Disney will begin serving alcohol in the Magic Kingdom with the expansion of Fantasyland at Disney World. Controversial to be sure. In other news, Halloween Time has begun at the Disney Parks and we have firsthand pics from the Disneyland Resort.  There is also buzz about the Polynesian resort getting a refurbishment. And, has Disney finally stepped in to save Disneyland Paris? And Al Lutz brings some VERY bad news about upcoming changes to the Disneyland Resort’s Christmas traditions. And not to leave you with bad news, we’ve arranged a very special hotel rate for your last minute travels to Halloween at Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. Now, on to all of the interesting discussions and Disney news . . .

My Trip to SoCal (Sept 8th-14th)
CritterCountryGirl and her family travel from Portland, to see Disneyland, Radiator Springs, and even stop at Universal Studios!
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Halloweentime has arrived at the Disneyland Resort, and we have the information on what has been added.  We also take a look at years gone by,  and also take a close look at something that has changed at Disneyland’s central hub! ~ Aladdin

09/15/2012 – HalloweenTime – 1st look HMH, Carnival, Frankenweenie, misc. stuff
Ron W has photos and even videos of much of the Halloween additions at both Disneyland and DCA!
The Art of Frankenweenie Exhit at DCA
Right Ear has a video of the Frankenweenie exhibit that is being held in the Animation Lobby, as part of Halloweentime at the Disneyland Resort. If you want to see the regular Animation Lobby, you will have to wait until after this exhibit moves on.
Disneyland Old Photos and Ephemera
Regions Beyond brings us several photos of Disneyland from years gone by, and Davelandweb also contributes several old photos, too! See the Matterhorn and Sub Lagoon under construction, and take a look at Aunt Jemima’s Restaurant!
The ‘Partners’ statue base is a different color and texture now
orbitalpunk brings to our attention a change to the base of the Walt and Mickey statue in Disneyland! Take a look here at its new color and surface!

Who else hates seeing this during a parade?
just does not like Tow Trucks in the parades, what do you feel on the topic? Does it detract or a necessary evil for when those darn parade floats just do not want to cooperate.

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Epcot 30th Anniversary FREE MiceQuest – Sept 29, 2012
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Sip and Nibble at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival – Sept 30, 2012
Enjoy a leisurely stroll around World Showcase with your favorite MiceChatters, sampling the food and wine offerings of Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival along the way. You will be given a lanyard with a marker attached so that you can record your progress as you tour the world of food and drink! Guests who desire to partake of the adult beverages will also be given a small glass to conveniently share “sips” during our journey.  Come spend some quality time with other foodies and the best online Disney community on Earth! To reserve your place at this year’s Sip & Nibble event purchase your ticket today for just $3.99. Please click through for full event details.

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Walt Disney World

This week gives us one of the biggest stories to hit Walt Disney World since the Fantasyland addition was announced – in addition to Be Our Guest opening soon, there will be a first for American Magic Kingdom style parks – the addition of alcohol. In addition to that HUGE story, we have the beginning of a Polynesian renovation, a rumor about princesses, and some questions about Halloween merchandise. All this and more in the Walt Disney World forums this week! ~yoyoflamingo 

Belle’s Enchanted Mirror – How it works and the secrets behind the magic
Flynnibus shows us video of Disney ‘magic’ in its attractions, and in one of the newest opening in the fall of 2012, is Enchanted Tales with Belle. Part of this attraction is a magic mirror that transforms from a mirror to a door guests walk through.

Vacant show buildings, vacant buildings, and attractions that need to be closed
KingEric started a unique topic on the vacant building that are no longer being used by Walt Disney World, what areas do you feel need to have a looking into?

Great Movie Ride Update
PerrySimon put on his Imagineering hat and asks a great question on what updates YOU would like to see in the great movie ride attraction.

WDW Halloween merch question
So, bkeyes19 wonders about specific merchandise sold at Walt Disney World for Halloween. Bring the hat or buy it there. Can anyone help out?

Princesses to look like CP look
A recent rumor floating around is a change coming to Disney Princesses in the Parks. Will the new look be a deal breaker or a welcome addition? Share your thoughts on the look of these iconic characters here.

Permit filed for Poly room renovation
In recent news, the beginnings of a major overhaul to the Polynesian resort looks to be coming sooner rather than later. A recent permit lists the beginnings of room renovations. How much more is coming – including DVC? Check out the info here.

Last sacred cow slaughtered. Booze in MK
So, everyone by now has heard the news of alcohol (beer and wine) being served for dinner at the new Be Our Guest restaurant. Is everyone making a bigger deal about it than it needs to be?

