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Tyler Bates, too, teased the new Guardians of the Galaxy 2, saying “the screenplay for the second movie is the best one I’ve ever read in my life.”

CW3PR’s 8th Annual “Behind The Music: Crime, Death, and Resurrection” Panel Highlights Composers and Teases Exciting New Projects took place Thursday morning, the first official day of Comic-Con. Wednesday night was Preview Night, where the show floor and a few other things were open (and packed). Here’s the description from CW3PR:


“Thursday morning, some of television and film’s greatest composers joined fans to kick things off for the Comic Con weekend at the San Diego Convention Center. These composers discussed how their music elevates the high drama, mystery and mayhem in some of the convention’s favorite cinematic stories. Covering a range of topics, they revealed the in-depth scoring process that enliven what viewers see on the screen. The incredible panelists included Jeff Russo (Fargo, The Night Of, Power, Legion), Mac Quayle (Mr. Robot, American Horror Story, Scream Queens, The People v. O.J. Simpson), Tyler Bates (Guardians of the Galaxy, Salem, Kingdom), Mike Suby (The Vampire Diaries, Containment, The Originals), Bill Brown (Dominion, CSI: NY), and Christopher Drake (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Yoga Hosers).

IMG_6909 copy

Moderating the panel were celebrity guests, actress Violett Beane (The Flash, The Leftovers) and Drew Roy (Falling Skies). The lively and talented duo talked to the composers about the way that music completely transforms their respective shows. Beane noted that on set, they film without hearing the music, but after the score is added in, “the scene all makes sense and totally works.” She continued, “When you’re acting, you don’t get to see that music and when you see the product, it’s so different. It’s so important for the story to work.”


All of the panelists shared a common love for music dating back to childhood, with this passion leading them to enhancing narratives with their scores.  Bill Brown spoke of his start in the industry, relating to the audience that “composing was a dream as a kid. I fell in love with melodies and themes.” Other panelists, too, spoke of their deep appreciation for music.  Some of the panelists started out in rock bands, such as Jeff Russo, who recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of his band Tonic’s album Lemon Party.  He recalled the influence of that part of his career on his composing, sharing “the one thing I take away from being in a band is collaboration, which you also have to do with filmmakers. You have to incorporate someone’s thought into what you are creating.”


Reemphasizing the importance of collaboration for success, Mac Quayle shared his experience working with visionary showrunners like Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story, The People v. O.J. Simpson) and Sam Esmail (Mr.Robot).  He discussed the back-and-forth process, in which the composers must fulfill the dreams of their showrunners, while also creating compelling music they feel works.  Mac also shared about his experience live-scoring a table-read for a Mr. Robot promotional event, noting how exciting and different compared to how he normally works in his studio.  Continuing on Mac’s riff of unique experiences, Jeff Russo, discussed his incorporation of the USC Marching Band into Fargo score.  He stated that this was key to the success of the piece, which required heavy drumming, relating that “they played their hearts out.”


Christopher Drake examined the differences in composing for animation and live action. “In animation,” Drake explained, “a lot of the music has to do the heavy lifting because it has to fill the void left by live actors.” Mike Suby also discussed how he creates the music for fan-favorite shows like The Vampire Diaries, noting the unique nature of the show and its music, “the characters’ anger is times ten and their passion is times ten. We use many different elements for the show and used a lot of old world music.”

steven schwartz

CW3PR’s “8th Annual Behind The Music” panel also included a host of surprises & teases for the future. Stephen Schwartz, renowned composer for the Broadway hit Wicked, came as a surprise guest to announce that the Wicked film will premiere December 20, 2019—even more exciting, he is writing 4 new songs for it. Tyler Bates, too, teased the new Guardians of the Galaxy 2, saying “the screenplay for the second movie is the best one I’ve ever read in my life.” 


All of the composers agreed on the importance of the story and characters in their music. For Jeff Russo, “The narrative is king, the story is king,” he says. Bill Brown discussed how his themes develop and change from season to season of Dominion, noting, “It is magical to revisit a theme and have it still surprise you.” Christopher Drake summed it up nicely, saying, “It’s all about supporting the story.”

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From the Mailbox:

Adventures by Disney Rhine River Cruise Itinerary Fact Sheet

Adventures by Disney river cruises allow families to experience the heart of Europe in a way that is active, immersive and easy. With the overwhelming popularity of its initial river cruise itineraries with AmaWaterways, sailing the fabled Danube River, Adventures by Disney has introduced a new Rhine River itinerary. Travelers will embark on this unforgettable trip to experience the beauty, history and culture of four countries – France, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.

New 2017 Adventures by Disney Itineraries

All Adventures by Disney river cruises sail with AmaWaterways, the premier luxury river cruise line. Guided activities on the new seven-night, eight-day Rhine River sailings include:

