Hi all! A little this and that from around the globe, but let’s start close to home with someone we love.

An Evening With Floyd

Our own Dusty Sage is helping produce a very special event which honors Disney animation Legend Floyd Norman. Ticket sales benefit a nonprofit which is making an animated nature film called Frances the Fish. So, it’s truly an animated evening. This is one of those rare opportunities to see and meet the legends of Animation, be entertained, have a cocktails, peruse the fun items at silent auction and help a worthy arts charity all at the same time. And if you are reluctant because you think you won’t know anyone, dozens of fellow MiceChatters have already signed up, so you won’t be alone. Do it, you won’t regret it!

Get tickets HERE

Animation Mega Merger

Speaking of animation, Comcast has just acquired Dreamworks Animation in a 3.8 Billion dollar deal. That will be great news for Comcast’s NBC/Universal division as it gives the parks a huge portfolio of characters and stories to capitalize on, including mega-franchises: Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon and Madagascar. I’ll keep an eye on this one and I’m sure we’ll be hearing lots more about Universal’s plans for Dreamworks Animation soon.

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Huge Expansion Plans Announced for Tokyo Parks

In case you didn’t read Dusty’s awesome update yesterday

The Oriental Land Company announced sweeping improvements to infrastructure, cast management and new attractions, shows, restaurants, shops and other developments at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort. What was also interesting was what they did not mention  –  namely, the prior-discussed Arendelle port for Tokyo DisneySea.

tdl beast area


New Fantasyland seems to have morphed into an entirely Beauty and the Beast themed area, with The Little Mermaid remaining in her lagoon at Tokyo DisneySea. Instead, the Beast’s Castle will be home to a highly-themed attraction based on the film. I’m beyond happy to say that Imagineer Christopher Merritt, whom we met when he co-authored the Pacific Ocean Park book (he also wrote Knott’s Preserved) is working on the attraction, so I have no doubt it will be excellent.



So, no Be Our Guest? What instead? Gaston’s, but I’m sure it will be a much more immersive dining experience than the small tavern (which I love) at Walt Disney World. In fact, it’s slated to be a full-size restaurant, so keep your eyes open for more information in the future.


Also on tap is a beautiful new theater venue that brings Fantasyland’s enchanted forest indoors.

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Tomorrowland is losing their version of Autopia and Star Jets for a Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree-type ride based on Big Hero 6, which is called “Baymax” over there. As you’ve probably heard, there will be multiple flavored popcorn available. Try the curry one. Trust me on this.


Soarin’ has been enjoyed by guests at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, and now guests will be able to experience a version of the simulator attraction when it opens at Mediterranean Harbor inside Tokyo DisneySea. This popular ride will include original scenes and new visual images, as it is, as eagle-eyed MiceChat reader Steve noticed, a riff on the inventive genius of a certain artist and his flying machines.

Reminds me slightly of The Little Mermaid ride building at DCA.
They’re only removing some greenery for the attraction. Mediterranean Harbor has always been beautiful but a little sleepy. This should definitely wake things up a bit.


How adorable is the art for the Meet Minnie in Toontown concept?


Cast member development plans (“Human Wealth” – How much do you LOVE that phrase?)  and maintenance of current environments at both Parks are also being carried through, and Oriental Land will enhance its processes to educate and train employees in an effort to continue providing best-in-class guest service. In English: Black Tuesday never happened in Tokyo. DDD and WDI never merged. They’re still doing things the way Dick Nunis taught them in 1980 and it’s still monstrously successful for them.

And this isn’t all; there’s more to come – maybe that port, maybe not. Possibly more hotels, or redressing of hotels into more heavy theming. Whatever they do, they don’t do halfway, they don’t cut corners and they don’t do on the cheap, so it’s going to be good.

Chevrolet Cruze Tron: Legacy Show Car in China

Auto China 2016 in Beijing is one of the biggest auto shows on Earth, and the one thing everyone’s talking about there is actually based on an American movie that came out in 2011. However, it’s generating great buzz for Chevy and for Disney, as Shanghai Disneyland is weeks from opening and Chevrolet is sponsoring the thrilling Tron Lightcycle Power Run. Here’s a look at the Chevrolet Cruze Tron: Legacy Show Car:


Chevrolet Cruze Show Car Inspired by Disney Film TRON: Legacy

Chevrolet Cruze Show Car Inspired by Disney Film TRON: Legacy

Chevrolet Cruze Show Car Inspired by Disney Film TRON: Legacy

Meanwhile, China Eastern Air has painted some of their fleet to celebrate the upcoming opening of Shanghai Disneyland. Ugh, I have a stupid business meeting to go to…oh hey, the flight attendant gave me a Mickey Mouse! Cool!



Last Chance for Food & Wine & ART at DCA!!!


Steve Adams

“During the production of Pinocchio, to assist the animators, model makers made prop versions of Geppetto’s woodcarvings. This style of woodcarving is still practiced today in the Erzgebirge region of Germany. Walt Disney loved and collected these miniatures; some of his collection can be seen in his office at the Walt Disney Studios.”

“We collect these woodcarvings, too,” says Lisa Dare, Adams’ wife. “We have traveled to Seiffen in the Erzgebirge. That’s where the traditional Christmas nutcrackers were invented.”

Steve designs and themes stores throughout the Disneyland Resort.  He has worked for Disney since 1996, illustrating software for Disney Interactive, contributing store concepts to Imagineering, designing murals and sculpts for international flagship Disney Stores, and creating pins, big figs, and figurines for Disney Consumer Products, Enesco, and Lenox.  He enjoys both the technical and aesthetic aspects of design.  For the art and collectible section of the World of Disney, Steve designed the themed lighting, fixtures, and murals.  He integrated a variety of details and materials, paying tribute to beloved Disney characters and feature films.

