Yes, I’m fully aware that we as a society spend too much time on our phones.  In fact my home state is a couple days into a new law prohibiting texting behind the wheel because some people are way too involved in their phones and not much else, including driving.  For most of us, Disney Parks time is family and friend time, and I absolutely encourage putting away the phones for the most part.  However, (you knew that was coming, right?) with My Disney Experience in full swing at Walt Disney World, the Disney Resorts offering live tweeting with Disneyland Today and WDW Today and the use of phones as cameras and, well, as phones, most guests do need ways to keep their cells juiced for the day.  Here are a few tips to help you stay connected in the parks.

#1 – Keep a Traditional Charger with You

Outlets can be found in various locations throughout the parks: in queues, restaurants, common areas, etc.  In fact, some locations offer outlets just for this purpose.  As long as you have your charger you can plug in and juice up!  Our crew automatically keeps an eye out for the elusive outlets when eating at quick service restaurants so we can refuel our phone while refueling ourselves.  Just be sure to keep an eye on your cell if you’re not right next to the outlet.  Even in Disney, things can disappear in a snap.

Stay Connected Image by Jessica Ma'ilo001

Get Park Wise: Secure charging lockers are also available so guests can lock up their charging phones and spend their time riding, shopping or noshing instead of hovering over a 3-foot cord for twenty minutes.


#2 – Use Portable Chargers

Of course, there may not always be a source of electricity when you need it, and that’s where portable chargers come in.  These were game changers for our family, especially with the introduction of the My Disney Experience app.  Whether you opt for a separate charger or choose a phone case with an internal charger, these can be great for keeping your phone working while you’re out in the parks.  When first introduced, portable chargers were a bit pricey, but I was able to snag some on a discount shopping site for $17 a pop, and we’ve used those bad boys for several years with no problems

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#3 – Turn Off Your Wi-Fi

While Wi-Fi can be a great way to cut down on data usage, letting your phone constantly search and connect/disconnect, depending on location, is a fast way to use up your battery.  Flip it on when you need it, then let it rest when you’re finished.  You’ll be glad you did when you’re trying to capture that unexpected photo op and you still have life in your phone.

Stay Connected Image by Jessica Ma'ilo003
Charging stations located near the Tangled restrooms in Magic Kingdom.

#4 – Screen Shots

This applies more to Walt Disney World and My Disney Experience use, but it’s worth noting as MyMagic+ creeps West.  The My Disney Experience app keeps up with dining reservations, FastPasses and any self-made notes you’ve added to your itinerary.  However each time you pull up the info, it drains a bit of your battery.  If you’re slightly paranoid, like yours truly, and need to check your Soarin’ time several times a day, the drain can add up.  Instead, snap a screen shot of your day’s plan so all you have to do is pull up your image, and you’re good to go.  Some may argue that the battery drain in negligible, but I can guarantee you the My Disney Experience app is a moody lady.  If she decides not play nice, it’s still a good idea to have a copy of your reservations.

Stay Connected Image by Jessica Ma'ilo004


#5 – Limit Usage

As mentioned earlier, most of us are in the parks to enjoy time with friends and family, so click a few photos, hashtag a couple of times and put the phone away.  Your party, and your battery, will thank you.

Stay Connected Image by Jessica Ma'ilo005


Those are my tips for staying connected in the parks, what are yours?



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