Hello everyone, today we’ll take a quick visit to Disneyland Paris, where spring is already in bloom.  – Max DLP Welcome

Banners promoting the Disneyland Paris mobile application have been installed.



At the entrance of the park and the Disneyland hotel, the pavement of the central part of Fantasia Gardens is still under renovation.



A surprise in Town Square, where the streetlights are now decorated . There is also the return of the Mary Poppins topiaries.



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New spring banners have been installed on Main Street streetlamps.










Character Easter eggs have been installed throughout the park (these appear to be from or inspired by ones from Tokyo Disneyland)

Main Street :







Fantasyland, in front of the closed Peter Pan ride (under refurbishment until July 8, 2016.):



Central Plaza topiaries starring Tinker Bell:





In Adventureland, refurbishment on Adventure Isle and Cabane des Robinson continues until September 9, 2016.







In Frontierland, the work continues on Big Thunder Mountain with the cleaning of the rocks (showing their true colors). The refurbishment is currently planned to last through December 16, 2016.











The gray areas on the map are currently under refurbishment. Of course, all of this is necessary to get ready for the 25th anniversary of the park in 2017. But with so much of the park closed, there are surely some disappointed guests at the moment.



With the arrival of the new show “The Forest of Enchantment,” Cottonwood Creek Ranch has been transformed into an area forested with many trees. The Cowboy Cookout Barbecue restaurant and the Thunder Mesa depot of the Disneyland Railroad are now covered in camouflage scaffolding.









“The Forest of Enchantment: a musical adventure” is an ice show. When you enter, the forest decorations are initially surprising. Although, the space where the dancers perform on stage is relatively small, because of the scenery (some of which is held over from the “Frozen” show which previously ran here).

The show opens with a musical theme and a master of ceremonies. A troupe of dancers joins in the fun.
However, the introduction of the show is too long and my mind began to wander to the scenery. Familiar Disney characters and their stories unfold, as well as the return of Pocahontas after 17 years. The Tarzan passage recalls the show “Tarzan Encounter” which played from 1998 to 2012. The colorful costumes evoke elements of nature and support the theme of the show in a forest, moving, and multiple colors.

The show will run from February 10 to May 8, 2016.



Photography wasn’t allowed during the show, so we don’t have much to show you yet. We hope to have more for you from the new show soon.
At the end of the show the cottages, which were used for the village of Arendelle, now offer delicacies :-61 -62 -63

Thank you for reading. We’ll be back again soon with more from Disneyland Paris.