Happy Halloween time from Disneyland Paris, where we have a great pictorial update of all the new Halloween decorations! The cool breeze of Autumn has swept through the Disneyland Resort Paris bringing the winds of change.  Most noticeable are the brand new decorations for Halloween this year.  Gone are the wonderfully creepy pumpkin men that have been inhabiting the park for the past ten years.  Now, some friendly ghosts have appeared throughout Main Street U.S.A.. Their look is not-too-scary and perhaps not scary at all. Each of them are previous inhabitants of Main Street, living out their afterlives in their old haunts. Silly, goofy and fun, it is a fresh, whimsical take on the holiday that sets a nice tone for the rest of the park. Let’s take a walk through Main Street and see what’s new.

Special thanks to Max Fan of the DLRP Welcome site for the great pictures we have today.  Today’s article is all about Main Street, we’ll bring you the rest of the park soon!

Here we find a ghost that looks like the mayor, hovering over City Hall. Another ghost looks like a cook over Walt’s restaurant. Still more ghosts are members of the marching band.

It seems that dental problems persist in the after life.

Wonderful idea and i think it works well with Main Street theme. What I like is that, for once, Disneyland Paris didn’t choose a cheap concept. Each ghost is different.

You can’t miss Goofy and his amazing candy machine in Town Square.

Let’s have a look at all the others ghosts who are haunting Main Street.

In our next article we will look at Halloween in the Central Plaza, and beyond!

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