40 years ago, the first Halloween Haunting of a theme park occurred at Knott’s Berry Farm. That event was rather simple by today’s standards when they took their two signature attractions, The Timber Mountain Log Ride and Calico Mine Train and redecorated them with a few spooky props to liven things up.  Meanwhile, a few masked employees ran amok in the streets of Ghost Town startling guests.  Rising from its humble, even rudimentary beginnings, the Halloween Haunt at Knott’s Berry Scary Farm has become the standard for Haunt events worldwide.

But the appetite for fear amongst an increasingly horror friendly public has become ravenous.  More and more parks are jumping into the game of Halloween fun with everything from family friendly activities to aggressively terrifying adult oriented scares. Guests have become far more sophisticated than they were in the 1970’s, when it comes to scares. A few strobe lights and a guy wearing a mask just doesn’t cut it anymore.

As Knott’s approached its major milestone of creating a 40th year of Halloween Haunt, the expectations were high.  Competitors like Universal Studios, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor and even Six Flags Magic Mountain were nipping at the Halloween titan’s heels.  Thankfully, Knott’s took this challenge very seriously.  Haunt designers actually began working on the plans while last years haunt was still being executed. Over a year of planning went into producing an event worthy of a 40th anniversary. For the most part, it works.

In this review, we will be discussing the 12 mazes and the Log Ride overlay.   We will also be reporting on the MiceChat Halloween Haunt Spooktacular meet that occurred on opening weekend (Saturday, September 22nd) to a sold out out crowd of over 200 guests. We will focus on the Haunt Entertainment offerings and the overall 40th Haunt experience in upcoming articles.

Keep reading all the way to the end, and you might just win a pair of tickets to see Elvira: Mistress of the Dark make her return to Haunt on Thursday, October 4th!

Every year we like to kick off the Halloween season off with a visit to the original Halloween haunt, Knott’s Scary Farm.  The MiceChat meet is almost always held the first Saturday night of Haunt, and this year the Haunt meet landed on September 22nd. Anticipation was high.  The 40th year of Haunt brings with it a certain amount of expectation.

Knott’s certainly rolled out the blood red carpet for us by offering a truly remarkable event.  The evening began at 3pm at the Knott’s Chicken Dinner buffet restaurant. Each guest received a special, commemorative Trick or treat bag that we could use to go trick or treating near the maze of the same name later on that evening. They were selling this out in the park for $10 but for us, it was part of the deal. Knott’s is awesome.

Check in began and all the guests were guided into an wire conditioned holding area (Thank heavens) and divided into two separate tour groups.

Lead Entertainment Designer, Todd Faux, and the brilliantly twisted maze designer, Daniel Miller, lead groups of MiceChatters backstage for a lights-on tour of not one, but two mazes; Trick or Treat and Dominion of the Dead. WOW.

 Faux lets us know what to expect inside the Trick or Treat maze.

The Trick or Treat maze tour was a real eye opener. There is intricate detail everywhere inside this house of the Witch.

Next up was a tour of Dominion of the Dead.

Upon returning to the Chicken Dinner Restaurant, we were led into a delicious buffet presented by food and beverage manager Russ Knibbs. They really pulled out all the stops here for us including an ice sculpture, carved pumpkins and decorations along with the famous chicken dinner, carved turkey and roast beef. As people grazed on the Knott’s BOO-fet, Ted Doughrety (of UltimateHaunt.com) gave a presentation about the history of Knott’s Halloween Haunt. Thanks Ted!

 Dusty and Fishbulb introduce Ted.

A sold out crowd enjoys the show.

 Ted Doughrety

Dusty got everyone to sing happy birthday to Fishbulb as it was his actual 39th the day of the event.

Jennifer Blazey, of Knott’s Marketing, invited a special guest along just to torture Fishbulb for his birthday.

We were then let loose into the streets of Ghost Town to begin Haunt. The night was to start at the log ride. But due to an issue with the Fright Lane pass distribution issues, the group got momentarily scattered.

 Many ended up going to the store near GhostRider.


The Ghost Town Streets are great this year. The fog seems denser, the lighting darker and the monsters plentiful. We are so glad that, for the most part, they did little to change this classic scare zone that sets the tone for the entire event.

Here now are the mazes that we did as a group in the order that they were done and what we thought about each of them.

We begin with the “Evil Dead” themed Log Ride.  Here is the official write up from Knott’s about the attraction.

Based on the upcoming film, which is set for theatrical release April 2013, you and your friends ride through the woods to an isolated cabin where you discover the secrets of The Book of the Dead.  A demonic force is unleashed possessing each until only one is left to fight for survival.   Meet five friends to escape the terror that has possessed them and now threatens you to join the “Evil Dead.”

