Welcome to our weekly Disney news round-up! This week we take a look at the various refurbishments underway at Disneyland as its newly re-launched sister park gets some upsetting changes to its new Buena Vista Street area. In Florida, news has hit that Epcot‘s long-shuttered Wonders of Life Pavilion is now slated for “selective demolition.” Meanwhile, MiceAge columnist Kevin Yee takes a look at new details at the Magic Kingdom‘s New Fantasyland expansion. And in Japan, Tokyo Disneyland is taking guests to “Spookyville” with an all-new parade for the 2012 Halloween season. Join us as we round up all the latest Disney news!

Did 1.3 Billion Bring Charm and Positive Personality to DCA? AKA my Aug 2012 Trip to DL, DCA, Universal, and Warner Brothers
brings us a photo tour of all things new at DCA and Disneyland, with a stop at Universal Studios Hollywood, too!

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The smell of pumpkin and gingerbread is in the air, and Halloweentime arrives at the Disneyland Resort this coming Friday! Ursula and Fantasmic suffer the loss of her two hench-eels, then let us know about your favorite Cozy Cone Food or Beverage Item! We also take a look at several of the new attractions at the Disneyland resort, and ask which you like best! ~ Aladdin

Half Marathon Weekend and New Camera Gear!
llamaboy has a few phenomenal photos from their recent Disneyland trip! Check out the photos here!

1956 Southern California Views
OldHotelGuy returns with more vintage photos of the BRAND NEW Disneyland Hotel, from 1956!

Aladdin’s 10,000th Performance!
Aladdin celebrated it’s 10,000th performance in DCA’s Hyperion Theater, this past Saturday. Congratulations to all involved in this show, over the years! Look here for a few photos, and even a short video from Saturday!

Whee!-Ticket DLR Favorites. Get ‘er Rated!
Ride Warrior wants to know which newer attraction at the Disneyland Resort is at the top of your list. Vote in the poll now!

Update on fantasmic Eels
sdn has word that Ursula’s eels in Fantasmic, Flotsam and Jetski are no more. Tell us what you think about their demise, and what you would like to see in place of them!

Favorite Cone Item 
lunarsongbird asks what your favorite Cozy Cone food, snack or beverage is. Tell us your Cone of choice!

BVS ALREADY becoming ‘unthemed!’
JCSkipr79 asks about Buena Vista Street atmosphere, and why Disneyland Merchandise is ruining the newly themed entry area of DCA. Read more here!

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Walt Disney World

Some questions, comments, and observations of interest in this week’s roundup include a permit filed for some demolition of a long gone wonder. – Yoyoflamingo

‘Selective demolition’ for Wonders of Life pavilion
A recent bit of news making the rounds today involves a permit filed for ‘selective demolition’ of the long gone, yet building still there Wonders of Life. Could this mean Body Wars and Cranium Command will never see the light of day? While there seemed little hope, this somewhat cements that idea…

Seeking WDW Hotel Advice
For a infrequent guest who won’t be back to Walt Disney World in quite some time, what hotel would be worth exploring to book? That’s the question mrtomsmith needs to know the answer to. Help him out to make the best of his upcoming trip!

Anyone else Auditioning for the Disney College Program for WDW Sping 2013?
It’s the time for College Program threads to start popping up, so whether you are new to the program, trying out, and alumni reliving past experiences, or just curious take a look at the threads we have about the program.

An open letter to foamers like me.
A must read for everyone. While you may not agree with the sentiment, it’s a great starting point for a discussion about who exactly is Walt Disney World targeted towards, and who should embrace, defend, or ignore it?

IT’S TIME FOR DISNEY HISTORY! – Jeff and George show off their mad skillz when they talk about games starring Mickey Mouse! GEORGE’S BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George looks at the Art of Walt Disney World! WINDOW OF THE WEEK! – Jeff tells us more about Owen Pope and where to find his unique window! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! – And finally, find out what Mickey uses to clean his home in this week’s Five Legged Goat!

MiceChatter Sarah gives some great news and info around Dapper Day at Disneyland.

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Disney Trolls Youtube to promote Disney Cruises?
You be the judge. englanddg thinks you’ll won’t watch the entire 10 minutes.

Halloween Street ‘Welcome to Spookyville’ Parade 2012
Toyko Disneyland has started a Halloween Special Event Parade called ‘Welcome to Spookyville.’ DuffyDaisuli shares a video of the performance from papaMICKEYokwy.

