Disneyland is your land, if you are into rides under refurbishment that is.  No, not really, but there are a number of refurbishments happening at once inside the berm.  The park is still enjoyable though, so don’t hesitate to stop by.  What’s more, we have the most recent photos from the Earl of Sandwich construction project in Downtown Disney and we catch up on Cars Land wait times and more in Disney California Adventure – including a milestone for Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular.

In preparation for the busy Fall/Holiday season, a number of refurbishments and changes are underway.  Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, Storybook Land Canal Boats, and Casey Jr. Circus Train are all down for refurbishment.  But that’s not all;  more refurbishments are coming.  However, crowds are minimal and management is rotating the refurbs enough so as not to effect guest experience too much.

Merry Christmas Everyone
Smile!  You are being filmed.  Actually, the filming only happens at certain times in the day, not all day long.  But today they were filming spots for upcoming holiday commercials for the resort. 

The exterior of City Hall is being spruced up right now.  However, the building remains open, so you can still get your happy birthday buttons and Guest Assistance Cards.

The pizza, pasta and salad restaurant near the entrance to Space Mountain is currently closed for refurbishment.  Luckily, Tomorrowland Terrace is right across the way.

Get your last rides on classic Space Mountain by this Sunday.  It will go down Monday morning for the quick turnaround overlay of its Halloween version, Ghost Galaxy.

If you look closely, you can see the speakers used for the exterior show effects of Ghost Galaxy stationed on the abandoned Peoplemover track.

Ghost Galaxy is, without question, a fun overlay of an already great coaster. But after several years of the exact same show, it would be nice to see them adjust things, throw in a few surprises and scare us again.  New music wouldn’t hurt either, but freshened scares and a bit of pre-show theme in the queue would suffice for now.

Speaking of abandoned Peoplemover tracks, we wanted to make sure readers knew that The Peoplemover, as stated by Tony Baxter at a recent appearance, is dead.  There is no real chance of bringing the attraction back.  The ride’s return is blocked by a number of issues from modern requirements and safety codes to faulty track structure after years of neglect.   Sadly the only way to experience this attraction in a certain form, is at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  Looking at the rusted tracks while cruising above Tomorrowland on the Monorail is a depressing reminder of this once enjoyable, relaxing family attraction.

Speaking of depressing (Just kidding), the Princess Royal walk seems to maintain a healthy wait time throughout the day.  On a recent visit, the wait time board was askew.  Upon asking the Cast Member working as greeter they estimated it was 45-50 minutes.

Over in ToonTown, Benny is still missing above the entrance to Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin.  Fear not, the attraction is still open and operating just fine.

Both the Storybookland Canal Boats and the Casey Jr. Circus Train are down for “Tiny” improvements as the sign says.    They should be returning in time for the holidays, but the Disneyland website indicated they will be down at least through October.

Haunted Mansion is transforming into the perennial favorite, Haunted Mansion Holiday and will reopen on Sept 14th with the beginning of Halloween Time at the resort.

Rumors abound on the extent of refurbishment that Indiana Jones will be receiving.  Will the roof cave-in effect be renovated?  Will we see updated effects that are used in Tokyo?  How about new Indy animatronics?  The ride certainly deserved a lengthy and complete overhaul.

The Fantasy Faire Village project is trudging along.  After framing went up for a new structure, things seem to have slowed down.

The archway that faced Main Street at Coke Corner has been removed completely.  Only two trashcans cover the remaining foundations.

More upcoming refurbishments include The Sailing Ship Columbia on Sept 20th and a pending lengthy Big Thunder Mountain refurb (the date of which is still up in the air at the moment).

Many passholders are eagerly awaiting Earl of Sandwich’s arrival as an affordable new dining alternative in the resort. The much delayed project is finally showing signs of real progress with the new paint job and color scheme starting to creep across the facade and patio work out front.

A look through the open construction walls reveal substantial work on the patio out front.

The new paint job is creeping across one side of the building.

Ya know? The colors work!  Nice.

In Disney California Adventure, the summer crowds have given way to a much more enjoyable level of wait times. Unlike Disneyland where work is being conducted everywhere, there is just one construction project in DCA at the moment.  They are building a planter area to match the opposite side of the entrance gate.

One thing to take note of is that Aladdin will be celebrating its 10,000th performance on Saturday.  Can you believe that this lavish production has been staged that many times since it opened just before Tower of Terror began construction? Ten thousand performances can give you such a crick in the neck!

It wouldn’t be In the Parks without a stroll through Cars Land to check on wait times.

RSR hits a new low. . . time wise!

Thanks for taking the journey through the Disneyland resort with us.  Coming soon, In the Parks will be sharing whats new with Knott’s Halloween Haunt and the latest from Universal Studios.  Stay tuned!  There’s lots to see In the Parks!