First signs of the holidays appear at Disneyland as construction projects continue

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Published on October 15, 2012 at 5:37 am with 26 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • Ravjay12

    Great update Andy! Looks like the fantasy-faire area is going to turn out really nice! I know I’m going to get a lot of comments for even thinking this, but I think Storybookland and Casey Jr need to go. Maybe replace with Seven Dwarfs mine train? My kids who are 3 and 5 won’t even go on Storybook because it’s dull. Legoland’s miniature cities are much more exciting to my kids because they are interactive. My kids also love the steam trains more than Casey Jr. I know that these are Walt’s original attractions that opened with the park, but I think it’s time for a change. Wasn’t the original idea for that area a roller coaster anyway?

    • Bronco21

      Neither need replaced. Could both use a little refresh? Yep I wouldn’t mind if they added a dumbo/ Casey junior interactive queue and move the loading station back behind dumbo. They could also add a tangled tower, Princess and the frog restaurant, etc to Storybookland. Not everything needs to be a roller coaster or an interactive exhibit for it to be fun. Casey Junior is one of the few rides my niece would ride the first time we went. Take it and Casey junior away and you are taking away more rides that the entire family can enjoy together for another ride with a height requirement. No. Just no.

      • Internitty

        I agree, I really enjoy the relaxation of these rides, don’t get me wrong I am a thrill seeking crazy person but sometimes it’s nice to float along and relax and take a step back in time. I also agree that the 7 Dwarves Mine Train would be cool but why not find another spot for it OR put it in DCA where they still have HEAPS of work to do. Just because it’s in Fantasyland in Florida doesn’t mean it has to be in Fantasyland Anahiem, Little Mermaid is in the Disney World Fantasyland why shouldn’t DCA get a little more retro fun.

  • We Believe

    Great update! Thanks a lot. Excited to see some refreshing at Paradise Pier Hotel.

    I have a question. While looking at the photos of The Carthay Circle Theater’s main entrance terazzo floor being replaced, it reminded me of something stated on this website a while back. I think Mr. Lutz stated in one of his articles that the old tile mural from the old DCA postcard entrance was going to be used to create a terazzo floor (but I thought he said at the Disneyland Hotel). Was he just joking or were the tile pieces broken up and used somewhere?


  • jpg558

    Great update!

  • ducksman

    Before getting all smug about the Disney being cheap did you ever think that there might be a reason one of the jack-o-lanterns is left incomplete? Maybe read the book Bradbury wrote?

    • JMazz

      It makes me wonder if ppl who notice the spire on the castle think Disney/WDI “forgot” or were too cheap to complete it.

      They areboth left incomplete for different reasons, but nither is a mistake rather they are details to relish. I hope your post will inspire others to pick up a book and keep ppl from pointing out a “mistake” that really isn’t a mistake.

      • pameleux

        Interesting! I didn’t know about the spire on the castle. I guess you learn something new about Disney every day.

  • Great update Andy. I’m really surprised that the brand new terrazzo at Carthay is already being replaced. Sure hope they don’t cheep out and put concrete in.

    Glad to see ice skating back at be resort.

  • Lobot

    Man, that terrazzo floor looked great, too bad they’re ripping it out! I can see that surface being really slippery when wet so perhaps they’re just avoiding a potential lawsuit down the road by replacing it?

  • SpectroMan

    Wow – Paradise Pier is just such an eyesore, no matter what color they paint it this time. I really wish they’d invest in a full scale remodel of this property because right now, I’d rather pay less and stay at the Marriott or Hilton.

  • Tinkbelle

    They’ll add padding to Mater’s but not to the Matterhorn bobsleds?

    • JMazz

      LOL. I thought the same thing. I wonder how many more complaints Matty needs to get before they do this to her.

  • JMazz

    That floor is very slippery when spilled on/wet. I would bet that they are fixing it before the winter rains come to socal.

  • Algernon

    I love Casey Junior and Storybook Land. They won’t be the same if they put bogus safety railings on the Casey Junior bridges, like they did on the Matterhorn. But, like destroying Tomorrowland, the Subs, the Swiss Tree House, etc., etc., I expect them to eventually destroy Disneyland itself. They may as well tear it all down now and finish their mega-buck Coney Island, instead of doing it bit by bit, over the years.

