While Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort is proving to be a financial success for the resort, something even bigger is just around the bend.  At the moment, there are several projects underway at the resort and plenty more fixes that could be made to make the upcoming holidays really sparkle. Today, we’ll take you on a journey and show you all of the ongoing projects inside the parks as well as a few things we have noticed that deserve some attention.

The facade at City Hall continues to received the TLC it deserves. As is now the practice in photogenic areas of the park, a painted scrim covers the building to help obscure the construction and provide a familiar look to the project.

At the future home of Disneyland’s top princesses, more steel framing has become visible. The variety of facades and rooftops shows promise of a varied and detailed final product.

Here are the latest photos from the Casey Jr, Storybookland complex.

So the Pirate’s league has been open for some time now in New Orleans Square.  This is Disney’s attempt to draw little boys into the dress up market as the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique has been a real hit and cash cow for the park.  Let’s look at the prices.

How much is a Jake and the Neverland Pirates figure?


Well, what if you just want a costume for the young boy?

For $64.95 your son can be a pirate.  Swords are extra of course.

The little girls can get away with only paying $55 for their pirate princess outfits

The prices here are steep.  It’s no surprise that we often find this location nearly empty, with cast members standing around killing time.

We really wish that we had more positive things to say about Toon Town.  But the fact is that the place needs some work.  There are some lingering issues that persist that need to get some attention.

Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
This just in, Bennie the cab is still missing.

Minnie’s House
Over at Minnie’s house, the crews are taking care of a bit of yard work and irrigation behind the fences.

The hills are still peeling.

Chip n’ Dales Treehouse
Shortly after opening,  the ball pit near the Chip and Dales Treehouse was shuttered.  But now without  good reason, as it developed into a sort of petri dish and dumping ground dipper related contents (to say it nicely).  But the space sits empty to this day, collecting leaves and dust.  Couldn’t this spot have been redeveloped and reworked?  If nothing else, they could at least seal off the wall or create a little meet and greet space. Instead, it just looks vacant and sad. What would you MiceChatters do with this location if you were in charge?

Still empty after all these years.

Five and Dime
Continuing the theme of dilapidation, we visit the Five and Dime retail location, the Gag-O-Matic glove conveyors are still stationary.  This clever bit of decoration used to add a kinetic, cartoonish feel to the store, but has been left broken down for years now.  Won’t this ever be fixed? Or is this just another example of the long decline of ToonTown in general?

The theatre, once home to the Princess Fantasy Faire, continues to be transformed into a performance space again.  At the same time, the exterior of the restrooms nearby are getting some work done too.

Note that the Princess Fantasy Faire sign is still visible and has yet to be removed.

The Pizza Port has come out from under refurbishment and the paint job looks fine, if a tad unnecessary.  Instead of the prior red tones we now find a gradient in shades of orange.

The sign is all sparkly and new.

Looking closer, we do see painted, chipped plywood inside the sponge-painted circle inserts.  Cheap.

Sadly, the interior is looking dated and the menu as boring as ever. This was once a favorite spot of ours, but the food has been on a steady decline for years and the inefficient scramble-serve system never really worked in this location (and your food is always cold by the time you are done waiting in line to pay). What do you think folks, is it time for Pizza Port to receive a refresh?

it’s a small world
Just a heads up, it’s a small world will be closing Monday, October 22 for the annual Small World Holiday overlay.

The little anamatronic children of the world are waiting for you to visit them one more time before they don their holiday apparel




Construction hedges have suddenly appeared in front of the Carthay Circle theater. We were told that there were crews out looking at the Terazzo floor entrance and taking measurements.  Are repairs on the way?

We have to admit that we really like the look of the hedge walls instead of ugly plywood construction walls. A classy move by Disney.

New telephone polls have appeared on the right hand side of the street in Cars Land.  The rumor is that it is in preparation for elaborate new Christmas decorations that are coming to Cars Land just after Halloween.

Ramone’s Body Shop
As Al Lutz reported, work is going full steam to expand the wildly successful Ramone’s Body Shop retail location in Cars Land.  The space originally planed for fast pass distribution for Radiator Springs Racers never opened with the land and is now being reworked for store expansion.  Meanwhile, the line for Guest Assistance return times is now just outside in front of the Lube-O-Rama and Oil Pan facade.

Store expansion taking place just behind these garage doors.

And that’s what’s new at the Disneyland Resort this week. The heat has finally broken and the weather has been much cooler, but has also brought some rain to the resort. In spite of numerous refurbishment projects, now is a lovely time to visit the parks.

  • Malin

    Great update. It makes you question what’s happening with Toon Town and why Management are letting it slowly decline. We have already seen Mickey’s Toon Town Fair be removed from Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom Park. Is Toon Town’s future now be in doubt too?

  • RSoxNo1

    Did you actually praise the use of planters? That’s the Disney approach to “fixing” things. If something is broken, just throw a planter in front of it.

    • mratigan

      They need to get measurements
      Would you have wood wall
      Or a planter that fits in with the theming ?

    • I think the temporary hedge wall looks a million times better than a plywood construction wall. Good job by Disney on this! Especially at this upscale location.

