This week we take a look at where the younglings go at rope drop, who that woman is with the lightsaber, possible Star Wars Rides and where all that dirt is going backstage. We’ll also share Disneyland’s plans for Star Wars Day, May the 4th.

May The 4th


Disney Parks are celebrating with a new Force For Change campaign. Starting May 4th, Rogue One shirts will be available with twenty-five percent of the sales going to UNICEF.

R1 Shirts

Disneyland has some special plans for the holiday. A fan favorite episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Shroud of Darkness” will screen in the Tomorrowland Theater. 6pm at the Galactic Grill, there will be a fan celebration with Star Wars Trivia and special surprises.

Look for other exciting news to pop up as part of the celebration. One thing to expect is the release of a new book called “Bloodlines” that tells Leia’s story after Return Of The Jedi. The early buzz is strong!

ML Bloodlines

Rope Drop Priorities

When the rope drops for the early arrivals on Main Street to fan out into Disneyland, priorities become apparent. The current priority for many is to head straight for Hyperspace Mountain before the lines get long and to get a Fastpass for later.

HSM Line DL 1

HSM Line DL 2

While others may head to Fantasyland, Indy, Splash or Matterhorn, Hyperspace seems to be the must-see attraction at the moment.



Jedi Training: Trials Of The Temple

Another passionate group of park guests rush to the area around Autopia Fast Pass distribution to pre-register and get a spot for the Jedi Training (where kids ages 4 to 12 get a chance to learn to use a lightsaber and fight against the dark side in a 20-minute show in front of the Tomorrowland Galactic Grill).

JT Line DL 1

JT Line DL 2

These lines stretch around Star Wars Launch Bay, which delays opening of that attraction until 10:30 am.

JT Line DL 3

JT Line DL 4

Parents line up to sign up for a spot and time. There are 36 spots in 6 shows throughout the day. The younglings return 15 minutes before showtime, don the traditional Jedi robes, and head to class.

JT Show 1

Once in their spots, the Jedi candidates learn a few key Jedi moves.

JT Show 2

Then the Younglings collectively use the force to raise the Jedi Temple from the stage.

JT Show 3

The Temple challenges the Padawans to face their fears, which come in the form of Darth Vader and the Seventh Sister.

JT Show 4

From there, each of the Jedi Younglings duel with one of the villains.

JT Show 5

JT Show 6

JT Show 7

Where was this when I was a kid?

It’s tremendously entertaining watching the kids take a stab at fighting the Dark Side after only a brief lesson. Check the Entertainment Times Guide for show times. But if you want your youngling to participate, sign up early, registration fills up fast!

Who is the Seventh Sister?


The Seventh Sister is a new character in the Star Wars universe introduced in the Disney XD animated series “Star Wars Rebels”. While she is not a Sith Lord, she is Force-Sensitive and helped the Empire hunt down the Jedi after the Clone Wars.

In the series, Sarah Michelle Gellar, who once played Buffy The Vampire Slayer on TV, voices her. She is also married to Freddie Prince Jr., who does the voice of Kanan on the Show.

Retro Disneyland/Star Wars Merchandise

Some new merchandise arrived at the Starcade this week. Disneyland rides throughout the park re-imagined for Star Wars on T-shirts, glasses and coffee mugs!

SW Merch 1

SW Merch 2

SW Merch 3

SW Merch 4

Star Wars Land Continues To Evolve


No blasting yet…but things are moving very fast behind Big Thunder Mountain.


The jackhammers were busy this week right outside the wall surrounding Hungry Bear Restaurant.



And the Cat Scrapers that showed up last week were hard at work moving a lot of dirt backstage as the last set of buildings in the area started to come down.





May The 4th Be With You! How will you celebrate Star Wars Day?