Disneyland Resort Update: Prices Rising, Buena Vista Maintenance

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Published on October 04, 2012 at 11:55 pm with 49 Comments

Disneyland Resort is in full Fall mode. Halloween Time has begun, and there are the usual smattering of refurbishments and maintenance projects that usually crop up prior to the madness that is the Holiday season.  But what many have not seemed to notice is the slow creep upward on the prices for impulse buy items, and things like bottled water and vitamin water.  The park, while being kept up, is costing more to visit.  This week we check up on the multiple projects and further discuss the increasing prices of smaller items throughout the resort.

On a recent visit to the Disneyland resort we stopped by a churro cart for some water.  A simple bottle of Dasani that tends to go for $1.50  at any average convenience store normally cost $2.79 inside the berm.  To our surprise the price now was an even $3.00.

Other outdoor vending options have increased even more.  If you want a Churro, you will now pay $0.50 more at $3.50.  Care for a bottled soda?  That will be $3.25.  Vitamin Water now costs an insane $4.00.

This increase is not just limited to waters, vitamin water, and churros.  Prices at all Outdoor Vending locations have been slowly creeping upward along with the impulse buys in the stores.

Price increases are the nature of the beast at theme and amusement parks. With the rising costs of supplies over the years, incremental price increases are just what happens.  But this is not an increase due to inflation.  These are price increases designed to get an idea for what the market will bare.

$5.00 for a bag of stale candy corn?

A similar tactic continues to be utilized in the astounding increases for pricing of Annual passes.  They are beginning to see the tipping point there with many long time passholders are deciding not to renew.  Disneyland was, at one time, something that many families could enjoy at least once a year. Not anymore. Now, unless you plan well ahead by bringing your own food and water, you may find yourself priced right out of the park.  Sad.

The first class showmanship comes at a heavy price.

Speaking of upkeep, Benny is still missing in action from above the Roger Rabbit’s Car toon spin entrance.

Meanwhile, work continues behind Minnie’s meet and greet house.

And The ToonTown hills continue to peel away.

Substantial rebuilding and refurbishments continue at the Casey Jr. Train and Storybook Land complex.

The scaffolding has been removed from the side of the Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boutique with no discernible changes revealed.

Here is the latest from the Fantasy Faire Village project.  Steel framing has been installed on top of the existing facade infrastructure.

If one is being charged premium prices one should expect a premium product.  Upon entering Disney California Adventure this week, we took time to soak in the beautifully detailed surroundings.  When it launched this Summer, this area of the park was given a back-story of being lived in. While there was aging, the cracked pavement, the weathered brass railings, these were intentional.  Buena Vista Street had a certain level of presentation.  It was lived in, but clean and sparkling as well.

Now, not even a year into its use, there are noticeable signs of wear and tear that need to be addressed.

These railings, intended only for Cast member use, are still visible on stage.

The beautiful park benches that flank the planters in the center of the street used to
glisten with a clean wood finish

They are already becoming scuffed and worn.

Thankfully there is one thing that has remained totally up to par since day one.  The Streetmosphrere is still as vibrant and appealing as ever.  Our favorite is the Dog Lady and her pet, Lady.  For Halloween she is sporting an adorable new costume.  Find her and pay her a compliment.  The pooch loves flattery.

With the arrival of the Frankenweenie exhibit and movie preview,  Award Wieners has debuted a new hot dog and drink.

The expansion of Ramone’s Body Shop is now underway.  The space that was originally designed as a Fastpass distribution center for Radiator Springs Racers is now closed up and is getting a new look.

No more stroller parking for you!

Inside the existing store, one section has been closed off to allow for an expansion to go through to the other building.

The big new E-ticket seems to have resolved many of its operational issues, with most of its effects working all of the time.  The one unpredictable element is on the outside, with the continuing problem with the beautiful pine trees during the exterior portion of the ride.

While things do not seem to have gotten too much worse, they certainly have not improved.

Finally, the Earl of Sandwich project continues to plod along at a glacial pace in Downtown Disney Anaheim.  It appears that the dining room has now been expanded past what was originally planned, allowing for more dining space.  A red frame work has appeared in front of the store front, while considerable foundation work seems to be occurring under it.

Inside, the controlled chaos moves forward

The tedious paint job has not yet crept from this particular spot.

D23 Discount
We recently noticed that D23 has begun giving renewal discounts of $5 to $10 for current members.  We did a little digging and found that this is not special pricing, but rather a permanent discount for renewing members.

That should do it for us today on our report from the Disneyland Resort.  Prices continue to rise on big and small items alike.  Work continues on the multiple projects inside Disneyland proper. Earl of Sandwich STILL isn’t open.  Yep, it’s a normal day in Anaheim.

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  • Asylim

    Nice update.

    Those are indeed cedar trees in the photo.

    I have three of them in my backyard and as it is currently fall they look the same as the dried out and dead branches have yet to fall off. Ours do this every year.

    I suspect the traumatic transplant of those trees into the park caused them to suffer a bit. Once the brown, dried out stuff falls out the trees will look great again.

    I don’t think you need to worry about those ones once they fully recover.

  • Tinkbelle

    Besides the carousel horses, we also observed yesterday that the railing along the patio of the Riverbelle Terrace is rusting in several places and the cushions of the chairs in the Grand Californian are starting to look really shabby.

  • StevenSokulski

    The price for Churros hasn’t gone up in a couple of years. They went from $3.00 to $3.50 the same time parking went up.

  • Athlonacon

    Awww, poor cedar trees. They still look good, they just need some time… they are living things after all. I happen to like them very much and don’t like anyone badmouthing them. :)

    As for the pricing, I simply won’t pay what they are asking for admission/parking, much less anything actually *inside* the park. I’ve passed up opportunities to go to the park for the first time ever recently, because for the first time ever the price outstrips the experience. I never thought I’d say that, but it’s finally reached that point.

    But, having said that, they are still raking in record attendance and SOMEONE obviously has the money to spend there, so more power to them. Raise it to triple digits for all I care, just don’t expect to see me there.