Hello everyone, here is the little Disneyland Paris article for this weekend! Bonjour à tous et bienvenue pour notre information du week-end. – Max

Let’s start with a visit to the Newport Bay Club! While the lighthouse came out of rehabilitation, the entrance on the lake side of the hotel is now getting some work. Installation on the new roof for the convention center will soon be coming to an end.


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At the entrance to the Walt Disney Studios Park, some of the engraved paver stones have been removed.





In addition, Fantasia Gardens is now open again. The result is perfect! There is nothing to complain about, except perhaps the duration of the work. More than 2 years for the rehabilitation of the garden entrance. The plates with the names of visitors have been permanently removed.






Moreover, the work has bypassed the usual exit of the Park.

Under the Disneyland hotel, near the ticket counters, the ceiling deserves more attention.

Some of the medallions from Main Street station railing are again absent. They are in renovation.



In addition, the panoramic view area created last July has since closed. It was a wonderful spot to watch the parade. Hopefully it will reopen and this is just a temporary situation.


On Central Plaza, all speakers at the center of the plaza, went from 2 to 3 sound devices. while those surrounding the castle were fully reworked. The sound quality has been slightly improved.





The total rehabilitation of the Discoveryland entrance continues. The scaffolds continues to settle.



The construction of Star Tours continues to move forward with the repaving of the entrance and waiting area. The old shop will become a Meet ‘n’ Greet of Star Wars characters.




At Autopia, although almost all of the vehicles are now electric, some cars are are still the gasoline originals. You can tell the difference between the two types, if you look at the back of the cars, there are two red buttons for electric vehicles.





On Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland, paint touch-ups are being conducted. Fresh white stripes are visible on the rock towers.




Adventureland, the nest is now back after several years of neglect.IMG_0103





Work on Adventure Isle continues with the installation of the body guards but also setting up scaffolds on the Gaillon of Captain Hook.

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Pirates of the Caribbean, we find that the majority of the Audio Animatronic no longer speak. the mouths are no longer animated for example, or even as in the passage of the city in flame, a few of the Animatronics are simply disabled.






And a few parting shots . . .





Merci de votre fidélité. A bientôt!  – Max DLPwelcome