Disclaimer: Fake Theme Park is a parody/satire social media account, poking fun at all things theme park.

I was contacted by Fake Theme Park with the opportunity to interview CEO Murph Gantly and Princess Peppercorn about their first ever music video, “I’m A Theme Park Princess” and get some insight about how the project came to be…. and then some.

But first, let’s watch the video!

What inspired you to make this video? What made you want to feature what it’s like to be a theme park princess?
Murph Gantly: The park hasn’t had a hit song since Princess Cupcake’s “A Woman’s Place Is by the Stove,” so it was time to go to the well again.
Princess Peppercorn: I was looking for a new project because my last song, “Everything’s Better With Pepper” was a huge disappointment…mostly because pepper actually makes everything taste like sand.
MG: It was also good for recruiting, to show how great it is to be a Cast Member. A lot of potential employees focus too much on the union grievances and Department of Labor consent decrees.
How long did it take to shoot the video? What obstacles did you have to overcome? Any funny stories you can share about filming?
MG: The park scenes were shot in the park before any guests arrived — so, about 2:00 pm on a Wednesday. Everything else we shot over 37 days on location in Northern Ireland.
PP: It rained every single day.
MG: I had originally —
PP: Every. Single. Day.
MG: I had originally planned to shoot in Malaysia, because it’s cheaper. We were all set up. But then there was a big protest. And then a hurricane. And then people were protesting the hurricane.
PP: The man who played the restaurant customer was a perfect gentleman. He brought wit, grace, and style to sexual harassing me.
MG: The balcony scene with Prince Handsome was shot at my private villa on Lake Como. Funny story: It has so many rooms that we’re still not sure where the Prince is.
PP: Such an emotional roller coaster! First the Prince and I were strangers, then friends, then rivals, then enemies, then lovers, then lifelong companions.
MG: You were on the set together for two hours.
PP: Next question?
Princess Peppercorn: What was your favorite thing about making the video?
PP: It was a chance to travel around the world, meet my fans, and educate them about American foreign policy.
MG: It’s also made you a bigger star than Princess Rainbow.
PP: Oh my! But that can’t be true! Princess Rainbow is a legend! No one could eclipse her! PARDON ME WHILE I SCREAM.
Will there be more videos from Fake Theme Park in the future?

MG: I’ve got plenty of classic songs that might get the video treatment: There’s Jimmy Jaguar’s anthem, “Everything’s Fine and Dandy (While the Slaves Do All the Work),” but it probably needs to be updated. The song refers to using a pre-paid card to call long-distance! Remember those?

PP: I’d love to make a video of “Dare to Dream to Believe in the Wish of the Magic of the Love of Your Heart’s Dream.” It would just take some gumption, a little fairy dust, $40 million, a C-27J Spartan cargo plane, the closure of downtown Seattle for three weeks, and the collaboration of 2 Chainz.

Who’s ready to pack up the station wagon and take the family to Fake Theme Park?