Magic MusicMagicMusic

Available as Original Art, Limited Edition (95) Giclee and Deluxe Print. Prices vary.


Jeremy Fulton

Walt Disney Imagineer Jeremy Fulton began his career as a Disneyland attractions host at the age of 17. (Mansion, naturally) Since joining Walt Disney Imagineering, he’s designed everything from Madame Leota’s spell book to Rolly Crump’s dedication window. Jeremy’s interests include fanciful Victorian lettering, trains, dinosaurs and of course the Haunted Mansion! (He’s one of us. Come buy his stuff. Fab.) 

From Destination D in 2011. Anyone remember the origin of the little spell in the middle?
From Destination D in 2011. Anyone remember the origin of the little spell in the middle?

Here’s what he’ll have this weekend: (oooh!)

New Orleans Square
Available as Original Art, Limited Edition (95) Giclee and Deluxe Print. Prices vary.

Brian Kesinger

So, this is how dumb I am. I didn’t know that Tea Girls Brian Kesinger was the same as Annie award-winning story artist for Walt Disney Animation Studios Brian Kesinger. I know, it’s such a common name. He’s been there for almost 20 years, working on stuff from Tarzan to Moana, and I just kind of assumed the Walking Your Octopus dude was 27 and had a handlebar moustache. And now he’s doing stuff with Marvel Comics and all of my happiest dreams have come true. Please do more stuff like this:


reykesinger background Brian-Kesinger-осьминог-Otto-and-Victoria-deviantartcom-524333

Here’s what he’s going to be signing. Remember! You can make a purchase when the shop opens and come back to have it signed if you have your heart set on having the original or a certain number.

Dead Men Tell No Tales


A Pirate’s Life for Me


These pieces along with “We Want the Red Head” will be available in the following formats: Original Art, Limited Edition Giclee and Deluxe Print. Sizes and prices vary.

"I am excited to use art to help provide hope in a broken and hurting world."
“I am excited to use art to help provide hope in a broken and hurting world.”~ Noah


I hear the most wonderful things about Noah, because my husband Noe is an artist who does Disney art and it’s pronounced the same way, and sometimes people will get mixed up and I set them straight. Fortunately, NoAH is as wonderful a human being as he is an artist. I love getting to meet and talk to him, and you will too!

Starting his business www.noahfineart.com at the age of sixteen, selling his art door to door on a bike, Noah Elias grew his creativity to working with notable brands including Disney. Noah’s work can be seen in Disney Theme Parks, aboard Disney Cruise Line and Online. Through www.noahuniversity.com Noah mentors creatives, helping them discover their unique story, build their brand and gain their audience for impact and income. Noah uses story and creativity to bring hope to the world. Visit noahfineart.com. And DO NOT MISS the Monday Mentor section of the site, especially if you’re an artist, but the lessons therein are very, very useful even if you are NOT an artist – honest. It’s helped me a lot with my writing and getting through illness. 

Ariel’s Innocence
(Concept Shown. Actual image may vary)


My Pet… You Are My Last Hope
(Concept Shown. Actual image may vary)


 These images along with “Man’s Best Friend” will be available in the following formats: Original Art, Limited Edition (95) Giclee and Deluxe Print. Prices vary.


Mark Jason Page

I’ve seen his work and love it, but know absolutely nothing else about him other than that  his art is very beautiful. I look forward to meeting him this Sunday and seeing his work.

Mark Jason Page graduated from the Art Center in Pasadena, California in 1997. Upon graduating, Mark was hired by Walt Disney Imagineering where he worked for two years before venturing out to explore the film and animation industries. In 2006, Mark once again returned to Imagineering where he now works as a Creative Design Lead.

Captain Hook’s Steam Powered Jolly Roger
Available as Original Art, Limited Edition (95) Giclee and Deluxe Print.



Photo by Noe Valladolid

Javier Soto

Born in San Fernando, California, Javier Soto was an artist from the start. From a young age he was immersed in art classes and programs that have guided him to where he is today. Javier has worked on countless movie sets as a prototype Illustrator, Paint Prototyper and Sculptor and has work closely with many of the actors and filmmakers, assisting with digital film scans.  On the side Javier has created art prototypes, real-life scan full figures as well custom Vinylmation™ figures and working for one of the Largest Animatronics Company, Garner Holt Production’s as a SR Dimensional Creative. Seriously, his stuff is AMAZING, and he’s really cool. Plus, check out what he’s bringing to the table this weekend and get ready to just. die.

Jungle Cruise Boat Sculpture (with striped awning, by the way, says Fab) I can’t see if it has a name plate…? (It does: “Congo Queen” !



So, essentially, the last weekend is another group of artists for me and my ilk, which I’m thinking might be you, to lose our collective mind over. Because wow. Any one of these, wow. Meeting all of them will probably result in a hangover or at least I’ll be really relaxed and in a great mood all the rest of the week. Great art has that effect on me. You can find them all at DCA’s Off The Page in Hollywood Land this weekend!

Gumball Time is Almost Here!

And when it comes, it brings tired feet! And good cheer! So, grab your best friend or family member and sign up right now. You’ve been saying that you’ve wanted to do this for years, just do it already!

Sign Up HERE

The Gumball Rally is a competition to see who can ride the most attractions at Disneyland in a single day. Yes, it’s all about the love of your happy place. Challenging but divine. More Information Here!

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