The Book of the Dead at the loading dock.

It is hard to review an overlay based on a film that you haven’t seen yet. So we can only look at this overlay as an original attraction. On those merits it is a tight little ride through the scary woods where the undead attack you along your journey.

Little was added to the Knott’s Timber Mountain Log Ride for this new haunted attraction. This could be seen as tasteful or minimalist depending on your view of the execution. For us, it works and comes off as elegant. The setting of The Evil Dead is a cabin in the woods. Only a few animated props here and there coupled with some nice lighting effects were needed to create key scenes from the upcoming film, including one at the end that was the spitting image of Bruce Campbell from the original film. During our ride through, there were only 5 actors used to scare passing logs, but again, it worked.

Knott’s originally wasn’t going to theme the Log Ride or Mine Train at all this year. But we are thankful that at least the Log Ride kept up the tradition this year, even if it was a minimal effort.


Folks near and far come a-runnin’ for Farmer Willy’s world famous BBQ!  Guests are welcome to venture through the Slaughterhouse where Uncle Willy will feed them full of BBQ, slather them with special sauce, tenderize them with his chainsaw and grind them into a tasty treat.  Bone appetite!  Anniversary present: Guests can take a full tour of Uncle Willy’s kitchen, dining room and learn the secret ingredients in his BBQ sauce!

This maze went from being one of our least favorite walk-throughs last year to begin one of our favorites this year.  Listed as a returning maze, the new Uncle WIlly’s Slaughterhouse is nothing like it was before.  They have refashioned the attraction with a real, linear storyline.  Guests enter a roadside diner where they wander back into the kitchen and realize what the secret ingredients are in the famous barbecue.  All of the set pieces from the original maze are here, but are given a reason to exist and a purpose for use.  Gone are the long, winding corridors that served no purpose.  Instead, we have scene after scene of disturbing violence and imagery with no seeming escape.

Nice work indeed.  If you hated this maze in the past, give it another shot.  You might be glad you did.

Fallout Shelter in 3D

Locked in a cement grave for decades, deep in the bowels of the lake, an abandoned government fallout shelter is crawling with human/animal genetic hybrids, toxic mutants and nuclear freaks hungry for human carnage.  Grab your Geiger Counters and put on your radiation suits, the residents are ravenous!  Anniversary present:  More toxic sludge than ever before!

Fallout Shelter is a fun maze, but one that is very hit or miss. The setting, a bunker filled to the rim with nuclear paranoia and monsters, is a good one for scares. The design has been kept the same, for the most part from last year with a bit of tightening up (as they have with many returning mazes this year).

One complaint we do have is that the marquee which used to face the path and lure guests into the maze is now gone.  If it weren’t for the innocuous little orange sign being supported carelessly by an employee telling us there was a maze there, we would have missed it entirely.  We really think they should bring the sign back so that people know that Fallout Shelter is hidden back on the path.


Welcome to Pleasanton- Population: Zero.  Virus Z has turned the entire town into hunger-crazed zombies and visitors are the preferred meal.  Hordes of bloodthirsty corpses roam the small town in search of fresh meat. Anniversary present: A bloody “Carrie” finale based on the upcoming film, which is set for theatrical release March 2013.

Virus Z was a fiercely strong maze when it debuted several years ago.  The original storyline was brilliant;  There is a zombie outbreak in a small town and you must get to the high school gymnasium for safety.  Each year the attraction suffered a little here and there from familiarity.  The energy has always remained through the roof with the talent, but scares come mostly from surprise, and after three years, it had gotten a little old.

Enter Carrie.  In another partnership with Sony Pictures, Knott’s “enhanced” Virus Z with a scene from the upcoming remake of the movie, Carrie.  The climactic scene from the new film takes place in a school gymnasium just as it does in the original.  So, it appears to have made sense that Carrie should be murdering people with her mind in the final scene of Virus Z since Virus Z had a gym at the end too. Unfortunately, It doesn’t work.  At least not in our opinion.

While nicely executed, the there is no menace in seeing a girl in a prom dress covered in blood standing on a stage.  Up until the final scene, guests recognize the threat as zombies.  When they happen upon an upset prom queen at the end, it is just confusing and doesn’t make sense in the context of the maze.  The scene is nicely done, but horribly out of place.


Step right up, don’t be shy Inside you will find a villainous variety of vaudevillian visages to vex even the most valiant voyeurs!  It’s the greatest slaughter on earth with clown carnage galore!  Anniversary present:  1/3 more red clown noses.

