HersheyPark started as an area where Hershey employees could relax and eat lunch. Over time, attractions were added, including a roller coaster in 1923. Unfortunately, the park itself experienced a roller coaster ride of popularity and suffered from neglect in the 50’s and 60’s. In the early 70’s, the park received some tender loving care from its namesake corporate owner and exists today as a credible family theme park.

Monorail Man, CaptPhoebus and Sir Clinksalot visited HersheyPark as a part of their summer theme park trek. ~~Rick

Monorail Man, Captain Phoebus and Sir Clinksalot continue their epic coaster trip this week at HersheyPark.

Prior to heading into the park guests are greeted with Chocolate World and Tudor Square.

Tudor Square contains some shops and a Dunkin’ Donuts

Upon entering the park, guests are greeted by a statue of Milton Hershey

The parks newest coaster SkyRush is located in Comet Hollow


The ride is blended into Comet Hollow and with the 66 year old Comet very well.

The rides setting over the water adds even more thrill


The ride is very twisty

The great thing about Hersheypark is it truly is a “Traditional” amusement park and not all about the coasters. The popular Flyers:

Zoo America is also included in admission to the park

The Kissing Tower gives a great view of the park, just make sure you have somebody to kiss.

The windows are all shaped like Hershey kisses

One of our personal favorite rides was the traditional Whip

Monorail Man and Sir Clinksalot’s son enjoying the Whip

The park has a great blend of modern and traditional coasters.

Great Bear is the parks inverted steel coaster, seen here with the parks Sky Ride

The classic Comet


Next week we will continue our look at Hersheypark including the rest of the coasters, the included Waterpark and of course Chocolate World!!

  • Bongo

    Very incredible story. Hopefully, the park will last for many years to come, adding generation upon generation of things to come.

  • ChrisFL

    I love Hersheypark, its doing well for becoming a huge coaster park, it maintains its family friendly atmosphere and still has plenty to do for non-coaster fans.

  • JesterMn

    Love HersheyPark. I didn’t know they had a Whip, and I was just there! Where is it located? Also glad I got a ride of RollerSoaker before it’s rumored to be removed.

    A bit surprised there were no pics from the World of Chocolate.

    The only main problem I had with Hershey was their Fast Track system. It’s $50, which is more or less in line with other parks that charge for this sort of thing… BUT Roller Soaker and Skyrush are excluded, and you can only ride the remaining coasters ONE time. It’s just a card that the employees basically punch out. There were specific time windows for each ride, which scared me at first–did I really have to go on the ride at the appointed times?–but fortunately, no one seemed to be enforcing that aspect at all.

    While I can possibly understand not including low capacity or extremely popular rides, then at least give me unlimited rides on the rest of them. Or charge a lot less. The system as set up now is very overpriced.

    • ChrisFL

      The Whip is located on the far left side of the park, next to Lightning Racer and the ferris wheel

    • Gregg Condon

      We will be covering Chocolate World and the rest of the park next week. 😀

  • animatronic

    I grew up close to Hershey Park and went there every summer when I was a kid. My first roller coaster ride was on the Comet. It brings back so many fond memories of family trips. Thank you for the update! Maybe my partner and I can visit during our next family visit to the east coast.

  • Timekeeper

    Never been there, have heard of it, but never been there. It looks “Tasty” and “Yummy” for a theme park’s color scheme, being various shades of chocolate. 😉


  • bakhuizen

    and don’t forget that the entire town – including Hesheypark – smells like chocolate!!!!

  • ghosty4

    One hundred and FIVE years, or so they give themselves credit for.

  • MrTour

    I love Hershey Park! They have some great roller coasters, but that is not what the park is all about! Hershey has kept it’s charm be remaining a true family theme park. There is something for everyone there. Cedar Fair and Knott’s could learn something from Hershey!

    I love Roller Soaker!

    “It’s the milk chocolate!”

  • partyhare

    I went to Hershey Park over Labor Day Weekend. It is a great park with incredible coasters and other rides too. It was actually the first amusement I went to when I was 4 months old and I have been back many times since.
    The entertainment is also excellent there ( well, maybe not the sea lion show), and I love that if you buy a ticket for one day, you can preview the park for free for a couple of hours the prior night. Definite recommend to anyone themeparking in the Northeast USA!