some great looks at the Beauty and the Beast meet and greet, a question about cars (or lack thereof) in Walt Disney World, a trip report, and a question on quality at Walt Disney World. Come see all the news we have this week in the forum! ~yoyoflamingo

englanddg’s Magical Mystery Tou (and Trip Report!)
If you’ve been in wanting of a trip report, look no more than this one. Here, englanddg gives us a detailed trip report like no other. While short on pictures, there is some great detail in the prose!

Enchanted Tales with Belle — How Does That Mirror Effect Work?
By now you’ve probably seen the videos of the new Belle meet and greet in Fantasyland (if not, there’s a video in the thread.) With the great effects of course comes the inevitable ‘How did they do that?’ See for yourself.

Max Fun/Min Hassle –Strategies for WDW w/out a car?
For someone who doesn’t drive, how is it best to enjoy Walt Disney World? Share your suggestions for a hassle free trip with no car.

Who else thinks the 90s was when WDW was at its best?
A common debate, but one that is always worth revisiting, especially after recent developments in the World: When was Walt Disney World at its prime?

A little vent
The big news of course was the Be Our Guest restaurant began accepting reservations. However, with the news came the inevitable frustration of swamped phone lines and reservations filling quickly. Share your frustrations and suggestions for this problem here.

Celebrate the Magic
The Magic, the Memories, and You, the castle projection show, receives an upgrade and replacement this fall. What can we expect from the new show? Check out the info released here!

Character Dining Experience?
It’s an essential part of a Disney vacation to many people, but which one would you suggest to a newbie? Share your thoughts and experiences here!

How to see the most in 2 days
A common question among us MiceChatters – a Disneyland veteran needs help to see the most of Walt Disney World in a short period of time. What advice would you offer someone – what is worth seeing/skipping for someone who knows Disneyland already?

IT’S TIME FOR DISNEY HISTORY! – Jeff and George travel round and round as they ride the King Arthur Carrousel! GEORGE’S BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George rides the train in Walt Disney’s Railroad Story!  DISNEY DEBATE! – Jeff and George debate (kind of) what the best time to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! – And finally, Splash Mountain is home to this week’s Five Legged Goat!

MiceChatter Sarah give you some great tip on Disneyland!
Here are 5 of many Disneyland tips that could potentially enhance your theme park experience!

Join us for lots of Disney magic on:!

Every Monday to Friday between 6-9 am Pacific, we give you your Newscast. Coming soon, you’ll be able to get a full recap of news from your favorite site.

Idiot jumps in the harbor at Disney Sea!
Prometheus reports with pictures about a person jumping into the harbor at Disney Sea, some think it was castmember!

TDR Visit August 22 and 23
Jjmanna posted their thoughts on the recent vacation with his nephews, you can review the trip report in detail here!

Why are the Big Grizzly animatronic bears so crude?
DoctorQ9 know that Disney can fabricate and program some awesome animatronics, but the ones in the new Big Grizzly attraction seem a little off.

This week Six Flags has announced a new coaster for Magic Mountain. Also, we have the Haunting Season upon us and we need some insight into Universal’s Horror Nights and Knott’s Hanging. Then to settle your nerves we take a trip down to the Birch Aquarium at Scripps. ~DLandFansAZ

NEW FOR 2013 at SFMM, Full Throttle: The World’s Tallest and Fastest Looping Coaster
Six Flags Magic Mountain has announced Full Throttle, a new world-record coaster. This one will be the tallest, fastest looping coaster and have multiple launches. Six Flags states they are the industry leader in next generation thrills offering the biggest and best. So is it?

First time at Universal Horror Nights
It’s hard to believe it the Haunting Season already. DreamsofColor is going to be going to Universal’s Horror Nights this year for the first time. So do you have any tips or suggestions to get the most out of Horror Nights? And, if you haven’t been, you might want to check this out.

Knotts Hanging 2012 Predictions!
With the Haunting Season comes the annual Knott’s Hanging. So which pop culture icons do you think will be featured?

Birch Aquarium @ Scripps
jsmith11618 made it to the Birch Aquarium at Scripps and brings us some photos from the trip.