    • Monorail Man

      It’s not Disney that wants the handrails. It’s OSHA/DOSH. OSHA believes, that because cast members are expected to walk the track each day, and for any sort of downtime, railings are required for safety to ensure that workers have a steady hold when there’s an elevated platform or area. OSHA doesn’t care about theme or any other requirement, and there are safety rules to be followed. It makes sense, it would be illegal for an office building to have it (drop-off without a railing, accessible by foot), so why should it be legal for Disneyland?

      Also, OSHA isn’t a fan now of the pop-up railings, because if there’s a major power outage and there would be a chance that they can’t be raised.

      There are several OSHA complaints about Disney lacking railings, but based on the timing – it was this one (with the fine) that made them to worry, and where OSHA started finding them out of compliance:

      Any raised area where people work on a regular basis, needs to have a handrail, as per Title 8, Section 3210:

      • Wreckless Abrandon

        I could have sworn OSHA in the past used to work with Disney to comply with safety but also with aesthetics. It seems like these days they don’t care.

  • Princess Victoria

    Hmm. Why are they trying to get away from the Paradise Pier Hotel paint scheme? I understand about updating it, but the fact is that they matched the coloring and triangle patterns to the Paradise Gardens dining area. You see the same colors and triangle pattern throughout the area. If the green was fading, why not just darken it? Seems like there’s too much blue going around the Resort these days.

    • Timekeeper

      Ditto on the coloring scheme, I think having some orange would better contrast itself from the Forest Green/Wood Brown of the Grand Californian Hotel and from the various shades of Blue of the Disneyland Hotel . Also, I liked the sun icons on the hotel and I hope those would stay on the building, not being replaced with some generic Mickey Mouse Icons.


  • Timekeeper

    Also, I love how Imagineering is slowly updating the Animation section by section, with new video loop, the temporary Frankenwinnie exhibit and the updated character personalities, by chance, did they have the new Disney characters from the recent animated features, besides the addition of Pixar characters? Other than that, great update and I hope to get a pair of Oswald Ears sometime in the future. 🙂


  • SoCalFan

    From what I’ve seen and heard, the terrazzo floor in front of Carthay is simply being leveled out, as it apparently wasn’t before and was some sort of ADA problem.

  • ayalexander

    When it comes to the Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier Hotel and the parking garage… they need to pretty-up the surroundings a little. 2 of the Disneyland Hotel towers look out onto barren parking lots. Perhaps a few more trees to add greenery at least? Paradise Pier Hotel needs some new elements like the ones at Disneyland Hotel and also some greenery to look out onto. Its perfectly fine to have “some” rooms look out onto the parking areas, but if they just install a small planter with a green tree every hundred feet or so… maybe with little lights on them (for nighttime effect) it would look at least a little more pleasing to the eye. A lot of guests don’t like looking out onto the Simba Lot. Please Disney, just some small planters of trees! -Like in the Downtown Disney parking lot.

  • QPerth

    A terrific update, thank you so much for all the hard work that went into bringing it to us! And a BIG thank you for the “Some photos from last week show the terazzo floor as it originally appeared. We’ll see if the design changes at all when the project wraps.” – Comparrison photos!!!!!!!! This was a brilliant addition to the descriptions of the work and I for one greatly appreciated these.

    WHY oh why TDA can’t actually make the Starcade into an…oh I don’t know, an ARCADE, boggles my mind?!! What happened to all the games from FLYNNS over at ElecTRONica at DCA??? geeze, perhaps the reason why the brilliant and ready made TRON franchise won’t take off is because younger people don’t know it’s based on a game in an arcade?! TRON is a deeply detailed world with incredible stories and aesthetics that they continue to ignore. Even non-fans of the TRON world would have to admit it looks cool and would work in Tomorrowland and the detail of FLYNNS arcade, heck, just some TRON and Space Paranoids games, would help that gift shop.

    Already looking forward to the next update, thanks so much again! -Q

    • addiction41999

      I miss the Tron portion of the People Mover. That used to be my favorite thing as a kid and part of why I grew up liking Tron. A tron lightcycle ride seems to be an obvious choice to me and I don’t know why it hasn’t happened yet. Oh well, here’s to hoping…

  • jmuboy

    Are the brown diamond patterns on the PP Hotel gone? Looks like those brown columns are dark brown and shinny. But no shaded diamond patterns. And no sun icons on the bottom of the columns. Hmmmm. Not sure yet on these color changes.

  • whamo

    I liked the old threads from Micechatters, and I don’t see them anymore. I thought the update was very informative. You guys have your fingers on the pulse of Disneyland. I went to the park Sunday morning, and it was a blast. Walk-on rides were the normal for a couple of hours. Then the herd came down Main Street.