Little has changed from last year, and really, why should it.  Clowns are freaking terrifying.  They are the embodiment of EVIL.  For those that aren’t Coulrophobics, there is plenty to keep you entertained, including The Thingy!  The talent in this maze gets it, once again, and can be funny and menacing all at the same time.


Venture into the forbidden jungle of El Chupacabra, where sacrificial blood rains down from the sky.  The screams of La Llorona, the Weeping Woman, echo around you and the creatures of the night crawl from their crypts – “Dia de los Muertos,” the “Day of the Dead” has arrived!  Anniversary present: Watch your step through The Chamber of Snakes.

This year, Dia De Los Muertos, the original Latin inspired maze, has returned.  There have been trims made here and there that have tightened up the flow of the action without sacrificing the content.  If you were a fan of the extended cemetery scene from last year, you may be disappointed as the entire maze has been limited to the existing structure of the Wheeler Dealer building. But the uninitiated will hardly notice the difference.   The actors in the maze seem to be much better rehearsed and trained in their roles than last year and full of the loose energy required for this attraction.  Nice casting here.


Years have passed since the blue fairy denied him his final wish, but Pinocchio has returned with an army of murderous marionettes intent on killing his former masters.  The purpose of his killing spree – human flesh to cover his twisted wooden body.  Revenge comes with no strings attached.

What if little wooden head never got his final wish to be a real boy?  This maze takes the answer down a very dark path that would have made Carlo Collodi proud.  It turns out that after not becoming human, Pinocchio become a murderous marionette intent on dawning the skin of his victims.  NASTY.

Maze designer, Daniel Miller, builds a rich backstory that creates a sense of dread that he is known for.  There is curious danger at every turn with puppetry being used for many scares.  Inventive and mysterious the maze gets increasingly disturbing as you go deeper into the lore of the Blue Fairy and the puppet come to life.

The design work is pretty impressive in this maze, especially considering the time constraints they were under.  The maze literally went up in 30 days, from bare space to fully fleshed out experience. The talent has a good sense of movement and character.  With a little more coaching and a bigger understanding of the maze, the scare-actors story could convey more of the story to the guests and really make this a stellar walk through. This maze is not to be missed and a fantastic new addition to the Haunt.


Step back in time and into the fog-filled streets of London.  The villains of the night are terrorizing the townsfolk!  Step lively or you’ll fall victim to Jack the Ripper’s blade!  Anniversary present:  Death scenes more historically accurate!

As with the other returning mazes, Fallout, Dia and Bobo’s Terror of London returns just as good as it was in the past. The meandering alleyways have been removed in favor of a more direct pathway and it works fine.  The talent in the maze seems to have the required energy and mood to keep this classic maze vibrant and scary.


Trick or treat, which will it be?  Step forward and ring the witch’s doorbell.  Oh, she is home, but where?  You are not quite sure.  Don’t be afraid, her minions will guide you.  I am sure that the tales of the many Hallows Eve victims are just that.  You can come away with a treat, but is it worth it?

Entering the cartoonish, ramshackle facade one might expect a goofy feel to the maze.  However, once inside, a highly detailed set and exquisite lighting and mood set a beautifully creepy tone. lit pumpkins line a stairway to the left.  Loose drapes billow in the wind in a further room.  The rhythmic ticking of a grandfather clock sets the rhythm. The Green Witch and her tricksters lure you into her home, and you must find your way through to safety. This maze isn’t cartoonish at all.  It is a moody, atmospheric homage to the classic Halloween of your youth. Details abound in this stunning maze by Brooke Walters, and that is to be expected.  Walters is in top form when creating an atmosphere (as she famously executed in the classic maze, Terror of London).

There are some beautiful set pieces that include an eerie hallway adorned with backlit masks, a bathroom more than just hot water running in the bathtub, and a dinning room to die for.  But soon enough we have our final run in with the Green Witch and suddenly the maze is done.  The maze would have benefitted from perhaps one final onslaught from The Green Witch and her tricksters as you race for the door.

Still, this is one maze that you should not miss if you love Halloween.  Nice work, that left us wanting more.

TIP: You should also pick up the Trick or Treat bags for $10 and do the Trick or Treating near the queue of the maze.  You can get some pretty impressive treats for such a small price including a Haunt shot glass, a 40th Haunt deck of playing cards and a Haunt logo keychain.

ENDGAMES: Warriors of the Apocalypse

The world as we know it has ended.  The survivors in this barren desert have scavenged to rebuild society.  The rich and the powerful have turned all others into slaves for sport.  Enter the post apocalyptic arena where gladiators are forced to battle to their deaths for entertainment.  Are you game?  Anniversary present: Expanded Arena.

