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If you’re like me, then when you hear someone say something about Indiana Jones, you pay attention. I’ve loved the movies since I was a kid, but total disclosure: I’m not obsessed. I think a lot of people, when they heard that Disney Springs had a new Indiana Jones themed bar, wondered who Jock Lindsey is? (if you knew who it was, congrats btw, you’re an Indiana Jones super fan!)

Once you learned that Jock is the guy in the movies that flies Indiana Jones around, and oh yeah, he’s got a pet snake named Reggie, you remember that lovely moment in the movie and your mind starts to spin the tale before you even read the official backstory, which you can read in the Pilot’s Log Book (menu)

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Obviously, this Jock guy, is an airplane expert and obviously he had some kind of Hangar at a Springs in Florida and obviously business was slow so it became a bar. Obviously, it makes total sense. He’s a friend of Indy’s so OBVIOUSLY he’s got some artifacts right? I mean, the backstory writes itself.

In all seriousness, I applaud Disney for taking a teeny concept theme like this minor character, and running with it. I mean they could have just let any generic bar open up shop! But what we got is an immersive bar, based on an (IMO) underutilized property Disney happens to own. Let’s Explore!


The outside is meant to look like a hangar. A place that houses planes. And it does, with it’s sloped roof and dirty glass panes.


Inside, it’s intimate. If there is space you will be near someone else, most likely. But it is rich with details.

Even the legal stuff is themed. And Yes, they text you when your table is ready. I love this feature.

The left side is booths and tables built out of an old airplane interior.

The left side is booths and tables built out of an old airplane interior.


The Right side is the bar and it DENSE with details.

The right side is the bar and it DENSE with details. Do you recognize some of these props from the movies?

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There is a small hallway where the bathrooms are and this is filled with all kinds of throwbacks.

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The back of the bar houses a few more private sections.


In the left corner is a map themed nook.


The shelves are filled to the brim with things you ought to recognize.


To the right, is a large Diving Bell that you and your larger party can sit in. It’s one of the coolest seating areas in the bar.


There is also a full diver suit featured above the bell.


The bar is just crammed full of rich details. I spent quite awhile looking in all the nooks and crannies.







While there are lots of amazing details, my favorite detail is this old ice machine.


It looks like it’s just a prop. But it’s ALIVE! Every so often it fires up, and bubbles come out of the tank of water and the parts move and after all that work, it spits out a single piece of ice! HA! As if we could all imagine living in a time where ice was that rare!! I really love immersive details like this.




Above the entrance you might recognize this guy:


And this turned around Hula lamp amused me.




Also above the entrance you’ll see Jock’s pet snake Reggie. Well, you won’t actually see him. See he’s missing. Apparently. Because the top is off, and there is no snake inside. The servers all seemed nervous, but said he’d turn up eventually!


As you explore the outside of the bar, you’ll find another bar.


You’ll also find a large river boat that has built in booths and tables. Appropriately named: Reggie




It has a lovely view of The Boathouse next door:


In the back, they have lovely metal tables right on the water. The themeing is lighter out here, but it isn’t without it’s charms, like a radio in the corner and lovely views of Saratoga Springs and Disney Springs







The lanterns that sit on the table provide a nice ambiance. Even the tables appear to be made of scrap metal.


Another cool thing: The coasters are *Collectable*. They change every so often. I asked our server for as many as he was allowed to give me, and he gave me 1.

Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for! THE ALCOHOL FOOD AND ALCOHOL DRINKS. We didn’t order everything, but we got a large variety of the menu to sample. The food is appetizer fare and the drinks are fun and refreshing. Let’s “dive in”.

First Drinks:

Reggie's Revenge
Reggie’s Revenge

“Sour bite drink with citrus flavors” Comes with souvenir stirrer! Inside they have a large container of it!


Wrong Island
Wrong Island

“Like a long island but with more of a kick”

Cool Headed Monkey
Cool Headed Monkey

“Very sweet, and refreshing”

Anything Goes
Anything Goes

“Cosmopolitan Feel, very bitter”

Fountain of Youth
Fountain of Youth

Margarita feel, but very light and refreshing

Non- Alcoholic: Diving Bell
Non- Alcoholic: Diving Bell

“Perfectly sweet lemonade with foam top”

Now, onto the foods:

Good Dates
Good Dates

“Almonds and dates filled with cinnamon goat cheese. We thought it would be gross, but it was REALLY GOOD.”

Lao Che's Revenge
Lao Che’s Revenge

“Sweet and Spicy with sesame top, similar to sticky wings at Disney’s Polynesian Resort”

Tanis Tacos
Tanis Tacos

“Basic Falafel Taco, bread is like a Chalupa from Taco Bell”

Air Pirates Pretzels
Air Pirates Pretzels

“Everything Pretzels (mind the seeds) Great taste, mustard is super spicy, but delicious! Beer cheese fondue is stellar. Lots of flavor.”

Dr. Elsa's Deviled Eggs
Dr. Elsa’s Deviled Eggs

“Deviled Eggs, crab gives it a nice kick”

Snack of Ra
Snack of Ra

“Very fresh! Comes with Naan. Features a chick pea hummus and curry flavors in the chicken with a spicy kick”

Snack of Ra - Breads
Snack of Ra – Breads
Snack of Ra - Top
Snack of Ra – Top

And can we talk about the cute place settings? The napkins are mechanic rags!


All in all I really enjoyed my trip to the Hangar. It’s great to see Disney invest in niche themes. I can see myself and my friends visiting here on most visits to Downtown Disney, if only to try a different drink from the vast menu (and collect the souvenir cups, once they get them in.)

Thanks to MiceChat for welcoming me to the family, I can’t wait to share Disney By Steph and all my visuals of theme park goodies with all of you!!

Does Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar look like a place you’d visit? Anything on your Disney bucket list to eat or drink? Comment here and tell me on twitter! @DisneyBySteph