After a successful opening of the new coaster, Manta, and the closure of the much loved Cirque de la Mer show, SeaWorld has calmed down into normal Fall traffic patterns. We return to the lovely seaside park in San Diego to catch up on what is currently going on and what will be coming in the near future.


Is it just me, or is the entrance begging for a remodel?

SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular Invades 

One of the most popular events at SeaWorld – for the younger demographic – has to be the Halloween Spooktacular. You can obviously tell by this photo that this event is mainly for very young kids.

At the entrance, you are greeted by a loveable, inflatable octopus. What big eyes you got there.

There are also two “hidden” (wink wink) bubble machines on both sides of the octomom…I mean octopus. Whoops. SeaWorld sure has some great gardening skills. New orange, red, yellow, and purple flowers have been planted all over the park.

Here are some of the yellow flowers with the orange and red behind them. Isn’t it just purrrrty!

Various tents have also been set up in the entrance plaza, which will be boardwalk style games.

Something else has been constructed across from the inflatable octopus…but we have no idea what it is. Any guesses folks? And no, it’s probably not a maze filled with zombies equipped with chainsaws. Don’t get your hopes up!

It is a great event for kids and will take place on weekends, starting on September 29 until October 28. Additional attractions will include a new SeaLion and Otter Show and a new 4D movie.We will be covering this more in detail in a future update.

Sea Otter Awareness Week
This week, SeaWorld is celebrating Sea Otter Awareness Week.

Have you become aware of the Sea Otter?

Let’s take a look at landscaping around the park. First up: the “we’ve been waiting a long time to see improvements at Manta” project. There have been some improvements here, but now that I look at it, I’m kinda getting the feeling that it should be this way. Don’t you?

Green has also popped up on the entrance rock.

Speaking of green, it seems that green is starting to evolve in the pool. Where is maintenance???

Yes folks. We’re still in Manta. As you further along the path, you will notice a considerable amount of more GREEN!

 The improvement is quite major.

Thank goodness that things are finally looking more verdant around Manta.  It only took all Summer, but it’s coming.

The flamingo lagoon is also looking a lot better in terms of landscaping.

[The Untitled New Show at Bayside Stadium] Construction.
Now to the part I know you’ve all been waiting for…the construction at Cirque Stadium Bayside Stadium. If this is the first SeaWorld San Diego update you’re reading, let me set you up to date.

In August, SeaWorld announced that, after an astonishing twelve year run, Cirque De La Mer would be closing on August 12 to make way for an “exciting” new show in 2013. Here is a looksee around the place…

The trampoline wall set is being stripped and torn down.

The balloons have gone – like they do every year.

The two structures on both sides of the stadium are still up…

…and the logo is still on the front of the stadium. What else would you expect after a month!

SeaWorld did answer a question of ours on Facebook. The new show will be announced later this year…so, in the next three months. Whatever the show is, our hope is that they take notes from Cirque and not fall back on another younger-demographic show. What are you hoping to see in the new show?


In our next update, we’ll take in more at the Halloween Spooktacular and all it’s offerings. Also, in future updates, we’ll treat you to in-depth pictorials and observations at different attractions around SeaWorld, beginning with Shamu – including the Close Up, Dine with Shamu, and One Ocean. What attractions do you want to take a closer look at?