Oh Endgames.  Will you ever find your groove?  Originally located in the Necropolis area of the park, the maze has been reworked completely – including being moved to a new location backstage.  Refined and distilled down to its essence, Endgames cuts to the chase with its set up and execution.  The future setting in which life is cheap and sport killing is nightly entertainment is certainly a disturbing thought.  But again, where are the scares?  There doesn’t seem to be a threat here.  Guests pass through some brutal imagery, but the thread never seems to feel directed at you.  This could be a great maze if this danger could be redirected and properly conveyed.


Welcome to the return of Dominion where creatures create art and music so beautiful the human mind cannot fully comprehend.  Orroro Bella, the beautiful horror, is what you will find within the walls of this gallery.  Lured by the undead, you descend deeper within the gallery as the chance to escape slips away.  You shall be their next masterpiece.

Dominion of the Dead is an experiment in art direction as a tool for the scare.  Nearly the entire maze is done in shades of grey.  Elegant and moody at the start.  Aggressive and Terrifying towards the end.  Dominion is a solid maze with wonderfully inventive scares as well as old fashioned ones.  But it lacks the more claustrophobic moments towards the end that would really break the safety barrier that is initially set up in the beginning.  Despite that very minor note, the talent in the maze is completely in it to win it.  Frightening, sexy, and startling, Dominion succeeds overall and is a great homage to mazes past at the Scary Farm.


In the deep recesses of the mind, on the clouded brink of insanity, lies the hellish wasteland of delirium; a place so gruesome that your imagination fails to comprehend the horrors.  Illusion and paranoia are your only anchors to reality.  Welcome to your worst nightmare!   Anniversary present: The Pillar of Souls.

Delirium was our favorite maze from last year and it returns with the same sickening, fever-dream of horrifying scenes.  New this year the the spinning Pillar of Souls, an improved piece of scenery.  Still strong, still deeply disturbing, this is a maze that make you feel unsettled after you exit.  Good Fun!

It was at this time that we had finished the traditional MiceChat Death March of mazes.  We started the evening with nearly 200. At the end of the night we decided to pose for a group picture of the survivors of our adventure.

Click for larger view.

But that wasn’t the end of the evening for everyone. For those that had reservations, we then headed over to the brand new upcharge maze, Trapped


This reservation only, interactive maze leads guests into an abyss of their deepest fears and phobias.  You are part of the horror and an active participant in your own demise.  Do you have the courage to enter a nightmare designed exclusively for you and face the challenge of finding an escape?  Remember there are no doors in this nightmare.  *Additional fee applies.

Our review?  Get a reservation now.  Trapped is essentially a private fear experience. You and up to 5 of your friends can face your fears on an intimate level.  Groups are sent in and must find their way out of a series of rooms by completing tasks or solving puzzles.  These tasks test your fears and personal boundaries in maniacal and demented ways.  To tell you more would be to give away the fear of the unknown. We won’t spoil the surprise for you. But if you are a haunt lover, do yourself a favor and make your reservation for Trapped!

This is the best thing that Knott’s has done in years and may be our favorite maze of all time. It’s just that amazing!

We would like to sincerely thank all those involved in making the MiceChat Haunt meet such a huge success.  Thank you Jennifer Blazey, Todd Faux, Daniel Miller, Brooke Walters, Lara Hanneman, Russ Knibbs, and of course Raffi Kaprelyan for a wonderful evening of fun.  You have created a wonderful tribute to 40 years of haunted magic. Knott’s Halloween Haunt is better than ever, the not-to-be-missed SoCal event of the season.



You are the winner of the two tickets to Knott’s Scary Farm on Thursday, October 4th.

To claim your prize you will need to email MiceChat your full name and address to [email protected].

If we do not receive your information by noon on Thursday October 4th you will forfeit and the tickets will go to another entrant.

Hope to hear from you soon!

  • GoneAway562

    Knott’s Scary Farm first hired Elvira to host this magnificent event in 1982.
    Also great article, I would love to go on thursday night to see her as I was not even around when she began hosting the event.

    • Norman Gidney

      CONGRATULATIONS GoneAway562!

      You are the winner of the two tickets to Knott’s Scary Farm on Thursday, October 4th.

      To claim your prize you will need to email MiceChat your full name and address to [email protected].

      If we do not receive your information by noon on Thursday October 4th you will forfeit and the tickets will go to another entrant.

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      • GoneAway562

        Woooo! Thank you so much!

      • GoneAway562

        So I sent the email, but If for some reason you didn’t get it let me know.
        Thank you!

  • Natenob

    In 1982 Elvira hosted the Haunt. Fun fact- the year befor in 1981 Weird Al hosted

  • CatchAPairO

    The year was in 1982 for Elvira’s first hiring.

