Happy New Year’s Eve to one and all! If you’re staying home, I hope you have a fun and comfy night, if you’re out, I hope you have a fun and festive one, and if you’re in any kind of medical, fire, law enforcement or emergency services on duty, I hope you are bored to tears with nothing to do all night and into the morning.

The Best Way to Ring in the New Year!

Ring in 2016 with MiceChat!
MiceChat will ring in 2016 at Disneyland this year with meet-ups throughout the day in both parks. For more information on the MiceChat New Year’s Eve meet-ups, click here.
With so many of our members telling us that they are opting to give up the last two weeks of the year on their Annual Passes next year, we thought we should give a final New Year’s Eve celebration to all of you. Our plans will take us to both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. We hope you can join us!

  • Morning — Stop by Disney California Adventure in the morning on your way to the noon meet-up to pick up a Fastpass for World of Color’s midnight show.
  • 12 Noon — MiceChat Meet-Up in Disneyland. Partners Statue in the Central Plaza.
  • 12:30 p.m. — Lunch at Rancho del Zocalo in Frontierland.
  • Afternoon — Migrate over to Disney California Adventure once Disneyland becomes too busy.
  • 4 p.m. — Golden Vine Winery Meet-Up, near the Blue Sky Cellar.
  • 7 p.m. — Dinner in Paradise Garden Grill patio followed by drinks at one of Disney California Adventure’s bars.
  • 11 p.m. — Migrate to Paradise Bay viewing area for World of Color New Year’s Eve Countdown.
  • After Midnight — Dance the remainder of the night away at the Diamond Mad T Party

We look forward to celebrating in both parks with you this year! Be sure to share this event and RSVP on Facebook!


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Disneyland for New Year’s Eve: What You Need to Know


Our own Andy Castro over at Dateline Disneyland has put over a heck of a great guide to New Year’s Eve at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Here’s a link! 

Legoland: KNYE Comes Early for the Little Ones

Legoland’s annual KNYE (Kids’ New Year’s Eve) is a great idea – all of the new year celebrating, but a few hours earlier so kids can party like it’s 2016 but still get to bed before the late night crankies arrive. This year is no exception and there’s a lot to do for families with younger children. During the day, they’ll be able to meet Holiday Buddy, Toy Soldier, and Emmet and Wyldstyle from The Lego Movie along with some other friends in Heartlake City. Live entertainment includes The Not-It’s!, The Dirty Sock Monkeys and Lucky Diaz and the Family Time Jazz Band. At 5PM in Funtown, there will be a Holiday Lights show called “Winter Nights” and at 6PM families can ring in the new year in two different spots: with a countdown in Heartlake City or a Brick Drop in Miniland. Celebratory fireworks will herald the end of the party and the old year – at least for the smaller set.


Tickets and Information HERE

Knott’s Merry New Year’s Eve-nt

Knott’s Merry Farm, the wonderful Holiday Season event, continues into the new year, but New Year’s Eve adds some special touches, but with no extra admission cost:

  • Jumpin’ Joz Band and Memories Swing Dancers invite guests to jump and jive to the sounds of Jumpin’ Joz. Join them on the dance floor and boogie into the New Year. Guests have the opportunity to learn a few moves from expert swing dancers.
  • THE REFLEXX is the best 80’s new wave cover band, performing songs from bands such as: Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Tears for Fears, New Order, A-Ha, The Cure, Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls, Devo, and more.
  • DJ Howly’s eclectic mix of high energy music will transform Calico Square into the ultimate dance party where guests can also get a great view of the Midnight Fireworks Spectacular. (Fab: He also performed nights during the Boysenberry Festival! Go see him!)
  • Family friendly Clean Comedian®, Taylor Hughes, brings his hilarious comedy, magic and fun audience interaction to Wagon Camp.
  • Midnight Fireworks Spectacular bring in the New Year with a bang. Look to the western skies for an aerial fireworks display that will amaze. And don’t miss the spectacular countdown to midnight on the Sky Cabin tower. Instead of a ball dropping, the cabin rises, and when it reaches the top, everything lights up and fireworks explode!