IT’S TIME FOR DISNEY HISTORY! – George and Jeff ch-ch-ch-chug along and talk about the steam trains of the Disney Parks! GEORGE’S BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George (and Jeff) look at the recently released Poster Art Of Disney Parks book…spoiler alert, it’s amazing! 60 SECOND REVIEW! – Jeff and George listen and rock out to Big Bang Boom’s new CD, ‘Because I Said So.’ You should buy it, because THEY say so! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! – And finally, the France Pavilion at EPCOT is where this week’s Five Legged Goat lies!

MiceChatter Sarah gives some great tips, live from Disneyland!

Join us for lots of Disney magic on: magic247live.com!

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Breaking: The Walt Disney Company loans 1,3 billion to Eurodisney
Michielv has reported that Walt Disney Company has loaned money to Disneyland Paris, we all had suspected it was already in progress but now here is the full press release!

Tokyo DisneySea Photos
From across the pond Shelemm posted some great photos from Tokyo Disney Sea, enjoy!

My assorted attractions photos (sideshow weirdness, roadside attractions, etc).
RegionsBeyond shares a collection of photos from lesser-known tourist attractions and amusing sights.

Can you please send me a postcard? It does not have to be Disney
OogieBoogie is seeking your help for his nephew, do you love sending postcards? Then this thread is just for you!

Al Lutz says the Party is Over at Disneyland
As the wildly successful summer of 2012 quickly morphs into the next peak season dubbed HalloweenTime, both parks had a scant two weeks when things slowed down a bit before the crowds rushed back to…

New Fantasyland Castle Wall: A Closer Look
New Fantasyland is gearing up at Walt Disney World, with unannounced random test previews now occurring daily for the Beauty and the Beast meet and greet. These aren’t “soft openings” where you can reasonably hope…

Buena Vista Street gets cleaned up as Halloween Time haunts Disneyland
Halloween Time has arrived at Disneyland with the return of popular attractions including Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. New this year is the Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch, featuring carnival games…

Dateline Walt Disney World
Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! This week, we’ll take a look at the Magic Kingdom as it celebrates the Halloween season as New Fantasyland construction continues. We’ll also hop over to Epcot to…

April Travels Along The Storybook Land Canal
While visiting Disneyland last summer for the first time in over 20 years, I finally had an opportunity to ride one of the opening day attractions that I’ve been dying to see forever: the Storybook…

Review: Poster Art of the Disney Parks
It’s rare that Disney releases a book that completely galvanizes everyone’s attention months before its release. The last book to even come close was Walt Disney Imagineering from 2010. When Poster Art of the Disney Parks…

Sneak Peek At Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights
The lineup for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood skews to movies.  Mostly the terrifying kind.  This year, the classic horror film Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), and the wildly popular film and video game…

Orlando Parkhopper

Halloween preparation is underway at Universal Orlando while the Resort is in full construction mode with future blockbuster attractions and theme park improvements. Even with the construction, popular seasonal events including Halloween Horror Nights and…

Eating Cheap at Disney World: How Low Can You Go?
I write a lot about Disney restaurants and the dining plan, but the truth is, they’re not necessarily in everyone’s budget. And even if you’re on the dining plan, you’ll still have out of pocket expenses you’ll…

The Samland Grabbag of Disneyland Stories
One of the great things about Disneyland is pulling back the various layers of history concentrated in such a small site. Disney historian Jeff Kurtti noted that if you are able to frequently visit the…

Scott Weinger: The Voice of Aladdin
SCOTT WEINGER, THE VOICE OF ALADDIN By Scarlett Stahl Writing for different print and internet publications, I have had the pleasure of meeting numerous Disney personalities and making other contacts. This has led to my…

HersheyPark Endures After 100 Years
HersheyPark started as an area where Hershey employees could relax and eat lunch. Over time, attractions were added, including a roller coaster in 1923. Unfortunately, the park itself experienced a roller coaster ride of popularity…

Disney’s Doorway to Dreams
Werner Weiss, our faithful steward of Disney long gone, shares a side trip to the Disney Vacation Club Doorway to Dreams store in Schaumburg, Illinois. When Disney shut down this Doorway to Dreams, did it signal a change…

The 626
Horizons was a much beloved attraction at EPCOT during the 1980s and 90s. Though it opened a year after the Park did, it was hailed as the pinnacle of EPCOT attractions, showcasing just the right…

Garner Holt’s Top 10 Animatronics
Howdy everyone, and welcome to a fun little interlude here at This Animatronic Life.  Thanks to everyone for their great comments and questions about my last article, all about GHP’s parade work.  Answers will be…

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