  • SanDiegoAl

    In 1982 she became the headliner in the Ghoul Time Theatre show at Knott’s Halloween Haunt following in the footsteps of Sinister Seymour and Wolfman Jack. Elvira last appeared at Haunt in 2001.

  • StitchGirl

    Elvira headlined for the first time in 1982.

  • Gregg Condon

    Great update, had such a great time that night. Really hoping we’ll be able to get back to Haunt on Halloween.

  • WheresMickey

    Awesome article!

    Elvira hosted the Haunt in 1982.

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    Elvira was hired to host Knott’s Scary Farm in 1982.

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  • Wreckless Abrandon

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  • ExCandyMaker

    It was 1982 and I was there!

  • Anaheimhomeboy

    I went to Knott’s this past Saturday and had a relatively good time for the Halloween Haunt. That being said the last time I was at Knott’s for haunt was more than probably 3 years ago and a lot has changed. I use to go quite regularly but with kids and all it is more difficult now. Below are my comments on what “I” experienced.

    The theming and the atmosphere at haunt is no where, where it use to be. Areas that use to have themed lighting and music are now devoid of those elements. The camp snoopy area of the park is empty and makes you wonder why there are any costumed characters there at all. The front entrance is way too lit up and does not create mood off the get go when you enter into this other world. It just looks like Knott’s on a typical summer night.

    Ghost town is still great but in some areas they continue to pump out the “hits” when they need to have atmosphere music to push the theme more.

    There is way too much white light everywhere that does not convey the mood of the event.

    The other comments I heard from other people at the park were they’re dislike of the log ride and the Calico Mine Train.
    The log ride (Evil Dead) is barely themed, if you can call it that. It was devoid of any type of character and feels slapped on and cheap. No lighting at all. No music at all. maybe 4 actors that “try” to scare you.

    The Calico mine ride, which usually gets a themed layover was barely themed as well. Very horrible.

    The two stand outs at this event were the Pinocchio Unstrung and the Trick or Treat. Both these mazes were extremely well done. Pinocchio has great set dressing and the characters made up by the designers are without a doubt some of the best I’ve seen. The scares, the story and the production value are right up there.

    Trick or Treat really did a good job of making me feel uneasy. The theming of the house to be something out of our memory as a child but couldn’t possibly is incredible. The music, sound engineering and the production were top notch. This is one of those mazes that makes the most of the simplest elements that scare you. Mood is everything here. The final scene is very well done but just like the article states above, leaves you wanting more. Good job on this one!

    One last thing. The park map. The park map is very bad this year that does not provide any information other than where shows and mazes are. Missing are descriptions of any of the Mazes or the shows so the guest has no idea what they are or what they are about or what is to be expected. Knott’s also did not provide an app this year like the one they use for the regular park hours. Also missing was a good strong presence on the Knott’s website.

    Other than these comments this is what Knott’s has to offer this year. Over all it is a lot of fun and the lines were not too bad being it is the beginning of the season. What I couldn’t help feeling is that someone was really pinching the budget of the crew that puts Haunt together. What use to be the “Grand Daddy of All Haunts” now comes off as more ancient and recycled that has not caught on with the times. To me, in my opinion the article that Miceage has done for Halloween Haunt doesn’t call out Knott’s (Cedar Fair) as appropriately as it should and has done in past articles for issues with the parks (windows on Buena Vista Street anyone?). This makes the reader think that Miceage is taking it easy on Knott’s because Knott’s threw this event for Miceage. And when you really think about it, if you were Knott’s, wouldn’t you invite the biggest critic of the theme park/amusement park industry too to try and sway opinion?

    • LoonAZ

      I have to agree with AnaheimHomeBoy’s sentiment regarding the “MiceChat” stand on the event. We attended Haunt the same night as the MiceChat event. Since there were 7 in our party of various economic means, we all couldn’t afford the additonal costs associated the the MiceChat event (although it seems like it was an awesome deal). So instead, we all just opted to purchase event tickets and Pre-Scare Boofet combo. We had early dinner reservations, so we were ready and waiting at “chain-drop” to enjoy the 40th Anniversay festivities.

      I know that Haunt experiences can vary from night to night, maze to maze, and point of time. Scares and scene resets are subjective to crowd flow and talent (and/or the lack of talent) in the mazes and scare zones. But being we attended the same night as this review, I feel I can make some relatively accurate comparisons in experiences. IMO, this year it didn’t feel as big and I think it should have considering all the hype for the 40th Anniversary. Raffi’s mandate to reduce the visibilty of Haunt presence for regular day guests really seemed to mute the effect during the actual event. As was mentioned before, Necropolis (Camp Snoopy) is such a non-area now, there is hardly any point passing through it. And since most all the mazes had some level of length/scenes removed, most seemed to be noticebly lacking in value.

