Congratulations to our lucky winner, Luke Meyer. Your Goofy Giclee is on the way!


It’s contest time again folks! Our friends at Sanders Art Studios are giving away a beautiful Goofy giclee (valued at $200) to one lucky MiceChat reader.


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The Olympic Champ ~ 1942
Medium: Giclee on Water Color Paper
Dimensions (Height X Width): 13 x 19
Edition Size: 25
Artist: Walt Disney Productions
Certificate of Authenticity. Limited Edition, and Numbered. Image not to scale.

The Olympic Champ was one of the clever β€œHow To” series of Goofy cartoon shorts. As the narrator explains how best to win the various Olympic sports, Goofy demonstrates just how wrong things can go. At once loveable and painful to watch, this is a classic Disney cartoon. And now you can commemorate it in your very own home with this lovely Giclee from Sanders Art Studio.

You can find more from the wonderful folks at Sanders Art Studio HERE

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Note: Contest is in good faith and may be altered or canceled at any time. Must be 13 years or older and a US Citizen to win. Prize can only be shipped to a US address. Winner will be notified on Facebook and must claim their prize within 30 days. After that time, an alternate winner will be chosen.

  • mratigan

    Would go great with my Disney room!

  • PinkMonorail

    My hubby loves Sport Goofy. This would look great in the Awesome Room.

  • Katie1228

    I love Goofy!

  • CazzaCarroll

    The Goofy “How To” cartoons are amazing, would love to have this piece adorning my walls

  • BigCountry

    Goofy is definitely one of my champs!

  • rstar

    My son loves Goofy, and we happened to run into Bill Farmer at Disneyland about 19 years ago. It made our day! This would be a cherished addition to our Goofy collection!

  • HiddenMickeyBook

    The “How To” series was one of the funniest series Disney has done. It would be an honor to add this to my Disney collection! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • mhlongley88

    This was literally…probably the first Disney cartoon I ever saw. I can remember watching this over and over again on VHS and becoming enthralled by not just comedy of the entire episode, but the classic writing of the narration.

    The 2 went hand in hand… The juxtaposition of the serious narration with Goofy’s slapstick and wacky behavior made it an early influence for me as a student studying animation!

    If chosen..This would be something cherished forever! πŸ™‚

  • disney4me2001

    This is a classic example of the great work Disney was doing animation-wise at the time. I love the “How To” series, and I hope they eventually revive it with some new cartoons! I also like the new Goofy’s Sky School overlay on the former Mulholland Madness and how the Imagineers took inspiration from ‘Goofy’s Glider” in designing the retheme!

  • G24T

    Sport Goofy is mine and my 5 year old daughter’s series of shorts. I’d love to see this giclee hanging in the living room next to my other Disney art.

  • TikiTommy1960

    13 x 19! Gwarsh! I have the perfect spot in my Hole in the Wall that this would cover a GOOFY hole in the wall perfectly! Give it to me before the cold weather comes or I’ll catch a draft!

  • Wreckless Abrandon

    Goofy is in my top 3 of Disney Characters! Heck, I remember the whole “How To” series got me interested in so many different things as a child.

  • sergiocaCador

    NEED this in my Disney Library!

  • hoosierking3

    Goofy is my hero. I wanted to “be” Goofy at Disney World when I was growing up. (still do)

  • silverbearbill

    I Have lots of Mickey artwork and I heed a Goofy piece to keep him company

  • lekass

    Wow – that’s a wonderful piece of art! I would love to be able to hang this on my wall.

  • my03yellowv

    Gotta Love Mr. Goofbot

  • wannabejack

    I think its time for me to upgrade from lithographs to actual art, what a batter piece to do it with than with Goofy! It would be the cherry on top of my Disney memorabilia

  • gary403

    Goofy’s my favorite Disney character.Hope I win the Goofy giclee!

  • mountain_man

    I would love to win this as an avid Goofy fan…

  • libbylovespluto

    I would love to win and it it would be a great “present” since this contest ends on my birthday!

  • tinkermonkey

    I can’t help but smile when I look at that print. I’m not usually such a Goofy person, but this one gets me.

  • disneypoppop

    A mirror image?

  • BrerSchultzy

    A long time ago, in my college days, I bought a Sport Goofy poster in Pleasure Island that I put up in my dorm room…and I had it for years. Unfortunately, in one of my less than nice apartments, we had a leak, and it destroyed the poster. This would be one heck of a replacement!

  • DyNaH428

    goofy rocks. hope to win this!