Halloween Daydream!!!
Toyko DisneySea’s Halloween offering is a carnival and celebration called ‘A Halloween Daydream.’ DuffyDaisuli shares a video of the performance from papaMICKEYokwy.

elecTRONica 2.0?
DreamImagineCreate has shared an article explaining a new offering for Tommorowland – Party Zone. So is Electronica coming to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Walking Dead: Dead inside maze walkthrough with John Murdy and Chris Williams
Our own Fishbulb was among those invited to preview a new maze for Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights. Watch out for spoilers!

First time at Universal Horror Nights
It’s hard to believe it the Haunting Season already. DreamsofColor is going to be going to Universal’s Horror Nights this year for the first time. So do you have any tips or suggestions to get the most out of Horror Nights? And, if you haven’t been, you might want to check this out.

New Fantasyland Castle Wall: A Closer Look
New Fantasyland is gearing up at Walt Disney World, with unannounced random test previews now occurring daily for the Beauty and the Beast meet and greet. These aren’t “soft openings” where you can reasonably hope…

Al Lutz – A Tale of Two Parks, Disneyland Update.

Disneyland Resort heads into the Dog Days of summer working under a radically changed set of operating philosophies, with the success of Cars Land and the re-launched DCA turning on its head a decade worth of assumptions how visitors to the resort will use the property. In this update we’ll fill you in on exactly what is going on with overall resort.

Merchandise takes over Buena Vista Street and Disneyland food gets less magical
The good views along Buena Vista Street were bombarded with Disney merchandise this week as Disneyland’s merchandise department went into the beautiful period-specific window displays and added mannequins and piles of theme park merchandise in…

Dateline Walt Disney World

Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! Today, we will have some news on Magic Kingdom construction in New Fantasyland and a look at Epcot‘s Food and Wine Festival preparation. Let’s get started! Welcome to…

From the Mouth of the Mouse
Before we get into the interview today, I just wanted to say thank you to all of the wonderful folks here at MiceChat. This column marks the one year anniversary of my writing for MiceChat,…

Mickey’s House in Mickey’s Toontown is more than just a meet and greet for the Head Cheese. It is designed to show you a slice of Mickey’s life through the furnishings, decorations and the items…

In the Parks
Disneyland is your land, if you are into rides under refurbishment that is.  No, not really, but there are a number of refurbishments happening at once inside the berm.  The park is still enjoyable though,…

Orlando Parkhopper

Halloween preparation is underway at Universal Orlando while the Resort is in full construction mode with future blockbuster attractions and theme park improvements. Even with the construction, popular seasonal events including Halloween Horror Nights and…


Even though it only opened in late May of this year, Disney’s Art of Animation resort is fast becoming one of the most popular resorts on property, and with good reason! Excellent theming, rooms that…


One of the great things about Disneyland is pulling back the various layers of history concentrated in such a small site. Disney historian Jeff Kurtti noted that if you are able to frequently visit the…

Tokyo DisneySea Celebrates 11 Years of Theme Park Excellence
Alain Littaye is infamous for collecting gorgeous images from Disney theme parks in Europe and Asia. In honor of Tokyo DisneySea’s 11th anniversary, he presents this collection of signs and posters from this first class…

More of Vancouver’s Pacific National Exhibition
Last week, BC_DisneyGeek took us on a little trip to Vancouver’s Pacific National Exhibition. This is a Canadian version of a state fair in the U.S. Here’s part two of a day at the PNE.…

Six Flags Great Adventure Merger Forms World’s Largest Theme Park
Since we published the first part of our photo essay on Six Flags Great Adventure, park management has announced a very bold move. They will merge the Six Flags Great Adventure park with the Wild…

Neverland Pool
Werner Weiss looks at the Neverland Pool that was at the Disneyland Resort. Themed with Peter Pan in mind, did the pool fly away to the second star on the right because it didn’t match…

The 626
Horizons was a much beloved attraction at EPCOT during the 1980s and 90s. Though it opened a year after the Park did, it was hailed as the pinnacle of EPCOT attractions, showcasing just the right…

This Animatronic Life

Animatronics wizard, Garner Holt, takes us for a journey into the world of Disney parades. You’ll likely be surprised by just how difficult and complex it is to create magic in the streets!

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