      Being that MiceChat had such an apparent driving force in getting the BGM changed in Ghost Town. I am really surprised they are taking such a soft stand on the lack of presence and atmosphere that Raffi’s mandate has affected Haunt.

      • For me, this year’s Haunt was substantially stronger than recent years past. They were clearly focused more on quality than quantity. While we have plenty of notes on what they could have done better, the fact is that we enjoyed ourselves much more this year than normal.

        And TRAPPED is simply outstanding. Probably the best maze I’ve ever experienced.

        The scare zones weren’t as strong as normal. But we haven’t covered those yet, or the shows. Same experience we just had this week at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights – great mazes, weak scare zones.

        Looking forward to Universal Hollywood this coming weekend.

    • MiceChat Staff

      Don’t speak too soon, we have two more articles that will be covering the entertainment offerings, and the overall haunt experience for the 40th.

      You are correct, this was a bit of a thank you for Knott’s management for helping put together a nice event for us. But I didn’t want to thank them for their hospitality then turn around and throw my laundry list at them. It’s a little tacky. So I started off with what I found to be the strongest points, the mazes. At the same time, I felt that one singular article, covering the entirety of Haunt on this special year would simply become protracted.

      It is no secret that we love Knott’s. But at the same time we have to walk a very fine line between constructive criticism and simply calling things out as awful. Being caustic serves little purpose. But trust us when we say that we still have plenty to say on the matter.

      Look for it soon.

      • LoonAZ

        Excellent! Thanks for sticking to your guns. (Makes sense now, since I was wondering why no report/review was given to the shows and enterntainment offerings)

        Looking forward to your next installment!

  • phil

    Elvira was hired by Knott’s in 1982

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  • pumpkinking

    Elvira was hired at Knott’s in 1982.

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    1982. I wasn’t even a year old by then.

  • Norman Gidney

    Hey loonAZ. I gotta tell you, I couldn’t agree more with the Points you bring up.

    But this particular article focused mainly on the mazes. The next one will be covering the shows, and the final wil discuss the 40th overall. To cover all of that in one article would have been a bit much. But I agree, the place was too bright and the overall theming was nearly invisible.

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    Ah, 1982, back when the park really decorated up Ghost Town for the season, gory scenes in all the ghost Town buildings and Elvira’s 1st year at the Haunt!

  • jesseixe

    Popular culture icon, Elvira “Mistress Of The Dark” was first hired to be the host of Knott’s Scary Farm in 1982

  • gtsouthard

    so i have a question does Knotts do their halloween stuff only at night?> we will be popping there for the day sat and happen to be curious

  • delfina78

    Elvira was first hired to be the host of Knott’s Scary Farm in 1982

  • lynxwiler

    I LOVED HAUNT! This may be one of the best years ever and I’m going for a record fourth time in a couple weeks. In years past, teo nights is enough and I’d seen it all, but this year the layers of detail heaped upon each maze keeps me going back again and again. Each time I run into a new monster, see a new gory detail, find a trick I missed before.

    It’s a fantastic year for HAUNT and I’m so glad I joined the MiceChat crew for this one. Thank you MiceChat! And thank you Knott’s for a great Haunt year!

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    1982. P.S. Please pick me to win because I have never been to Knotts Scary Farm and I would love to attend. I figured begging was worth a try. 🙂

    • GoneAway562

      Hope you have fun on your first haunt experience, because it will be a night to remember! :]

  • Jerm

    Elvira was in 1982 and put on some of the best shows!

  • Nick Vargas

    The year was 1982. I was supposed to be at my cousins house for a sleep over. Little did my parents know that my crazy aunt decided that it would be a good idea to scare the heck out of her nieces and nephews. So we loaded up in her car and off we went. Up until that night the only time I ever saw Elvira was on saturday afternoons, right after the Dukes of Hazard. Oh what a memorable night in the life of an 8 year old boy. It would be great to see her again, 30 years later.

  • cruise

    Nice update, looking forward to a similar review of Universal soon!

    On and her first time hosting was 1982.

  • Omnibus 2000

    Great article.

    Elvira first hosted Knott’s Halloween Haunt in the year 1982.

  • tigga please

    I second Dusty. I had more fun at this years than last, although I did not get to do the Trapped maze. Cannot wait for the other articles.

  • TripleADisney

    Elvira first hosted knotts haunt in 1982 and is appearing this year again!!

  • Zeathos51

    Thankyou so much for the update. It’s hard for me to enjoy a great event and take pictures so this is a fantastic way to remember. I had alot of fun and I hope to see you all throughout the year.

