It’s a topsy turvy time in the Disney theme parks.  While Disneyland’s private cast Christmas parties may be gone for good, Epcot is riding high on a 30 year celebration.  In the meantime, many are wondering what will be coming next to their local Disney resorts.  Should the Fun-Wheel be rebranded with Donald’s face?  How would you update Disneyland’s long neglected ToonTown?  There is a full schedule for the Disneyland Paris Halloween celebrations for 2012, a preview of Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest, and a full  recap of the past week’s Disney news as well.  Ready to Round ’em up?  Let’s go.

Thank you Micechat!!! (you made my Disneyland time-lapse video a huge success!)
A very popular video posted by Mr.CEO goes through a fantastic time lapse of Disneyland.

The first of this year’s Halloween Parties have begun, and the reports are beginning to come in!  Our mind is on Food this week as Thanksgiving Disneyland dinner details have been announced.  Then we want to know your favorite food items at Disneyland this holiday season! ~ Aladdin

gatheringrosebuds shares photos of their first trip to Radiator Springs and Buena Vista Street!
JMazz has a complete trip report ready for you to read, along with some photos around the resort!
DisneyBoi805 is wondering if one of the seldom seen Disney Villains is making appearances during the Halloween Parties at Disneyland! Find out the answer here!
Disneyland has their menu planned for Thanksgiving Day, and it’s already time to make your reservations!
Klowvah asks the always popular question, What is your favorite food/snack in Disneyland. Time to speak up for your favorite edible items at the resort!

Our Disneyland Adventure
StarDustFairy has written up a great review of their recent adventure to the parks.

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Universal Hollywood Halloween Horror Night meet up – Saturday October 6th
Fishbulb and MiceChat friends wants you to join them for a frighteningly fun time at the world Famous Universal Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights on Saturday, October 6th!

If you have a question about any of these events, please email [email protected]

Disney Rumors and Armchair Imagineering

Removing the Mickey Wheel
So how do you feel about it and what thoughts do you have if it was removed? Sorcerer’s Apprentice wants to know to keep it or take it down.

Mickey’s Toontown updates
knows that a lot of people like Mickey’s Toontown and others not so much and would like to see it removed and replaced with an expansion of Fantasyland.

Donald sunburst on Screamin’ shield!
An idea that Merlinjones has on adding a matching Donald sunburst on the Screamin’ loop to compliment the large Ferris wheel.

Is Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean getting mermaids?
Some information that Walt Disney World’s POTC is getting some new tenants do you think the “One Disney” will be in play here and Disneyland gets the same treatment?

Walt Disney World

Happy 30th EPCOT and Happy 41st Walt Disney World!! With EPCOT hitting a milestone this week, there’s quite a few discussion about EPCOT in the forum. But that’s not all! See what else people are talking about this week in the Walt Disney World forum. ~yoyoflamingo

How long will Epcot 30th Anniversary merchandise be available?
With some cool retro EPCOT merchandise, it’s a good question if the merch will still be there for everyone’s next trip. Reports are it’s already gone, but anyone care to chime in?

EPCOT celebrates 30 years today!!!
Just in time for the round up, join in wishing EPCOT a very happy 30 years!

My WDW Impressions (Sept 28-29)
Come read about ztonyg‘s experience at the parks this weekend, after not having been since 1998. An interesting read, as most comparisons are. What are your thoughts?

4 WDW Spa Questions
While most people think Walt Disney World is running from one attraction to the next, there are those who see the value in relaxing on vacation. jcruise86 has 4 questions about the spas on property. Can anyone share some answers?

Sarah brings us some great information about Walt Disney World for Epcot’s 30th anniversary! Be sure to check Micechat continually for pictures and stories from this milestone in Disney Parks history!

Halloween comes to Disneyland Paris with a schedule and a trip report.

Official Halloween Schedule of Disneyland Paris 2012
gives us a rundown of the Halloween Programs at Disneyland Paris.

23/09/12 – 26/09/12 at DLP
Sgt. Tibs
got an early start at Halloween at Disneyland Paris with this report that includes a couple YouTube videos.

L.A. Studios plan for the frugal with $250 per person
Some of the VIP studio tours cost as much as $250 per person. So, jcruise86 set out to plan a multi-day tour with the same amount of money while doing it ala carte. It’s a fun exploration of planning your own adventure.

SFMM Fright Fest 2012 … don’t miss it!!!
Our own sir clinksalot was lucky enough to get an exclusive walk-through of Willoughby’s Haunted Mansion at Six Flags. This teaser should get you interested to check it out.

Why the Policy of ‘No Pix With Monsters’?
One of the highlights of Knott’s Scary Farm for bassmonkey1962 was getting pictures taken with the monsters. This year it is not allowed, so why is this?

