Hello everyone, today’s article is dedicated to the the recently departed and well loved Disneyland Paris show, Animagique.

A final look at Animagique – article and photos by Max Fan of DLP Welcome.

Animagique was a unique black light spectacle which ran approximately 17 minutes in length. To give you a better idea of the show, here’s a performance we filmed and edited on January 31, 2016.

Sunday, January 31, a big part of the Walt Disney Studios Park was closed. After 14 years of good and loyal service, Animagique closed its doors permanently.

This show of rare quality, was truly unique and well suited for a family audience. The show played tribute to the art of cinema, particularly animation. At the opening of the park on march 16, 2002, the show featured Donald Duck looking for new ideas in the Cinémathèque. He traveled between clips of Dumbo, the jungle book, Pinocchio and the Lion King. However, that same year, the show was redesigned, replacing the passage of Pinocchio with the Little Mermaid and energizing the music of the show. The redesign was a success.

Here’s the final performance of Animagique, including a nostalgic farewell:

In total Animagique was viewed by 17 million visitors during 29,000 shows inside studio 3.

Animagique marquee

Animagique Night Shot

Animagique final cast photo
And the final cast photo. We are sorry to see this wonderful show end, but look forward to Mickey’s new show to follow.


Today, the show teams prepare “Mickey and the Magician” which should debut in the same space on July 2, 2016

Mickey and the Magician
Concept art for Mickey and the Magician

On this rainy day, there were no signs of change in the park. Though, we did decide to take shelter for a bit inside 1, where you’ll find shopping and dining.

Studio 1

Inside Studio 1

Inside Studio 1

Inside Studio 1

Inside Studio 1

Inside Studio 1
Inside Studio 1

Inside Studio 1

Inside Studio 1

Inside Studio 1

Then we took a quick romp through the park in the rain. Just like in the US parks, a little rain can do a lot to wash out the crowds.
















It’s dark and rainy, time to say farewell

Thank you for reading. We hope to see you again real soon!

Article and photos by Max Fan of DLP Welcome.