Hong Kong is No Phooey

As wonderful as the Halloween festivities are in the US parks, they pale in comparison to what happens overseas. I hope that the US parks step up their game in the coming years. This stuff looks so fun!
Hong Kong Disneyland becomes a sinister ghost town this Halloween, with frightful fun around every corner. It’s spooky, but not too terrifying. Spirits will roam the different sections of the park, and each land has its own story and spirits to go along with it.
Every Friday to Sunday from October 2 to October 31, guests are dared to not be mesmerised into losing their souls by the parasol-wielding spirits of Mystic Point, get caught in the crossfire between battling miners at Grizzly Gulch or be lost forever in the forbidden mists of the Jungle River Cruise.

History Repeats Itself…Endlessly

At Mystic Point, Spirits are doomed to relive one hour of their lives over and over again, unless they can get hold of a green amulet that promises immortality. The Timekeeper (not that one) ensures that the spirits return to the afterlife at the end of the evening with his mystical pocket watch.


The Curse of the Emerald Trinity

The Jungle River Cruise becomes a foreboding, creepy rainforest of danger as the navigator and captain take a boatload of unwary travelers on a search for a cursed trio of emeralds, deep in a very different-looking place than what Hong Kong Disneyland guests usually see when they board these boats. Take part in this adventure at your peril, for no one is safe!

The Badwater Feud

Hear the “Engineer” tell the story through the “Ghosts Rising” Puppet show several times a night, of how the mysterious green water from the town’s geysers drove the citizenry mad, and started a bloody feud between the cowboys and the miners that continues now, many years after their deaths, in ghostly battles every Halloween season. Heed his warning: don’t get caught up in the middle of the feud!


 Halloween Fun with Disney Friends

There are treats and fun along with the spooky parts; guests can dress up in Halloween costumes and trick-or-treat along Main Street or meet the Disney Friends like Mickey, Minnie, Duffy, Shellie Mae and Goofy in their Halloween finest!

HKDL treats

You’ll Want to Sink Your Fangs Into These

In the park and in the hotels, there are more than 30 different seasonal treats, including sticky rice ghosts, a Tahitian Pumpkin Surprise set, and a Mickey Vampire Bat cookie with bloody wings!


Drop Dead Deals

70 special collectible items have been created for this event, sorted into three categories: Tsum Tsum, Mickey Family (what we call Fab Five or Classic Disney Characters) and Nightmare Before Christmas.

To buy tickets, go to www.hongkongdisneyland.com/halloweenoffer.

This is actually something Dusty Sage and I were discussing in the past. I would love to see a real Disney Haunt – not gory, like Knott’s, they’re the king of that – but something really creepy and spooky, geared toward adults. You’ve got the backstory of that mysterious Halloween night at the abandoned hotel. Fictitious movie stars and directors could come back to life and interact with partygoers. There would be bars and tiny dessert stations instead of tricks and treats. A haunted National Park/campground? Boardwalk? Even Cars Land could be creepy and funny.  I’d pay for it.