Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest news and photos from Disneyland Paris!


At the entrance of Disneyland Park, maintenance work was underway on the roofs of the Disneyland Hotel. Moreover, a new eatery, The Founders Restaurant, will open early 2017 and will be located at the Castel Club, with its panoramic view of Disneyland Park. The menu will be developed by star chef Arnaud Lallement, best chef in France 2014. The restaurant will be top notch.



The Main Street station has regained its medallions EDRR “Euro Disney Resort Railroad”. Access to the panoramic terrace is now restricted.




The Castle comes out of its refurbishment after nearly a month of painting. It may be noted that traces of mold remain in the moat and the stone bridge. But, overall, the castle looks good.


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Voyage de Pinocchio and Mad Hatter Tea Cups are closed for renovation.




Adventure Isle has reopened after more than 8 months of major rehabilitation. The photos below were taken just before the area reopened to guests. You can see the DLP team making their final inspections.







Last weekend, the entire Adventure Isle reopened to visitors with all 223 points of lighting replaced with LED technology. The waterfalls are now in service again and work on the tree of the Robinson’s has restored mechanical animations after several years of absence. Unfortunately, this renovation is not complete because a section of the wrecked boat was not fixed, although it greatly needs it. The foliage of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse would have also required a major renovation. The straw roofs are now synthetic. This isn’t a complete renovation, but Disney did prioritize the woodwork and security systems in this area. -18
























New lighting:







Beautiful rocks in some places. But the touch up paint in the caves is just on the surface. Only the immediately visible parts are repainted. The hollows in the rocks have not been retouched. While not optimal, the final result is good.




Here, one of the new paths bordered in stone.





Video of the Reopening day for Adventure Isle:

At the Indiana Jones coaster, the queue as well as the attraction itself are in excellent condition, although some elements of the temple are under safety nets (which protect against crumbling decor – only visible during the ride itself).







Frontierland, Big Thunder Mountain is now completely repainted, only a few elements of decorations and other electrical installations remain to make on the outside. Work will continue on programming, tests and infrastructure inside the mountain.





The fall safety on the rooftops of Frontierland will soon be completed.


Work has completed on the  façade and the roof of the building “ESTABLISHED 1861.”


In Discoveryland, early work on the roof are underway at Space Mountain: Mission 2. With sanding of the blue structures on the dome.




On Star Tours, scaffolding is being installed.


Park Walt Disney Studios the entrance zone will be repainted in several phases, half of the ticket windows are closed.





On the place of the stars, fences have appeared to remove trees that will hamper the view of the Tower of terror for the night show this season: Star Wars Season of the Force (January to March 2017).




With the success of the show “Mickey and the Magician,” temporary (ugly-ish) barriers have been added to better manage the crowds.


Thank you for reading folks. We’ll be back with more photos from Disneyland Paris later this week.  – Max DLPwelcome