MiceChat Runners’ Deal at The Anabella Hotel!

Okay, you all know that I am very #PRFriendly, but I am seriously happy to promote this special at Anabella for the upcoming runDisney events on Labor Day weekend.  Not only is Anabella offering a special deal with Food and Beverage credit and complementary late checkout (so runners have time to return to their rooms and shower and relax after the race), but they are also offering cocktails and appetizers with Terri Hardin on that Saturday night at Tangerine Bar and Grill.Even if folks aren’t racing, (and by “folks”, they mean ME) they can still take advantage of the offer and join Terri at Tangerine.Clicky clicky: Mice Chat Runners Deal

DopeyMedals-610x813This picture’s a couple years old. She’s won about 17 more since then.

Runners Special

  • Come for the Disneyland Half Marathon Labor Day Weekend (9/2 – 9/4)
  • Stay 2 Nights or more and Get a $50 Food & Beverage Credit so you can carbo-load before the race, and then relax your tired body in the hot tub and enjoy Complimentary Late Check Out.
  • Plus, on Saturday night, be inspired to run by Terri Hardin, former Disney Imagineer and runDisney fangirl, at the Tangerine Grill & Patio for a meet and greet, with Happy Hour food and drink specials.
  • This is an exclusive Runners’ Special Rate for Labor Day Weekend Only… and Only at The Anabella.  You won’t find a better deal anywhere else!

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San Diego Comic-Con: Feed Your Head

(Mild Spoilers for Alice Through the Looking Glass)

VFX Editor Ed W. Marsh, and HALON Entertainment’s Tefft Smith II wowed a packed room 6A at Comic-Con Thursday morning with the Feed Your Head: The VFX of Alice Through the Looking Glass panel.Ed_W_Marsh_Tefft_Smith_II_Panel02ing with video introduction by Alice director James Bobin, Marsh and Smith dove into the Hightop family capture sequence from the blockbuster film. Starting with the never before seen alternative clip of Alice and Absolem discussing the Hightop family capture, Marsh and Smith detailed reconstructing the scene as a journey through time including showing previs, blue screen, postvis and the final as-seen-in-theaters version of the scene.Alice_Halon_03 Alice_Halon_04 Alice_Halon_05 Alice_Halon_06 Alice_Halon_07 Alice_Halon_10 Alice_Halon_13 Alice_Halon_14 Alice_Halon_15 Alice_Halon_16 Alice_Halon_17I’m going to say this again: this sequel got a bad rap. It was infinitely better than the first film, which I loathed. I actually liked the second one.

Bob Gurr’s Disney History Trail Tour August 21

Brian Melquist, Jarvis says that your number is the random number of the set of random numbers from which I commanded him to choose. Therefore, if you will please send your address to [email protected], your autographed Bob Gurr photo will be on its way. Congratulations!Here’s a look at the tour I went on last month. The next available tour is August 21. For more information, Go to DisneyHistoryTrail.com!

From Our Mailbag, Hey Dusty, they ARE doing “Candle on the Water” Department:




Walt Disney Records is set to release Pete’s Dragon original motion picture soundtrack onAugust 12, 2016.  The album features 3 original songs written for the film including the end credit track “Something Wild” by electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling featuring Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, “Nobody Knows” performed by the Lumineers, plus “The Dragon Song” performed by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy.  The original score was composed by Daniel Hart (“Tumbledown,” “Comet”).  Disney’s “Pete’s Dragon” opens in U.S. theaters on August 12, 2016.

In addition to the lead single “Something Wild” by Lindsey Stirling featuring Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Stirling also performed on the film’s score.  The track is also the first single from Stirling’s forthcoming third studio album, Brave Enough.   A classically trained violinist, Lindsey has over 8 million YouTube subscribers, over 1.4 billion views on her YouTube channel, Billboard chart-topping hits and sold out tours worldwide.  She is currently on a summer tour and launches her Brave Enough North American tour in September. Watch the Lindsey Stirling and Daniel Hart video clip here:   https://youtu.be/eYclv7rLzKo.  Alternative singer-songwriter Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin fame is currently touring North America on the Weezer & Panic! at the Disco Summer Tour 2016, in addition to headline dates and festival shows.   McMahon’s most recent release Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness features the hit single, “Cecilia and the Satellite.”

Performed by the Grammy®-nominated band The Lumineers, “Nobody Knows” was written by “Pete’s Dragon” co-screenwriter Toby Halbrooks with Andrew Tinker.

“The Dragon Song” performed by singer-songwriter Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (Will Oldham) was written by “Pete’s Dragon” director/screenwriter David Lowery and co-screenwriter Toby Halbrooks and bookends the film.

Daniel Hart, who scored the film, is a multi-instrumental composer and performer and toured over a decade with bands from The Polyphonic Spree to St. Vincent to his own projects.    His upcoming scores include the documentary “Eating Animals” and the FOX TV series “The Exorcist” airing this fall.

The soundtrack also boasts a newly-recorded version of “Candle On the Water” performed by the critically-acclaimed Okkervil River, fronted by singer-songwriter Will Sheff.  The band will release a new album this fall.

