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Published on September 22, 2012 at 1:04 am with 3 Comments

JEFF: For those of you who watch Communicore Weekly, you know of the fantastic musical bumpers we have on the show. Those bumpers were created by Andre Taylor and Steve Williard, both of whom are musical geniuses. Aside from their CW duties, Steve is the lead singer of Big Bang Boom, a band from North Carolina that has just recently released their new CD “Because I Said So.” And it is awesome.

GEORGE: Jeff does not over-exaggerate! I’ve known Andy forever (he is my little brother) and I was fortunate to play in a band in college with Steve and Andrew. Since the beginning of Communicore Weekly, we knew that we wanted to do something different; talking to Andrew and Steve, they offered to create the themes and bumpers. Big Bang Boom has been playing all over the country for the past few years. As Jeff mentioned, Steve is the lead singer. Chuck Folds plays bass and sings; Eddie Walker plays drums and sings. Andrew stepped in to help with recording and post-production work. Big Bang Boom often gets classified as kids’ rock until you hear them or see them perform live.

JEFF: Big Bang Boom has what I like to call “The Phineas and Ferb Effect,” where their songs are written for kids, but everyone can enjoy them as well. Each song is catchier than the last, and you’ll be tapping your feet along to them in no time. My personal favorite of the bunch is “Bicycle,” while is pretty much the same way I learned how to ride a bike as a kid!

GEORGE: When you listen to the music, you realize how intelligent andcatchy the songs are. The verses are well-constructed and every chorus will have you singing along. For those of us of a certain age, the music has an early REM feel to it. And honestly, if you’re caught listening to the CD at work, you won’t be embarrassed–there are no purple dinosaurs or big red cars.

JEFF: Even if there were purple dinosaurs, the music is that good that your co-workers would be singing along too. For those of you who may be taking a long road trip with your kids (to Walt Disney World, right?), this CD may just be the perfect blend of music to satisfy everyone in the car. In fact, here’s their music video for the song “Make Me.” I dare you to tell me it’s not something your family can enjoy together!

GEORGE: The whole CD is a fun listen. Hippie Mom, Green Light and Make Me are the standout favorites. And if you ever get the chance to see them perform live–do not miss it!

JEFF: Bottom line, if you enjoy great, catchy music, get this CD. You won’t regret it!

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  • mratigan

    Is it on itunes

  • Dusty Sage

    This is a really fun band. I love the work they’ve done for Communicore Weekly. They remind me a bit of They Might Be Giants.

    Looking forward to meeting he guys at the Communicore Weekly Live event at Epcot next weekend!!!