  • Mom2dzneboys

    1982, missed the first year she was there, but did get to go in 1983. Was a huge Movie Macabre fan!

  • Joshnyah

    Another great event, I hope next year will bring tickets for the whole group to purchase for extra mazes like trapped It was a bummer to split the group so soon, and next year lets close the place. This is the greatest season of the year.

  • weeble

    answer-1982. woohoo! haunt was awesome this year, we’re planning on doing a 2nd trip, it was that good!

  • piglet770

    answer is 1982! I <3 scary farm!

  • dizneedoll

    Elvira first hosted in 1982.

  • yankees96

    Elvira hosted Knott’s Scary Farm in 1982.

  • matterhornmaniac

    knotts scary farm first hired her in 1982

  • Zorro825

    Elvira first hosted in 1982

    Awesome review! Thank you so much!!

  • Norman Gidney

    CONGRATULATIONS kidcontra!
    You are the winner of the two tickets to Knott’s Scary Farm on Thursday, October 4th.

    To claim your prize you will need to email MiceChat your full name and address to [email protected].

    If we do not receive your information by noon on Wednesday October 3rd you will forfeit and the tickets will go to another entrant.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  • darkamor

    I’m right with AnaheimHomeboy in that this year was thee weakest Knott’s Scary Farm I ever attended in 27 years (what started my evening off wrong was no souvenir cups – along with not as wide a food selection – for the Prescare Boo Fet & Knott’s Management needs to take note – do not mess with tradition or else the loyal crowds will not come back) ….

    I did attend October 4th (it was great to see Cassandra Peterson as Elvira again since I haven’t seen her @ the Halloween Haunt since 2001 – & yes it was 1982 when she began her lengthy relationship with Knotts Scary Farm – I <3 'd the Haunt Museum & it was the perfect place to have her meet, greet, pose, autograph) and now I'll list what I <3 'd :

    GHOST TOWN – back to its uber foggy Monster roaming tradition (& I hope it stays this way), thee only place you could take photos with Monsters without using flash (respectively as too many flash pictures doesn't do the actors any good)

    GREEN WITCH – a great iconic character I <3 'd seeing again (I hope Knott's brings her back next year stronger with a better Midnight Hanging)

    TRICK OR TREAT – great maze idea (<3 the trick or treat bags) even though it felt short, I hope next year this maze will be longer

    PINOCCHIO UNSTRUNG – great maze (reminded me of the artwork by Gris Grimly) filled with a great cast (there were some empty spaces that I hope will be filled next year)

    ED ALONZO – its not easy taking over the Theatre where Elvira reign, but Ed Alonzo has done a great job (& I <3 his show) and his show is one of the better Live Shows @ Knott's Scary Farm

    DOMINION OF THE DEAD – what lacked in scares made up for it in atmosphere (& these are the sort of Vampires I <3 'd seeing thanks to an enthusiastic cast within the maze)

    UNCLE WILLY'S SLAUGHTER HOUSE – most improved maze (if this was its final year? they will go out with a bang! If this maze returns? please take everything up a higher notch with a sign warning the neuters not to walk through it (lol)

    TOWER OF LONDON – having Dr Jeckyll join Jack the Ripper meant twice the scares & the cast has improved (if this is the final year? they went out with a bang! if this comes back? please up the ante & post a sign warning the neuters not to enter (lol).

    LIVE SHOWS – Scott Land’s Tonga Tiki Terror, Red Moon presents “Cursed”, Mephisto’s Mechanical Mayhem were all (almost) on par with Ed Alonzo – improved live shows impressed me this year

    SCARE ZONES – Ghost Town & Gypsy Camp were the best zones (carnEVIL wasn't bad, its just Clowns are boring – a theme used for too long – time to replace them with Evil Scientists, etc)

    Knott's Scary Farm is still the most affordable Haunt Event (in my opinion), the food is fine (who can say no to Boysenberry drinks?) & I managed to get through everything as a single visitors without waiting longer then 20 minutes (long lines are an easy place to drink & eat)

    I hope everyone has a Safe & Happy Halloween –

    C J

  • darkamor


    While I <3 'd the idea of TRAPPED, I do not <3 the idea of being up charged (I am an anti up charge person these days), and since the Pre Scare Boo fet was so 1/2 a r s e this year (trying to hand me a snoopy cup as compensation for not having the traditional souvenir haunt cup was not a smooth move); Knott;s should've included TRAPPED with the pre-scare event (@ least they should have photo ops with Monsters done during this event, too) …


    VIRUS Z – Fiesta Plaza needs something else besides Zombies again & again & again every year (how about a Mortuary with Ghouls who snack on Funeral Guests?) and tacking CARRIE remake reference was just ignorant

    ENDGAMES – I was so impressed last year by a long maze and a great cast (this year was 1/2 what it should've been with a shorter maze I walked through in 5 minutes experiencing nothing – yawn & sigh – go on GhostRider after wasting 17 minutes of my time)

    FALLOUT SHELTER IN 3D – just say "no" to 3D mazes, queue lines slow down & this maze itself just needs to go (how about Evil Scientists in a Lab with their Monsters running lose?)