The Pete’s Dragon track list follows:

  1. “The Dragon Song” Performed by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy
  2. “Something Wild” Performed by Lindsey Stirling featuring Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
  3. “Nobody Knows” Performed by The Lumineers
  4. “Something On Your Mind” Performed by St. Vincent
  5. “So Long, Marianne” Performed by Leonard Cohen
  6. “Gina Anne” Performed by Bosque Brown
  7. “An Adventure”
  8. “Are You Gonna Eat Me?”
  9. “Brown Bunny”
  10. “Reverie”
  11. “Tree Fort”
  12. “North Star”
  13. “Bedtime Compass”
  14. “Timber”
  15. “Breathe”
  16. “Gavin Knows What He’s Doing”
  17. “You Are Not Alone”
  18. “Elliot Gets Lost”
  19. “Takedown”
  20. “It’ll Be Just Like It Used to Be”
  21. “Follow That Dragon”
  22. “Elliot at the Bridge”
  23. “Abyss”
  24. “Go North”
  25. “Saying Goodbye”
  26. “The Bravest Boy I’ve Ever Met”
  27. “The Dragon Song Revisited” Performed by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy
  28. “Candle On the Water” Performed by Okkervil River

Rogue One TV Trailer Out Yesterday

Sorry, Darth Daver, I couldn’t wait until Friday! Don’t worry, Star Wars News readers, he’ll do a complete post-mortem of it for you, I’m sure!.

Kickstarter: Beauties and the Beasts!

Babytattoo Books is one of the most magical, wonderful entities in the universe. It’s where this was displayed for sale at San Diego Comic Con:Teafinder

You should recognize the work of Disney artist Brian Kensington, who did a signing at the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival not too long ago. There was a plethora of amazing artwork and creations there, and I learned of an upcoming project – a huge one – that will have Disney history dweebs like myself rolling on the ground and speaking in tongues. Seriously, you’ll lose your heads over it. But before then, there’s a sweet tome that looks truly delightful.


It’s called Beauties/Beasts, and it’s the classic sexy combination of Pinups and Creatures from world-renowned artist Olivia De Berardinis and master monster-maker Jordu Schell. Check out those arm wraps on Elsa Baby.


From King Kong to The Creature from the Black Lagoon, it’s been gals and monsters, monsters and gals, and this gorgeous book is no exception. All the bows and bolts are on their website, http://www.beauties-beasts.com/


The Kickstarter has some fantastic goodies left. This is a good one. Support your local pinups and monsters!Speaking of which – there are still a few tickets left for Tiki Oasis – Party on Monster Island 2016 – hope you join me!

Midsummer Scream a Monster Hit

Forgive me if I seem to be in the Halloween mood even earlier than usual this year. I’m usually still coming down off of Comic-Con, but this weekend, I attended Midsummer Scream, and although I’m biased because I know and highly respect a couple of the showrunners, I honestly have to tell you that it was magnificent. I just do not understand how they can have run San Diego Comic Con for so many decades and still have the first five to eight minutes of panels be tech fumbling, how they have such trouble handling lines and moving people, why their staff can sometimes be downright surly and why you get different answers from person to person to person. Going from that to Midsummer Scream was like going from Long Beach to Orange County. (They’re even polite at the DMV there!) The queues were organized, the panels started and ended when they were supposed to, the panels were truly interesting, the moderators were well-informed and, for the most part (one of them talked endlessly about herself instead of about her panelists) ran the panels really well. I learned some great stuff at every single panel I attended, even the ones where I thought I already knew all there was to know. That’s some kind of wonderful right there.The show floor was full of artisans and a few cool events, plus David Naughton was there. I’d love to see an autograph area like in the Sails pavilion; it was kind of tucked away behind the makeup so he was kind of hard to find. I came back with cash after lunch but he was gone. And no website. Damn. There was also the Hall of Shadows, a scare zone I told you about before, which Alice described thusly: “Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.” and settled down to enjoy a magic show with her free cup of Haagen Dazs. I’ll have waaaay more detailed stuff on Midsummer Scream later.


So, how does someone get together such a fantastic, smoothly-run show, with the cream of the crop of theme park and show design people in less than four months? Gather the children ‘round; this is important. Find something that you love and find a way to work with it. Be passionate, soak up information like a sponge, but – and this is important – don’t soak up anybody’s blood and then spit them out. If you ever find yourself on a ladder and someone else is nearby, reach out your hand and pull them up with you. Treat everyone, from the superstar Imagineer to the excitable fangirl, with kindness and respect. Spread the knowledge you gather like seeds and watch an entire garden of blogs grow from it – and instead of resenting it, be modest. Give and give and give back to the community for more than twenty years. And maybe – just maybe – when you pick up the phone and have just four months to put a show together, you’ll end up with a convention center full of happy people who can’t wait to come back next year and panelists and performers who can’t wait to do it all over again.

Fab and Rick West

Alice says I missed telling you about the best part: the Black Cat Adoption:

IMG_2473 IMG_2474 IMG_2475 IMG_2478 IMG_2479 IMG_2480

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