Merchandise takes over Buena Vista Street and Disneyland food gets less magical

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Published on September 09, 2012 at 9:39 pm with 63 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  • pineapplewhipaddict

    The generic napkins don’t really bother me. Actually I’d prefer generic napkins over seeing the “Disney Parks” logo everywhere. But I do miss seeing the old actual Disneyland logos on things (and this is for everything, not just food service). One could even argue that the generic “hot food” bags are ok as they look retro in an odd way (and therefore could possibly fit themeing better in certain areas) but come on – the turkey legs are so popular that Disney has even devoted merchandise to its lovers. They jacked up the prices on them too…I think they deserve a little bit of a Disney touch. If it is true that a lot of things are being used as temporary placeholders before Halloweentime, then phew.

    The window displays, however, are not ok. Yes, the merchandise was not selling well partially because at first the closed doors made it look like the shops weren’t open, but let’s be real here. The merchandise that the shops are offering are overly generic. I’m a bit of a fashionista, and I love the Art of the Disney Princess line, for example – it lets me express my love of Disney, fashion and princess at the same time. And I’ve seen Disneyland Resort carry some other cool merchandise before that feels unique and special. Everything that has been added to those displays are not, in my opinion, and I’m pretty sure a lot of other people feel that same way. Out of everything the merchandise team came up with for ongoing merchandise for DCA for the re-opening, the only thing that I’ve been even slightly tempted to get is the conductor ears hat. I got 2 special opening items: the re-usable plastic drink cup and the art deco stained glass-looking pin.

    I have tons of ideas for Disney merchandise that I’m sure people would eat up. Tell me this: why in the world do ladies only get the option of purchasing a Minnie apron for aprons? If you go on etsy you can find a few sellers that make different princess aprons and they are kinda cute. Disney did release a Snow White apron as a Disney Movie Rewards reward and guess what? It sold out pretty quickly. You’d think they’d take the hint and expand upon merchandise like this that is so obviously popular.

    Imagineers SHOULD be included in merchandise discussions! Look at Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily – they design merch for the parks and ALSO designed Trader Sam’s and Soundsational. It is quality all across the board. These people are artists and this is essentially other people going in and tampering with their work. They also are creative minds that could probably come up with some amazing ideas for merchandise to sell in these new shops. All of my friends (and I) wanted to purchase those vintage-inspired fairy tale books! I would have bought one in a heartbeat! All these months later, I still can’t bring myself to purchase any of the regular BVS or Carsland merch.

    And also, if the windows are already set to look vintage, shouldn’t vintage-looking items be found in the windows if merch must be displayed there? It’s not like Disneyland Resort doesn’t carry any merch that wouldn’t look right in those windows. The current cluttered look of generic crap hurts the street’s look (it was already a little cramped to begin with, I can only imagine how this must feel in person).

    I hope that Earl of Sandwich opens soon! I’m really interested in trying them out.

    • Internitty

      I agree, if Imagineering was brought in on basic merchandising display for themed windows I am sure they would find a solution that works for everyone. I’d like to see more retro merchandise :)

  • ralzap

    Napkins might be OK, if it was an eco thing. Cups would not be good. The window theming has been going down for years. Back in the day, one of the highlights was to see the new animated scene’s based on the latest disney movie in the Emporium windows. As for not being aware of the merchandise, it is the same all over the park.

    It’s hard to find something disneyland except for a 25$ t-shirt. They did have a huanted mansion shirt out for the holiday.

    Why do they have one toy for both disneyland and disneyworld? No need to answer, I know already.

  • tomdar2

    Somehow this one didn’t get tagged right & doesn’t show up on the Dateline Disneyland page. Looks like it got tagged “Buena Vista Street” instead of “Dateline Disneyland”.

    • Thanks for pointing out this issue. We’re looking into why this article isn’t populating correctly in the Dateline Disneyland category.

  • Timekeeper

    Hmm, this is BVS’s first year, so if anything, they should have displayed their merchandise by integrating it to support it, like having a mannequin nonchalantly sit down on a chair, reading one of the books, while what looks he’s doing like laundry work, with the tee shirts piled and each one displayed on the back of each pile.


    • Timekeeper

      Also, I like the Dancing with Disney Sign much better and it’s not distracting as previous sign did, plus it has characters from the “Dance of the Hour” segment from the first Fantasia.


  • TrueBlue

    I truly hope the non-branded napkins and cups are simply a function of depletion of ordinary branded supplies prior to a switch to Halloweentime items. A napkin or beverage cup sounds basic, but each such item is part of the immersive experience people pay for. And considering the cost of that experience, there is no excuse for not having appropriately branded items. APs who visit 1-4 times a month or more may not value the difference between a printed napkin and a plain one, but a local family of four that mkaes a once-a-year trip and drops close to a grand for tickets, food and merchandise deserve better, and long-distance travelers spending even more for a multi-day stay in an on-site hotel certainly will notice such small differences. Frankly, I’m as saddened at generic “Disney Parks” products as I am at plain items. Little things like napkins are no less of a detail than the plants throughout the park, fully-functioning popcorn lighting, or ever-polite CMs answering any questions posed, and for many become souveniers of a once-in-a-lifetime memory (or even another part of a Disneyphile’s “collection”). There’s no excuse for cutting this corner.

  • disneydaft

    mmmm Periwinkle :)


    I come here for news, not complaints.

    • Sorry for disappointing, however, this blog has always been labeled as a photo update with commentary. The commentary is nothing new.

  • Kritter

    You do realize that EVERY YEAR cups, boxes etc. with Disney logo’s turn to these for Halloween and Christmas time, correct?

    • Disney does not typically exhaust a supply and go weeks or months without custom products. They usually have adequate supply until the switch and then the items no longer in use are used backstage until supply is exhausted. Napkins have been blanks since late June, at least. Explain that.

  • FredSimmons

    It’s disgusting that the money-changers have already desecrated the Buena Vista Street windows.

    That’s something I would expect from Knott’s, or some lesser amusement park, but not from Disney.

  • HeeHee

    The recent window displays at Disneyland alone turn my stomach, and now they have RUINED Buena Vista Street as well. Between the horrid LED Christmas tree lights and the complete lack of charm of the window displays, I will not be renewing my families premium passes, why would I, when I can go to any other amusement park and see cheap plastic landfill fodder for a lot less…a LOT less. I did not squawk at the higher prices for the passes because I still felt as though there was value due to the rich experience you get at a Disney park, the layers in which they theme, and seemingly care about the guest being charmed and immersed into different time periods or places…but now it looks like a Toys r Us at a strip mall and its effect is completely embarrassing. The folks in charge of window displays really need to be reminded of their very important role in making Disneyland a place of charm, and the higher-ups that asked them to destroy the window displays should be doing something else besides ruining the icon of the company that pays their salary. Signed, over it….seriously over it.

  • Esmeralda

    My family is not on Twitter, but we would still like to comment on the very poor taste in the change of window decoration on Buena Vista Street. I was so excited to show them to my baby boy when we visit for his very first time next year! It would have been even better if they offered the unique items in the windows for sale.

    Does anyone have an address where we could write a letter?

  • Jenniferb

    So disappointed in the plain napkins and cups. We go only once a year to Disneyland, from Texas, when you are unpacking and find a couple of napkins with Disneyland stamped all over it, it does take you back to that magical place you were so sad to leave! Hope it’s only temporary!