If you didn’t stick to the nice, safe blue milk when celebrating May the Fourth yesterday, then today you’ll probably be feeling Revenge of the Fifth. And remember, Mexican Independence Day is in SEPTEMBER.

MiceAge Makes the News

So, I’m checking out Facebook, minding my own business (and everyone else’s that’s on my wall, naturally), and what do I see trending? Guardians of the Galaxy. “Disney may swap ‘Twilight Zone’ ride to one based on movie, report says.” clickety-click-click.

The theme of the Tower of Terror at Disney’s Anaheim park would change to the “Galaxy” story, reports Micechat. The ride could open in May 2017 with the release of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.”
Movie Pilot and i09 and a bunch of other big places picked it up, and a couple of them even remembered to mention MiceChat! My ex-husband and dear pal (no, really!) Jim Hill even stepped into the fray: (Paraphrasing: “No way, man!”) I loved that i09’s comments section immediately devolved into a couple dozen posts about how much everyone missed Horizons. Because it was ONLY the best Disney attraction EVER.
Since I remember that many Disney fans were saying that bringing the Twilight Zone into Disney Parks was sacrilege and that the Tower of Terror had nothing to do with Disney and that Walt would be rolling in his grave at the thought of it, I’m actually fine with the change. The Twilight Zone thing was fun, but wasn’t very Disney, and as long as Mark Silverman can do a good Howard the Duck (oh please please please please please please, maybe where the dummy is now!), no voice actors will be harmed in the making of this layover. I’d actually been hoping for the Tokyo DisneySea version, but this will do very nicely.

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Jerrod Maruyama and Fab Art at WonderGround May 7

The King of Cute, The Sultan of Sweet, The Emperor of Adorable, Jerrod Maruyama is doing a special artist signing at WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.

He’ll be signing “Some Imagination”:


And “The Dark Side and The Light”


I’ll be in wine country visiting the parents Saturday, but I’m definitely going to pick this one up. That’s a beautiful Kylo Ren right there. I had to rest out May the Fourth due to health stuff, so this will make up for it.

Jerrod’s the only artist sure-for-sure doing signings on the 7th, but there are other exclusive releases that day at WonderGround:

Michelle Romo of Crowded Teeth Studio

Self. Taught. You have no excuses. Look at her beautiful work! She’s amazing! Cute, with a primitive edge, she works with both 2D and 3D mediums. This isn’t her first Disney rodeo, and I certainly hope it isn’t her last.




Jared Andrew Schorr

Jared is doing a show with Jerrod later this month; they’re collaborating on a salute to Miyazaki! His work has been seen in galleries, magazines, books, and post-its, among a ton of other things. I was happily surprised to learn he was the artist who did the great Ramones paper art last month.

Jared Andrew Schorr The Jungle Patrol Web


Sorry, this is all they had for images.

Joe Yakovetic

Joe is a good friend of MiceChat and a wonderful, sweet person. He’s also one of the most talented human beings on earth, and one of those talents is that of mentor to many artists and performers who adore him. His work can be seen in art, books, film, with Disney Interactive, even on pumpkins! I challenge you to find an area of Disney that his craftsmanship hasn’t touched in some way or other in a positive way.

Joe Yakovetic Peter and Tink Web

Joe Yakovetic The Elegant Captain Hook Web

Again, sorry, this is all I could find. Sorry the images are so small.

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See Floyd, Help Ficticious Fishes



A Nightcap with #TeamCap

Did you know about this at the El Capitan Theatre?


They really should make more of a selling point of this. I don’t drink alcohol but I think it might be nice for a date night or even for the non-driving parent for one of the family events.

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