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This week will see the long awaited debut of Shanghai Disneyland. Much has been written about the financial impact Shanghai has had on the Disneyland & Walt Disney World resorts. Labor cutbacks, late open/ early closing of both attractions and restaurants. We will keep you up to date as this resort is unveiled to the world and the continued impact to other Disney Parks.
Birth of a New Disney Theme Park

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

A Theme Park Designer Look at Shanghai Disneyland

Please enjoy some thoughts on Shanghai Disneyland from theme park designers who were able to visit during “Trial Operations” of the newest Disney park. Several attractions were not operating at the time (Roaring Rapids) and some were only operating sporadically (Voyage to the Crystal Grotto). And while this is not a traditional photo report or review, we think you’ll find this early look at Shanghai Disneyland interesting. It also gives a very good sense of how to set your expectations for this fledgling Disney park. By nature, these folks are going to be a bit more critical of the experience than the average guest. It’s their job to create magic spaces and they view all themed experiences through a different lens.

Disney Float at LA Pride Parade

A little something different this week, In the wake of the very sad news and massive loss of life in Orlando this week, we thought we’d show our support of the Gay community by visiting LA’s Pride Parade. The Walt Disney Company entered a wonderful float which had a theme of Celebrating all Families, this included a cast of at least 100 or more. They even had a choreographed dance number and Hayden Byerly from the Fosters joining in and waving to the onlookers.

You could feel the support and love the entire cast had during their parade march down the streets of West Hollywood.

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

All Things Disneyland

Disneyland has a variety of construction projects, at various stages surrounding the entire resort.  The newest project, a 4th Disneyland Hotel for Anaheim was just announced this week.  We also look at the most recent activity surrounding the Pumbaa parking lot/structure.  We also wonder about one of the oldest structures at Disneyland that recently disappeared.  ~ Aladdin

 MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Any news on the new parking structure?
The Pumbaa Parking lot and surrounding land has long been planned to be the home for a large parking structure for Disneyland Resort guests. silentabomb asks for the current status on this project. Take a look here and find out when some of the final structures on this land could be ready, to be cleared!

Going, going, going, gone? (Natures Wonderland Arch)
One of the remaining rock structures from Nature’s Wonderland, initially appeared to be preserved, while Star Wars land clearing began. Sadly, the Arch has disappeared altogether, but was it preserved? Will we see it return when the scenery around the north part of Rivers of America is rebuilt?

New hotel?
Yes, it’s true. Disneyland has announced plans for it’s 4th hotel. This will be a 4 star hotel, that will be built on the current Downtown Disney parking lot. Unfortunately, from the conceptual images of this new project, all of the magic is lost, as this hotel has no theme at all!  This project also contains a parking structure for Downtown Disney.Tell us what you think!

Off Shore Parks & Resorts

As the official opening of Shanghai Disneyland grows closer, more news and speculation is coming out. – DLandFansAZ

 MiceChat Disney News Roundup

A close-up look at Shanghai Disneyland: the biggest Disney Park ever
An interesting article that looks at the size of the new Shanghai Disneyland.

Shanghai Disneyland launches with Disney characters, distinctly Chinese flavor
The Shanghai Disneyland gives plenty of nods to its host nation by mixing classic Disney with Chinese customs and architecture.

Will Shanghai Disneyland’s lengthy lines send tourists to Hong Kong instead?
An article explains the lines during trial run, so hulkbox is wondering if Shanghai will repeat the long lines of Tokyo.

Podcasts & Videos

The MiceChat boys share their latest madcap MiceChat Podcast, Listen in as Dusty, Doug and friends visit the lavish opening gala for Universal Studios Hollywood’s new Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Along the way we dish the dirt on all the latest gossip from Disneyland, Disney World and the troubled Shanghai Disneyland project. Plus, we ride the World-famous Universal Studios Tram Tour, and run into Arthur Levine all sorts of folks you know and love in the Wizarding World. The guys are recording a new show now, so listen to this one soon.

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Mousetalgia: This week, the Team Mousetalgia doctor is in to dispense a little therapy related to Disney’s latest crop of live action films. For various reasons, we haven’t been hitting every film on opening weekend lately and we ask why. Kristen skipped Jungle Book, Jeff skipped Alice (along with most everyone else), and Becky skipped Zootopia, so we check in with each other to find out what we look for in Disney releases to give us the incentive to get to the theater. Then, Jeff reviews the forthcoming book “Disney Parks Presents The Haunted Mansion,” a gorgeous art book masquerading as a children’s read-along. Plus – AP holders can get popcorn and drink refills for a buck for a limited time, and Becky breaks down the costs and we weigh in with our concerns. Is it really a valuable addition to the passholder experience? We’ll report and you can decide.

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The SweepSpot: In this episode we have the latest in the Disneyland Resort Current Events, an interview with Ted from Disneyana to discuss the upcoming Disneyana Convention in July, and Ken returns back from Walt Disney World to tell us all about his trip. For show notes and our book Cleaning the Kingdom go to www.thesweepspot.com !

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Column Round-Up

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Summer and Star Wars continue at Disneyland
News slows to a trickle as the summer heats up and crowds continue to hit the parks. While most refurbishment projects are done for the season, Disneyland’s massive 14-acre Star Wars expansion project continues in full force. We’ll catch you up on the latest Star Wars construction this week and a few odds-n-ends around Disneyland and Downtown Disney.

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