Inappropriate For Disney?
kingofthejungle notes that a classic Disney movie depicts children smoking and drinking, and uses the word jackass. What gives?

Physics major as imagineer?
New member kikko wonders if physics is a good college major for a wannabe imagineer.

Favorite Disney Afternoon Cartoon
The Disney Afternoon was a block of cartoons that ran through most of the 90’s. It featured shows such as The Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Ducktales, Talespin, and other.s So Dreamer10 wants to know, what was your favorite cartoon?

Temple of Doom Darkness
DisneylandTraveler brings us an interesting article about Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Have you ever wondered why it had such dark overtones? Read the article and let us know what you think?

Cars Land Rumored for DisneyWorld?
There have been whispers for some time now that Disney’s Hollywood Studios (DHS) at Disney World would get its own Cars Land, and rumors erupted anew last week. There was a different intensity this time, with known insiders on message boards saying it would happen.

Al Lutz – A Tale of Two Parks, Disneyland Update.

Disneyland Resort heads into the Dog Days of summer working under a radically changed set of operating philosophies, with the success of Cars Land and the re-launched DCA turning on its head a decade worth of assumptions how visitors to the resort will use the property. In this update we’ll fill you in on exactly what is going on with overall resort.

Fantasmic! glows with the show as construction continues at Disneyland
The Rivers of America lit up with a colorful glow last week as Disneyland premiered the new “Glow with the Show” addition to the popular Fantasmic! nighttime spectacular. Fantasmic’s “Glow with the Show” premiere was…

Dateline Walt Disney World

Hello, and welcome to This week, we have a massive Walt Disney World update from the , with both news and believe it or not, !! We also have some news and rumors to cover…

From the Mouth of the Mouse
Everyone needs a haircut. I go about every month to keep my hair super short. Most people get theirs cut right before a vacation, just to have one less thing to worry about. However, if…

Visiting Walt Disney World today is a vastly different vacation than it was in 1971. Back then, there was one theme park, a few hotels, some recreation and lots of plans on the boards. Let’s…

In the Parks
Things are getting scary at Universal Studios Hollywood as the park ramps up for their annual Halloween Horror Nights events.  We have new concept art to share with you from the upcoming maze, Alice Cooper…

Orlando Parkhopper
Construction has progressed a great deal since out last look at the next mega-attraction for Sea World Orlando, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.  This trackless attraction will have guests “Floating” through frozen scenes and ending…

In the real world (i.e., places where five-foot tall mice don’t roam around with handlers), I’m not a big fan of buffets. The food is often bland and of questionable quality and the surroundings are…


1956 was an a year filled with amazing new attractions and the Rainbow Caverns Mine Train promised to be one of the most spectacular. At a reported cost of $500,000, it was also the most…

A Six Flags Great Adventure

Monorail Man, Capt Phoebus and Sir Clinksalot recently embarked on an epic coaster trip to the east coast. On their 8-day trip they visited Six Flags Great Adventure, Hersheypark, Knoebels, Dorney Park, Six Flags America,…

Vancouver’s Pacific National Exhibition
Our Canadian MiceChat buddy BC_DisneyGeek is always willing to share his trips and travels around his home state of British Columbia. For the next two weeks, he’s treating us to a photo essay detailing his…

Hong Kong Disneyland Replaces Center Street With A Shop
Alain Littaye of the Disney and More blog shares these photos of the newest shop on Main Street, USA at Hong Kong Disneyland. This one might be controversial with our readers. We ask you to…

Universal’s Islands of Adventure Then and Now – Toon Lagoon
Last week, I ran a photo essay about Marvel Super Hero Island at Universal’s Island of Adventure. This week, we’re back at Islands of Adventure, only now the subject is Toon Lagoon. Once again, the “then” photos are from early 2000, when the new park was around eight months old, and the “now” photos show the same places 11 years later.

The 626
Horizons was a much beloved attraction at EPCOT during the 1980s and 90s. Though it opened a year after the Park did, it was hailed as the pinnacle of EPCOT attractions, showcasing just the right…

This Animatronic Life

Animatronics wizard, Garner Holt, takes us for a journey into the world of Disney parades. You’ll likely be surprised by just how difficult and complex it is to create magic in the streets!

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