Halloween preparation is underway at Universal Orlando while the Resort is in full construction mode with future blockbuster attractions and theme park improvements. Even with the construction, popular seasonal events including Halloween Horror Nights and holiday events are on their way, with a new offering rumored to be coming soon.

Universal Studios Rock the Universe

This past weekend (September 6 & 7), Universal Orlando held their Christian music festival “Rock the Universe!” With the event tents moved from their normal location, they face 57th Street in front of TWISTER. While construction continues, we can anticipate that this will be the new location for these temporary venues for Halloween Horror Nights, Christmas and Mardi Gras

Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween haunts Universal Studios as construction on the houses for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights continue to take shape and as theming takes to the streets! We begin to get a feel for this year’s event, which sadly, due to construction, seems very minimal.


Construction on the former Sound Stage 44 site is continuing at a breakneck pace. Photography of the site is extremely difficult, due to Universal being very proactive about preventing photographs. We can see that excavation has been completed and that almost all of the foundation walls have been created The steel is being brought in on giant truck loads to build a massive foundation, for what is sure to be a massive show building.

Harry Potter 2.0 Going Vertical

This past week marked the point when the Wizarding World 2.0 went vertical! This building is going to be humongous and since it is in the back corner of the old Amity lot, we can assume that this will be the show building for the future attraction that will be here.

Also, themeing of the London waterfront is getting finished up; it should be only a matter of weeks before take down the temporary dam.

Simpson’s Midway Games

Over at the Simpson’s work, is continuing at a fast pace to get the Midway games installed. You can see that a simple wall will separate the queue from the back of the games. The midway games should add a good amount of energy to the front of the Simpson’s Ride and really bring this part of the park to life.

Building 72 To Be Demolished

This past week we discovered that a building permit has been filed to demolish building 72. Building 72 consists of the Qwiki Mart, International Food and Film Festival and the bathrooms facing Animal Actors Live. While we may not know what the plan is—the permits are vague—we have heard rumors that there might be some more Springfield inspired venues on the way. Possible sparked by the awesome numbers coming in from the newly opened Spongebob Storepants store.

General Improvements at the Studios

Park wide we’ve continued to see little improvements here and there.This says, to me, that Universal really cares about improving every aspect of the park.

New Food Booth by Despicable Me

A new Dip N’ Dots venue was just installed by Despicable Me, giving a dead corner a little bit more life.

New Trees by Despicable Me

The old square tress from last year are gone and have now been replaced with these smaller trees with red berries.

Bathrooms by Guest Services Refurb

The bathrooms outside the main turnstiles and next to Guest Services are being refurbished.

Islands of Adventure

Next door, Islands of Adventure has a few projects of their own.

Hogwarts Express Construction

The Lost Continent is in the middle of a retail shuffle, as the construction walls for the Hogwarts Express have expanded. Frozen Desert, the fortune teller, and some of the other 3rd party vendors have closed or moved to new locations. We’re beginning to get a glimpse of just how big the new station for the Hogwarts Express is going to be.


PYQ Construction

Over in CityWalk, PYQ is getting close to completion, as the exterior has been completed, and now just work on the interior seems to be all that is left.

Until next week, see you in the parks!