Worth Going to KSF if I’m Seriously Weak stomach-ed?
So not everyone is up for gruesome carnage that Knott’s Scary Farm has to offer. So if you are ‘weak stomach-ed’ are there things to enjoy or will it just be terrible. Need some advice, then this is your place.

Disney on Ice warning
While the show may be entertaining Thomas998 claims the smoke effects may have caused a problem with his daughter’s asthma.

Disneynature’s Bears -Spring 2014-
looks forward the the spring release of the latest in the Disneynature series.

Does anyone know why Frozen completely junked the original plot of The Snow Queen?
Disney often modifies classic fairy tales, but Miss Jennifer what’s behind all the changes in Frozen, a retelling of the classic Snow Queen.

Disney Animation’s Wreck It Ralph Display
The pace of change here in Orlando is fast enough that sometimes I do not see new attractions or experiences for a few weeks, even several weeks, after they’ve been opened. That goes double for things that opened inside parks I visit less frequently, such as Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Al Lutz says the Party is Over at Disneyland
As the wildly successful summer of 2012 quickly morphs into the next peak season dubbed HalloweenTime, both parks had a scant two weeks when things slowed down a bit before the crowds rushed back to…

Space Shuttle Endeavour soars over California Adventure as Disneyland refurbishments continue
The Space Shuttle Endeavour treated Disneyland guests to a special treat Friday, as the Resort was included on the list of California landmarks it flew over during its final flight. Endeavour’s historical final flight over…

Magic Kingdom Construction and EPCOT Celebrates 30 years
Hello, and welcome to ! This week, we’ll take a look at the ever changing construction, as well as a look ahead to the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Lots to look at, so…

Rob Soaks It In At Disneyland Splash Mountain
Today we chat with Rob, who works on Splash Mountain at Disneyland and was part of the “Breakfast Club” of Cast Members whom I met during my trip to Disneyland last summer. I have a…

A Tale of Three Epcot Center Books
In the pantheon of Disney books, few are as revered as the Richard Beard book about Epcot Center; people usually refer to it as Beard’s Epcot book. What a lot of people don’t know is…

Knotts Scary Farm Celebrates 40 Years of Fear
40 years ago, the first Halloween Haunting of a theme park occurred at Knott’s Berry Farm. That event was rather simple by today’s standards when they took their two signature attractions, The Timber Mountain Log…

SeaWorld San Diego gets into the Halloween Spirit
After a successful opening of the new coaster, Manta, and the closure of the much loved Cirque de la Mer show, SeaWorld has calmed down into normal Fall traffic patterns. We return to the lovely…

We’re Sorry, Disneyland is Currently Under Refurbishment
Disneyland is currently in the middle of a surprising number of minor construction and refurbishment projects that include the Storybookland Canal Boats, Casey Jr. Circus Train, Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye,…

Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream A Feast of the Senses
Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa, one of Florida’s favorite Halloween events, is celebrating its 13th anniversary this year. This year’s main theme is “Unlock the Fear Inside”, highlighted by event icon “Trickster” and his key…

Demystifying Disney World Tickets.
You probably know quite a lot about Disney World tickets, but I promise you that if you read on, you’ll find out something new. While Disney World tickets are mostly straight-forward, they can occasionally resemble…

Disney’s America, a Story of Desire and Failure – Part One
There are few Disney projects with greater mystique than Disney’s America, a never built park which nearly became a reality. But why was it never completed and what sort of impact did it have on…

Hersheypark is Worlds Most Delicious Theme Park
We are proud to bring you part two of our Hersheypark report by SirClinksalot and CaptPhoebus. Chocolate World replaced the Hershey Chocolate Factory Tour in the early 70′s. Starting with the Chocolate Tour, additional attractions…

Georgia Aquarium is the Biggest on Earth
KingEric recently made a visit to Atlanta, Georgia. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share some photos from his extensive photo album. This week we have images from the Georgia Aquarium – the largest aquarium…

World Showcase at Night in 1983
Today is the 30th anniversary of the opening of EPCOT Center—now Epcot. I was there in January 1983, when the amazing new park was just a few months old. In today’s photo essay, please join me on an evening stroll around World Showcase Lagoon, almost 30 years ago.

Disney’s Tower Of Terror
When Disney MGM Studios was opened in 1989, it was a mild success. Michael Eisner’s plan of having a “Universal killer” Park was rushed into opening, so it didn’t have a lot of the essential…

Garner Holt’s Top 10 Animatronics
Howdy everyone, and welcome to a fun little interlude here at This Animatronic Life.  Thanks to everyone for their great comments and questions about my last article, all about GHP’s parade work.  Answers will be…

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