A New Year’s Eve celebration is not complete without a delicious meal. The New Year’s Eve buffet in Spurs Restaurant will be served from 4pm-9pm; prices are $34.99+tax for adults and $18.99+ tax for kids (3-11).

Universal Hollywood Lifts Blackouts for Day, Closed for Night

No matter what kind of Annual Pass you have for Universal Hollywood, all blackout days are lifted for the New Year’s holiday weekend – but there’s one caveat: you’ll have to go elsewhere for your countdown and holiday fireworks. Is it because, according to a little owl, VVIPs are celebrating in the nearly-completed (at least on the outside) Hogsmeade? Divination is one of the most imprecise branches of magic.


Downtown Disney


Call the dining number on Andy’s post to find out about all of the special dinner packages. If you just want to rock in the new year, you have one thing going on at Downtown Disney, and that’s Jack’s Mannequin on their 10 Years in Transit tour at House of Blues Anaheim.Tickets are $45.00. You can get in a little early if you buy dinner. I suggest the pulled pork or the fried chicken. Noe likes the burger with the cheese inside it. Juicy Lucy?

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Taking Pinterest in Downtown Disney

John McClintock, Disney Public Relations CM and one of the sweetest people on earth, noted that there’s some really cool stuff that Disney’s been putting on Pinterest for Downtown Disney (among other things); now that they’re the *only* Downtown Disney, it’s a little easier for me to differentiate. Check out this adorable infographic – click on it for the link.


If you do The Pinterest Thing (I DO, but always forget to update it.) Here’s the Downtown Disney Board!

DCL Starts Early on New Year’s Resolution

Disney Cruise Line has started giving their used cooking oil to waste management in Nassau, The Bahamas. Not big news, right? Well, actually, it is. It’s not being tossed into a landfill – they’re using the cooking oil to fuel their fleet of vehicles! Way to be a good global citizen, DCL!

I predict that within a decade, DCL ships will be running entirely on green fuel – heck, maybe its own waste oil and other products!


A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Today

I told you about Disney Research earlier this year, the Walt-MAPO-E.P.C.O.T.-ish part of the Disney Company that doesn’t even appear on its website contact page, but is doing all the cool futuristic stuff that Walt wanted to do toward the end of his life? Bob Iger quietly brought that back and now they’re doing some really cool stuff. Yes, the toy/cloth printing thing was cool, but I mean COOL cool. How about a vehicle that rolls up walls? Without a track, I mean? I. Want. To. Go. On. That. Ride. 

There are other practical uses as well. I want to go on that ride, though. It’s called VertiGo and it doesn’t just go up the wall, it rolls on the floor, translates to the wall and rolls up the wall without assistance and I really want to go on that ride. VertiGo-a-Wall-Climbing-Robot-including-Ground-Wall-Transitionn-Image-1024x624

Tell me you don’t want to ride this when it’s full-size:

 Staying Home?

If you’re feeling sentimental, check out some old toons. Awesome Human Being and fellow Tiki, Disney and Adventurers’ Club fan Lancelot Falk has worked on some cool stuff, but getting to work on The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest SEASON TWO (Not Season One, this is important) in the 1990s was a dream come true. Finally, literally YESTERDAY, it went on sale for the first time.

Click on above link or picture to go to Amazon.

Do yourself a favor. Just go to the page and read the comments from those who worked on it. Priceless lessons in animation history there, as gripping as Waking Sleeping Beauty and Dream on Silly Dreamer in their own scale. Lesson? It happens everywhere. More important lesson? There are people out there who still care and are passionate about the art of animation. And that gives me hope for the future.

So far we’ve seen Disney carrying on new research into incredible inventions that might have far-reaching impact in the real world and fun-reaching impact in their theme parks (I want to ride it.), moving toward a better future by turning waste oil into inexpensive, cleaner-burning fuel, looked at the example of someone’s childhood fandom becoming their labor of love, and that passion for doing things right overcoming the destruction of a classic animation style and story. Plus fireworks!

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Speaking of which, I hope your future is bright and happy. I will see you next year!

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