Let’s take a look at the massive expansion to SeaWorld Oralndo set to open in 2013.  Antrctica: Empire of the Penguins is a new trackless attraction that will whisk riders away to the frigid southern reaches of the planet.  It promises to allow each guests an encounter with the adorable black and white animals.

 Details are still very sketchy on the overall ride.  But, we have been very diligently documenting the construction of this new experience.  Today we bring you another installment of the progress, direct from the construction site.

Overall this is a massive project.  Settled at the heart of the park, the construction walls are noticeable at nearly every turn.

We now get back down to ground level and try to peer into the constriction site for any further details that can be gleaned. Not much, but the development is fascinating.

At ground level you can get a sense of the scale

Antactica: Empire of the Penguin is coming to SeaWorld Orlando spring 2013. It will transport guests into the icy world of the penguin like never before, on a first-of-its-kind family adventure ride. According to SeaWorld Orlando, guests will walk among penguins as they explore a penguin colony. Let’s hope that the experience lives up to the hype!

  • Malin

    Thanks for the update. It’s impossible to think what’s being shown in the concept art is going to be ready by Spring 2013 looking at the site today. But then again it would have been impossible to think the site could look the way it does today only a few months a go… Praise to SeaWorld for working around the clock in order to get this expansion ready for opening next year. I am a lot more excited with Antarctica then New Fantasyland. The Fantasyland Expansion will offer a lot of new walk through areas and the Mermaid attraction is a nice little addition. Plus I’m looking forward to a meal at the Be Our Guest Restaurant. But it doesn’t offer the wow factor that Antarctica seems to be promising. It’s new and fresh and something that Disney is not offering.

    • jcruise86

      Thanks for the update, Eric!
      And EXCELLENT comment, Malin,
      though the Be Our Guest restaurant, cloned mermaid, ride with its unique exterior, and the new little dwarf coaster will appear with other new Fantasyland landscaping and fun spots. It won’t = Universal’s still growing HP, but like the updated StarTours and D Land’s Carsland, it might surpass our expectations.

      IF this would coincide with refurbing the MK & the rest of the parks (with little things like updating the CoP), and improving the transportation (maybe with a new monorail section, and/or with three little old fashioned trains or covered Peoplemovers, or mini-monorails like the one in Primm, Nevada (well maybe not THAT mini) that would connect thee of the large moderates to a very nearby parks–the way Port Orleans has it’s nice boat to Downtown Disney–nice perk!)
      THEN WDW could be into the renaissance it deserves. I have little optimism that this will happen with the energy of D land’s (& Matt O’s) 50th Anniv. rebirth.

      • jcruise86

        Wow, my second paragraph surpassed my personal records for my longest fragment & run on! And I had a nice little singular-plural disagreement with: ” thee of the large moderates to a very nearby parks”. Bonus point for spelling 3 with the Shakespearean “thee.” Any chance we can edit our article response quotes after we post them as we used to do and as we can in the threads?

      • KingEric

        Well I assume that the new Fantasyland will be marketed like nothing else. I assume they TDO will be able to market it like nobodies business, and I am sure that they will see a bump from it.

        But will those people who come and visit because of these marketing efforts feel impressed with the overall condition of the resort? Will they be wowed? Will they feel connected?

    • KingEric

      I agree with you that I am A LOT more excited for Antarctica than I am for the new Fantasyland.

      I can’t wait to see the large exterior themed pieces installed on the exterior.

  • jcruise86

    If you’d replace the extra-light grey type (that appears while we’re writing)
    with black, that would help me too.

  • SpectroMan

    Thanks for the update. I went to this park last week for the first time and was thoroughly impressed. Kraken, Manta, Atlantis and all 3 shows I saw were ALL top notch and the food is way beyond that of Universal. If Antarctica is going to be at the same level, I’ll be taking a day away from WDW next year and coming back here again.

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