    • cruise

      Ummmm what? Would you rather they used wooden walls or that they simply left the area open for construction in front of guess?

      Or maybe they should close down the whole park while they fix it so that no one sees it.

  • jcruise86

    Excellent update, Norm! The Fishbulb is in the details.

    The Sally (from A Nightmare Before Christmas) face character doesn’t resemble Sally as much as she did in years past. Am I mistaken? Was is just an unflattering photo? Is that character actress like Daniel Craig as James Bond, possessing a charisma that fills the role, that can’t be captured in photos?

    • I’m glad you brought this up. I don’t think that Sally or Jack EVER look good as face characters. The puppets from the movie are skeletal. Having human sized legs and arms just looks wrong.

  • Ravjay12

    Great update! The Chip and Dale treehouse! I used to have to clean the ball pit after the kids did their business. I would personally love to strap dynamite to it and blow it sky high! But seriously they should probably re-theme Gadget’s coaster to a classic Chip and Dale theme and just re-purpose the treehouse as the entrance and make the current entrance of the coaster the exit. That could be the cheap way of using it.

  • Sparky

    >>Continuing the theme of dilapidation, we visit the Five and Dime retail location, the Gag-O-Matic glove conveyors are still stationary. This clever bit of decoration used to add a kinetic, cartoonish feel to the store, but has been left broken down for years now. Won’t this ever be fixed? Or is this just another example of the long decline of ToonTown in general?<<

    The glove conveyors were actually working not too long ago for awhile. Sorry to hear that they are static again. I find it highly ironic that Disney is spending millions upon millions on all this Next Gen stuff (some of which I fear will be a detriment to my enjoyment of the parks) but, yet, they let many of the atmospheric or kinitic elements of the parks that are already there languish in disrepair.

    I have to agree about Redd Rocketts. I haven't eaten there in ages. The last time I got a pizza there it was terrible. There are so many other places at the Resort now that offer better quality food, so I have avoided RR for many months. I hope it gets the upgrade that it needs one of these days soon.

    For the former Chip and Dale crawl area, it's a bit out of the way for a meet and greet and perhaps not enough room in that area for a queue. Why not put some kind of fun interactive things in there for kids to play with? Or, level the floor and put benches for people to sit and rest away from the crowds. They should have done something with the space a long time ago.

    • This is exactly why I’m not a big fan of the Next Gen queues in Florida. They are already having trouble maintaining them. And we all know that once the Imagineers walk away from a project, Ops doesn’t always maintain them (or have the budget to do so). Let’s hope that the implementation of Next Gen in California isn’t as extensive as it is planned to be in Florida. If they want to RFID tag me so they can track my movements around the park and my spending, I’ll reluctantly agree. But they don’t need to make every queue a playground to make that happen.

  • indianajack

    I’d like to see them bring back the acorn ball pit actually. Little kids need to blow off some steam after waiting in lines all day. I hope they keep Toontown for a long time. I love Mickey’s House and it’s sense of place showing off the history of the famous mouse. Minnie’s house is great fun too. Donald’s Boat and Goofy’s House could use more things to do however.

  • SpectroMan

    I agree. The ball pit was fine, just have rules about age/diapers/whatever. It’s FUN. Same with the treehouse – didn’t it used to have a slide? Is that SO dangerous? And get the Trolley running again. It worked when it was packed in 1992 and it’s no more packed today. Goofy’s Bounce House. Come ON! It’s what, a walk thru now? And the gag-o-meter not working is pathetic.

    I don’t care so much about Benny being out – they must be doing something to him – as long as the ride stays open.

    Speaking of NextGen – didn’t they already remove a big part of Pooh’s animated queue in WDW?

  • Ortizmo2000

    Why was the ball pit removed to begin with?

    • Timekeeper

      Health Issues with having to clean the space after one child leaves a mess. I kind wish they could just fill the pit and either put another quick-service dining location, like a Starbucks or just use it for a new entrance for Froniterland.


  • Disneylandfan85

    Funny you should bring up Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Treehouse being a shell and less of its former self. I actually had an idea put up in thread form for all of Toontown, including the scrapping of the treehouse. Go here and see: http://micechat.com/forums/disneyland-resort/174322-mickeys-toontown-updates.html.

  • kgforce

    Just got back from a 2-day trip to DL/CA (Oct 10-11) and was surprised at how crowded it was. They extended CA hours to 9pm, and added a 2nd World of Color show at 9:15. I think it had to do with some surrounding states having fall break this week.

    Radiator Springs Racers was down much of Wednesday, Oct 10. Some friends of our were on the ride when it broke down, just before the race scene and had to walk off. We were just about to board — it was our 3rd attempt to ride it that day! It finally opened back up around 8pm, and thanks to passes from a cast member, we able to ride it.

    There were several small areas that need some TLC… Buzz’s Astro Blaster ride vehicles need to be cleaned or re-surfaced. Some look pretty gross.

  • addiction41999

    I’ve been thinking it would be nice if they started to tie in Toontown with Oswald and have that be a launching pad in Disneyland for that character. It seems like it would be a good linking tie in with Disney and California adventure. After playing Epic Mickey on the Wii…I would love to see a little Black and White Oswaldesque take over in toontown.