  • craig

    This would look great in my home.

  • asdfasdfa

    That giclee looks wonderful and it would be a treat to win it in this contest. Thank you Sanders Art Studios for the opportunity and thank you Micechat for the wonderful website!

  • Cartooncool

    Goofy is the best!

  • Disneyaholik

    kickin’ contest! gawrsh!


    I would love to win the Goofy artwork!

  • Timekeeper

    I like the artist’s work on this and I would love to see it in my home. πŸ™‚


  • AlohaJim

    Entered from Hawaii!

  • skratch addict

    Heres hoping to win πŸ™‚ Gotta love the classic styles.

  • wsiirola

    Goofy is the best!

  • goofypirate

    Goofy’s my favorite character! Plus my wife and I are having our first baby and it’d look amazing in the new nursery!

  • basketgal917

    I would love to win the Goofy Olympic Champ artwork.

  • goalmom5

    Please enter me in this awesome giveaway. I have Liked both pages and left a comment on their FB page as well. Thanks!

  • nunz

    Of course I’d love to add this Goofy to my Goofy collection!

  • drblohm

    This cartoon made me laugh out loud! I have one of the Big Fig’s of Goofy, he is one of my favorites! I would love to win the contest! I would love to go on vacation with Goofy and my family too!!!

  • ntz4bbl

    Love Goofy! I’ve got a perfect spot planned out for him!

  • FanaticadeDisney

    I would like to add this piece to my Disney collection.

  • DKPeterson

    Gawrsh! What a great gic to commemorate “How To” Goofy and the golden age of Disney’s cartoon shorts!

  • scrod98

    This is fantastic, would like ordering info in the event I don’t win.

  • 2ndStar2theRight

    Goofy’s “How To” series helped a painfully shy yet curious child, like myself, be more adventurous. Goofy never was very good at what was thrown at him. But the laughs he provided helped me realize that it didn’t matter whether you were the best — it was the fun you had while trying. Thank you to the wonderful people at Sanders Art Studios and MiceChat for offering the chance to win such an amazing piece of art!

  • johnkaz20

    This poster is incredible! Goofy and I are just about equally skilled at sports so i’ve always enjoyed watching his shorts. This would be a great addition to the Disney room in my new place!

  • schimmdc

    This would be a great addition to my wife’s Goofy collection!

  • Goofy6294

    It would be awesome to have this in my collection! I’m a big fan!

  • JiminyCricketFan

    I hope I win.

  • IEDucksFan

    This would look GREAT in my office!!!

  • RonNYC

    Nice contest prize. It’s a terrific looking glicee!

  • scbdoo

    Liked and would love to add this to my Disney collection


    Would love to win this for my son’s 13th birthday. He’s a huge Goofy fan!

  • Katya75

    This would be a perfect gift for my dad!

  • OCBear

    Love to add this to my Disney collection!

  • waymire01

    Would love to win it.. my husband is a huge Goofy fan, he even has him tattooed on his arm.

  • juliebutterfly

    This would be PERFECT in my son’s bedroom, he loves Goofy πŸ™‚

  • Vinylmad

    I would love to win this and give it my my father, he loves goofy and is well into sports and the Olympics so getting this would make his year.

  • maximmom

    Would love, love, love to win this print for our own Goofy son, Max!

  • dfan07

    Gawrsh, I sure would like that there Gleeeceeee!

  • Ammerzon

    I have a perfect spot on my living room wall for Sports Goofy!

  • SashaLavender

    I hope I win for my husband!

  • poohlahoop

    Wow, awesome prize! Would love to hang this in my Disney room! Thank you Mice Chat and Sanders Art Studio!

  • Chesire

    This’d be awesome to have, hope I win! πŸ™‚

  • rainbowlite

    I love Goofy and the Olympics. I would love this print for my mom cave.

  • Pyromed1

    Goofy, Oh Goofy! Floppy Ears, Hat and all!
    You are always a Champ, whether Win, Lose or Draw!
    You flip flop around, On those crazy big feet,
    Drawing smiles ear to ear, as you clomp down the street.
    So thanks for the fun and the absence of fear,
    And that silly old laugh, we all hold so dear.

  • PirateLover

    This would inspire me to do two things:
    1- Go to the gym more.
    2- Watch more classic Disney shorts. They are the best!

  • coopercaseycody

    My dad is the biggest “Goof” I know. He and my son share a love for all things “Goofy.” What a great gift this would make. πŸ˜‰