    UNCLE BOBO'S BIG TOP – sorry but the Stage Coach Trail doesn't need any more clowns (clowns as a theme have been done to death for too long – its time for something new – I <3 the idea of a Circus with Sideshow Freaks only, so why not work with that theme only minus clowns & poop humor ?)

    DIA DE LOS MUERTOS – gets moved to Bumper Cars & becomes a short boring theme that needs to be replaced (a shame as I <3 attending the Day of the Dead festival in Hollywood Forever Cemetery – but this maze was awful)

    EVIL DEAD LOG RIDE – so much anticipation for such a let down (most under themed year on the Log Ride ever – not one person popped up to scare when I road it with zero effort theming the queue area like there always has been for years)

    MINE TRAIN – I <3 this ride – will go on it out of sheer nostalgia – but no theme at all is just a "No No" (Knott's Management sure made me feel like I was swindled this year). If asked whether I'd prefer half as many mazes if they were all top quality? I'd say ABSOLUTELY! 6 Top Notch Mazes would be perfect (the sort that take up almost 3 hours leaving you another 3 hours to take in Live Shows & Rides)


    THE HANGING – worst ever – zero effort on all levels (midnight hanging made up for it, but what happened to the good old days of a grande guignol performance? why must things be neutered down for soccer moms with kids? Put up a sign to warn the neuters & please deliver something better in 2013 – or else!)

    ZAMORA THE TORTURE KING needs to be retired (great guy with a great concept, but why not bring in Jim Rose's Circus Sideshow & deliver the needed "oomph"? I'd rather have 4 quality shows vs 3 fun shows plus 6 piss poor time wasters (as much as I enjoyed Mephisto's Mechanical Mayhem? Necropolis was thee worst section ever – we're talking d-e-a-d with zero effort in theming – bad move by Knott's Management!)

    UNEARTHED at Mystery Lodge was probably the longest nap I ever took that evening (next to the Calico Train Ride) & that's just wrong! Again, I'd rather just have 3 (or 4) quality Live Shows vs. a few great ones followed by too many dull time wasters!

    STREET DRUM CORPS zzzzzz did I get put into a nap by another boring show again? I guess being stuck in an under themed Necropolis means your show suffers for it (wrong! Mephisto's was fun, Drum Corps was bad!). 4 Great Live Shows out of 9 this year (maybe Knott's Management should offer just 5 Great Live Shows only in 2013 that take up over 2 hours of your time!)


    Necropolis – again, an Epic Fail (a shame because this area by Camp Snoopy used to be one of the best scare zones – what happened this year and why?), for the first time, Gypsy Camp area was 1000 times better

    CarnEVIL – again, do away with the clowns please (start encorporating side show freaks only), everyone does clowns (overused for too many years) & there needs to be something different that nobody else is doing (ie side show freaks)


    For a 40th Anniversary? I got about 1/2 of what I was expecting experience wise (a shame, but maybe in 2013 Knott's Management will pay attention to the criticism & make improvements!). Even the Maps this year were awful (none of the essential information Guests need in order to make decisions upon where to go). Does anyone else feel like they used only 1/3 of the budget they typically used in years past? (I do!).

    While I <3 the idea of Tricksters, some of their antics weren't appreciated! I didn't have my map torn up, or my straw taken out of my cup – but one physically tried to yank my book bag off my left shoulder & I grabbed him by his arm still clutching my book bag dragging to the nearest Security Guard screaming "help thief!" (yes he got in trouble, serves him right, you physically grab a personal item off a park guest it is considered an act of theft!) . Please use these characters again, only instruct them on what shouldn't be done to Guests

    Knott's Halloween Haunt still offers the best deal (in my opinion) & this is coming from someone who attends from out of State (Las Vegas Nevada) that never gets this treatment from Disneyland. Three hotel packages including parking, a meal, event admission are all very reasonable (even the most expensive is less then 1/2 what you would pay for Disneyland's). I <3 everyone involved with the Halloween Haunt (& the Knott's Cast Members are always top notch courteous) & hope that next year is an improvement because Knott;s can not afford to go downhill in October. I should also mention that December @ Knott's is just as fun (more heart warming then Disneyland) …

    C J