Tokyo DisneySea Celebrates 11 Years of Theme Park Excellence

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Published on September 08, 2012 at 11:14 pm with 8 Comments

Alain Littaye is infamous for collecting gorgeous images from Disney theme parks in Europe and Asia. In honor of Tokyo DisneySea’s 11th anniversary, he presents this collection of signs and posters from this first class theme park. It’s quite obvious that the Disney Imagineers put an incredible amount of time and care into these individual works of art. ~~Rick

Tokyo Disney Sea is celebrating its 11th Anniversary – the park opened on September 4, 2001 – and since then, all the new attractions added to the park have been “over the top” with an amazing quality created by WDI Imagineers at their best.

For many, Tokyo DisneySea is considered as the best themed park in the world. I have done dozens of articles about TDS, whether it was about the WDI TDS original artwork, TDS attraction posters or night and day pictures of this beautiful park. Today, to celebrate this 11th anniversary, I am featuring the TDS signs and attractions marquees as well as other TDS posters. Of course, they all look great like everything in this park.

Special thanks to Daniel Rous for today’s images.

We start with the signs of the Mediterranean entrance, Cape Cod and the American Waterfront (where our first image is located).

Next, signs from Mysterious Island and Mermaid Lagoon.

Let’s have a look at the Arabian Coast and Lost River Delta signs.

We will end at Port Discovery and this great Aquatopia attraction poster.

Have you visited Tokyo DisneySea? Do you agree with the commonly held notion that this park is the height of Disney Imagineering’s accomplishments?

It’s also the right time to remind you about my great Tokyo Disney Sea Wallpapers app for iPhone and iPad, which is a fantastic tribute to TDS. The application includes 117 gorgeous high-definition wallpaper pictures AND will be updated with new gorgeous HD pictures in a very near future. The update will be free for those who will have previously downloaded the app. There are pictures of each “land” of the park and each picture displays beautifully on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The TDS Wallpapers HD app costs a ridiculous $1.99 on the iTunes Store, so don’t miss it!

All pictures: copyright Daniel Rous

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  • mratigan

    Aquatopia meet lugie’s flying tiers

  • jcruise86

    Thanks, Rick!

    I got to go to Tokyo Disneyland and was impressed.

    I think some Americans should investigate the least expensive flights and hotels (you can save if, like me, you don’t have claustrophobia and don’t mind tiny hotel rooms), and get a Japanese language CD and commit about 40 phrases to a guidebook or notecard assisted memory.
    and FOR ONE YEAR VISIT TOKYO INSTEAD OF WALT DISNEY WORLD. You might be more apprehensive before you go, but if you’ve never been to Asia, it’ll ignite fireworks in your brain that you’ll revisit till you die.

    One other suggestion: in Tokyo one day, do get up super early and visit that famous fish market with tuna auction. I was angry with myself, as I trudged through Tokyo streets in the pre-dawn darkness, for mindlessly following everyone’s advice, but then when I got there it was one of coolest and cleanest places I’ve ever visited.

    So to sum up: skip WDW one year & visit Tokyo.

  • Grizzly

    I have had the pleasure of visiting Tokyo DisneySea and am weeks away from my next trip.

    I can not deny that it was obvious very early on during my first day at the park that this was an entirely different level of Disney quality themeing that was have not seen in the states. It really is the most beautiful Disney theme park in the world. In that respect it is better than Disneyland.

    Disneyland, though, still has the most variety and sheer number of things to do in one single Disney park that no other has been able to catch up yet.

  • Algernon

    The Oculus Rift virtual reality 3D headset is on it’s way. You will see no screen border. It will be totally immersive and affordable. Hopefully, somebody will recreate the Disneyland of years past, and we will be able to “go” there. Then they can Coney-Islandize this one all they want. Hopefully, by the time they replace the music in the Castle with the rap version of “Wish upon a Star,” replace Peter Pan with Whoopi Goldberg’ s Roller Coaster Adventure, and put safety railings on absolutely everything, there will be someplace else to “go.”

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  • Susan Hughes

    If Tokyo Disney Sea is such a remarkable place, then why doesn’t Walt Disney World ever copy what they have over there? In theme park attendance worldwide, both Tokyo parks rank #3 and #4 behind Magic Kingdom and Disneyland. So they’re money makers for sure.
    But WDW just seems to choose the wrong projects for their parks. Fantasyland expansion…not very exciting. Avatarland…a bad idea. “The rumor” they’re copying Cars Land…a true indication of their lack of Imagineering ability.
    They should just study what works in Japan and duplicate it in Florida. I think there’s enough geographic distance, so it will all seem very original to the visitors.

    • Aotphks

      The answer to this is simple: Walt Disney World’s management team is not interested in paying up the proper amount of money to impress their guests the way Oriental Land Company seems to do at the Tokyo Disney Resort. In Tokyo, they cater more to locals and frequent repeat visitors so the experience in enhanced by the ultra lavish surroundings and much better and varied entertainment experiences, be them rides, shows and new special events every year, or even reworking annual event to keep them fresh and new for frequent visitors.
      Meanwhile at Walt Disney World, management appears to only be concerned in downgrading the quality of their offerings to the lowest denominator, intended for a crowd that is more infrequent and foreign. This allows them to do things cheaply and their demographics is not as knowledgeable about what Disney quality should be more about, hence, visitors who are content with anything Disney puts on their plate. This would explain why in Tokyo..for example, they get new parades every years and other events, while the visitors to Disney World have been seeing the same parade for over a decade, and enjoying the same events (Food/Wine, Star Wars Weekends, Flower festival, etc) with little change year after year. This has made Disney World terribly stale for some of us, who have actually experienced Tokyo Disney Resort.
      It’s all about the MONEY. Please understand it is not Disney Company investing in Tokyo. It is Oriental Land Company’s money and they spend the right money to make sure their visitors get an experience that is unmatchable among the Disney parks in the World.
      This is why you will never see the same level of quality and lavishness found at Tokyo DisneySea reproduced at Walt Disney World. Disney will never spend that much to match Tokyo Disney’s excellence for infrequent guests who just don’t know any better and that is how they get away with inferior quality each and every day.

  • Kritter

    The Walt Disney Company only manages both parks. Not a cent comes out of their wallets to build any of their park offerings. Unfair comparison to all other Disney Parks that are actually operated under WDC