As I write this, I’m sitting at home under the weather.  While is stinks to be sick anywhere, there’s something a little extra unmagical about being sick on vacation at the Most Magical Place on Earth.  Luckily, you’re not completely out of luck if you come down with something during your time at Walt Disney World.  Here are a few tips in case you find yourself with a cold in the Kingdom.

An ounce of prevention…

The best defense is a good offense, so be sure you’re staying healthy, hydrated and as germ-free as possible. Stress can definitely take a toll on your immune system and make you more susceptible to colds, so relax! You’re on vacation! It may be tempting to give in to all of those sugar-laden yet magically calorie-free treats (wink, wink) around every corner, but remember to drink plenty of water and load up on some of the good-for-you stuff, too. Finally, keep sanitizer or antibacterial wipes on hand. Just remember that everything you touch, millions of other people have touched before you.


If you end up with the sniffles

I always keep a package of cough drops, bottle of ibuprofen and some DayQuil in my travel bag so we are prepared just in case something pops up during our trip.  However, if you’re staying at Walt Disney World resort hotel, the hotel gift shops are pretty well stocked with an array of illness fighting, pain-relieving products.  Swing by the gift shop (or send one of your livelier travel partners) to see if they have what you need to get to feeling better.  The park First Aid stations and Baby Care Centers also have an assortment of items, as well, should you find yourself under the weather while in the parks.

At Magic Kingdom’s Baby Care Center
At Magic Kingdom’s Baby Care Center

Get Park Wise: If you’re traveling alone or just aren’t feeling up to getting out of bed, don’t hesitate to contact the front desk of your hotel.  One member of our party spent the day in bed due to an oncoming cold, and the concierge actually brought a few items to make her more comfortable. At the very least, they can let you know what is available in the gift shop.

At the Beach Club Marketplace
At the Beach Club Marketplace

So, you’re full-blown sick

If things have taken a turn for the worse, there are several clinics near Walt Disney World. If you’re inside a park, head to first aid. They can work on getting you to a facility and even set up transportation. If you’re at the hotel, contact the front desk. Walt Disney World will typically refer guests to CentraCare urgent care centers, which accept several insurance plans.


Get Park Wise: Be a magical citizen! Do you not go to the parks if you’re sick. You’ll feel awful out in the crowds, and no one else wants your germs. Do everyone a favor and stay in bed and until you feel better!

Have you even been sick at Walt Disney World?  What was your course of action?



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