Basel, Switzerland
  • Savor a taste of Switzerland, including traditional Swiss Fondue.
  • Watch a festive Swiss performance bring to life the sights and sounds of the Alps.
Strasbourg, France
  • Spend two days exploring Strasbourg, the city that bridges French and German culture with picturesque neighborhoods straight out of a fairy tale.
  • Explore the Alsace Region by canoe or on horseback.
  • Visit the Strasbourg Notre Dame Cathedral.
  • Ride a toboggan, hike along a waterfall or zipline through the Black Forest.
Speyer, Germany
  • Visit the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz Museums and savor lunch at a local beer garden.
  • Take a walking tour through Heidelberg and visit Heidelberg Castle with a costumed guide.
Rüdesheim, Germany
  • Set off on a guided bike tour through the pastoral countryside of the beautiful Rheingau or the town of Rüdesheim, a distinguished German wine region.
  • Tour Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet Museum, which contains one of the largest collections of mechanical music boxes, giant pianos and other automated instruments.
  • Enjoy an early evening sail through the UNESCO World Heritage Rhine Gorge.
Cologne, Germany
  • Enjoy tubing, snow biking, curling and more at Germany’s first indoor ski hall.
  • Bike ride along the Rhine River and across the Hohenzollern Bridge.
  • Savor chocolate making and tasting, as well as a visit to the Chocolate Museum.
Amsterdam, Holland
  • Tour Amsterdam’s famous canals then explore the city on foot.
  • Get hands-on during clog painting and a cheese making demonstration in Holland.
  • Discover the art and history of Amsterdam in the national Rijksmuseum.

New 2017 Adventures by Disney Itineraries

An add-on package is also available in Amsterdam, offering a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kinderdijk and a private farewell dinner event. For more information, call 1-888-WDW-MICKEY or 1-888-939-6425 or visit Fairy Godmother Travel.

See You This Weekend at MidSummer Scream!

Midsummer Scream is this weekend, July 30 and 31 at the Long Beach Convention Center, right in my neck of the woods.


The Oingo Boingo Dance Party (all of them except Danny) will be playing Saturday night, there’s an 80’s costume party, panels by Walt Disney Imagineering, Knott’s, Winchester Mystery House, Six Flags, Universal, Garner Holt, Queen Mary, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop – you seriously NEED to be here.

There’s also a ton of workshops, Haunted Attractions and experiences, all sorts of vendors…just the thing to get your soul out of Con Season and into Haunt Season. Let’s DO this, MAN!


I’m serious. If you live for Haunt season and  you miss this, you will regret it.


SDCC Hasbro Booth, Artist Alley and More

I really, truly hope that D23 EXPO 2017 has a Hasbro booth this year – with just the Hasbro people running the queues and not the clueless Comic Con floor manager there, it went sooooo smoothly Sunday! (Listen to me getting all mean and catty! It MUST have been terrible, right?)

They had an exclusive set of Marvel villains on the other side of the booth, but it was so packed, we couldn’t even get over there! So, here’s some photos of the Disney and Star Wars stuff – we also included things from Yo-Kai Watch, which is a wildly popular Disney XD show:


















hey baby

hey unmasked baby

And I love the box art on the Hasbro SWC/SDCC Black Series Exclusives:


Here’s a tiny peek at the massive LucasFilm Booth: (I gave Darth Daver dibs!)


Noe and I got on the San Diego local news Thursday night, talking about those skateboard decks, but I think after things went ribald, (I said I was going to hang it above my bed, very innocent, thank you! HE was the one who said it was going to replace the mirror!) I’m pretty sure we hit the digital cutting room floor. If anyone in San Diego knows otherwise, please let us know.






There were a few other great booths. Here’s a couple:



This is Geek Chic, whose name always confuses me because I think it’s a clothing company every. single. time. It’s actually a wonderful furniture company, and their chairs are some of the most comfortable chairs, even after HOURS of sitting in them and writing. I’d like to have furniture like this but Adventurers’ Club and tiki style with secret compartments everywhere. And a bar with hidden stuff. And a desk that does the same. I miss my old one. It was incredible. DAVE?!?



You can’t see them, but incredibly lifelike figures of the Walking Dead cast are kneeling in front of the camper, and attendees can pose with them.

ABC Designated Survivor

I’m hearing amazing things about this Keifer Sutherland show.

On to Artist Alley!


I’m just gonna walk up to the guy who made (and voiced) Stitch and created Toothless and my beloved Green Tiger and say hey and buy a Kiskaloo (I have one, you should have one too). Stars, I love SDCC.


Katie was behind that guy’s head, but she can, and  boy was she. Check out the Lafayette near the bottom left! Gah, it’s adorable!


Just the guy who created Harley Quinn and the show with the best Batmobile (I’ll fight you!)


Did you love Alex Buechel’s work at Star Wars Celebration? He also had an Artist Alley booth at SDCC!


More on this guy next week or so, but…look at the lil spaceship on the ear. I’m dying!


Kehasuk, below, one of Alice’s favorites. He has the same booth that a kid had, that I bought a t-shirt from five years back. I still have the shirt, and now that kid works for Disney and just did a show at WonderGround Gallery.


Claire Hummel is an artist at Disney and also brilliant and a genius. Pretend you’re in 1983 and you can go up to a booth and buy stuff from Glen Keane or Andreas Deja. That would be Claire Hummel now.

Claire Hummel

Let’s finish off with some Cosplay!


I told him not to get up. Check out the detail on his staff.


I think he was making the shaka sign at us. Aloha a hui ho, Anakin!




We called and called and finally when we yelled MR. MAYOR MR. MAYOR they looked over!


Spot on Roger and Anita Radcliffe and Cruella DeVil 13717400_10202033824364939_2762321852431438169_o

I love to see women my age cosplaying, and love that being sexy shows no boundary in age nor size.  13710738_10202033798644296_5810072039064530127_o

Look at all those strong, wonderful girls! Especially the two in front!


If you haven’t watched/read One Punch Man, I weep for you.

lock shock barrel

Lock, Shock, Barrel … and Lurk!

Ms Marvel

Ms Marvel is here to close out today’s Fab News, making MiceChat feel safe again. Thank you, Ms. Marvel, and

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